Driving Digital Transformation and Business Training with LinknRed by Ennovasol

Project Name: Link´n Red

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: Ennovasol

Team Member(s): 6 Members = @rafael.garciaennova @oscarcobos @mleal19 @JavierGarza

HackerEarth Project Link:

Project Goal:

Season 1 - TRON Hackathon: LinknRed - Decentralizing the Market

In the first season of the TRON Hackathon, LinknRed aimed to decentralize the market, allowing providers to professionally and effectively sell products, services, and NFTs.

The idea was introduced to create a Web3 eCommerce for each registered company, managed by the companies themselves. Additionally, it aimed to consolidate the products, services, and NFTs of all registered companies under the domain www.LinknRed.com, facilitating collaboration among businesses through marketing efforts and rewarding loyal customers with a loyalty program.

Key Milestones:

Implementation of the TronLink digital wallet and facilitating international trade.
Development of self-management modules for providers.
Introduction of an NFT marketplace (TRC-721).
Integration with the ePlus ERP.

Season 2 - TRON Hackathon: LinknRed - Integrating eCommerce with the ERP

In the second season, the focus shifted to integrating eCommerce with the ERP: ePlus (Enterprise Resource Planning). The goal was to digitize the remaining business processes and, in turn, register the “footprint” left by the actors involved in the supply chain on the TRON blockchain (e.g., B2B, B2C, B2B2C, PunchOut).

ERP Login: ePlus
Step1: URL: Inicio de Sesión E-plus
Step2: Username: IOC | Pass: slomher9419

Key Milestones:

Development of new features in the ERP’s logistics module and its transformation into a Web3 solution.
Expansion of LinknRed.com, offering all companies the opportunity to join the business directory for free and providing organic SEO support.
Ongoing team training and development.
Exploration of new market opportunities through strategic partnerships.

Season 5 - LinknRed by Ennovasol: Virtual University for Digital Transformation

Now, in Hackathon 5, LinknRed by Ennovasol introduces the Virtual University (LMS) for user training in the use of our platforms and tools, as well as for our distributors or brand representatives.

This new effort by LinknRed by Ennovasol represents continuous evolution as builders on the TRON blockchain by continuing to promote the adoption of new disruptive technologies. We aim to make educational content easily accessible to all users interested in using our Web3 platforms and tools, as well as to develop new distributors and/or brand representatives to thrive in the digital economy.

Project Objective:

The main objective of LinknRed by Ennovasol in the TRON Hackathon 5 is to address the problem of limited access and training in Web3 technologies by providing a comprehensive solution that empowers businesses and our distributors.

Solution Methodology:

Our solution methodology involves the development, support, and maintenance of a cutting-edge online training platform and the creation of educational content for the business/professional segment.

Scope of the Proposed Solution for Users and Distributors:

LinknRed by Ennovasol’s Virtual University focuses on training users in adopting solutions that radically transform their business processes. Our focus is on the digitalization of business and operational processes, automation of repetitive tasks, and the elimination or reduction of human errors. For distributors, we offer an additional set of exclusive resources and advantages.

For Users:

Digitalization of Business Processes: We provide detailed training on how to digitize and optimize existing business processes using LinknRed by Ennovasol’s Web3 platforms, which currently integrate TRON blockchain, digital wallets (TronLink), and NFTs (TRC-721) to enhance transaction efficiency and security.

Automation of Repetitive Tasks: We teach users to identify and automate routine tasks, allowing them to free up time and resources for strategic and high-value activities.

Elimination of Human Errors: Our training focuses on reducing and eliminating human errors in business operations, ensuring data accuracy and integrity.

Benefits of Web3: Additionally, we educate users about the benefits of Web3, leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs in business operations.

Supply Chain Traceability: We also provide training on the benefits of registering supply chain footprints on the TRON blockchain through our tools, ensuring transparency and traceability across the supply chain.

For Distributors:

Sales Arguments: We provide strong sales arguments and effective strategies to help distributors convincingly promote our solutions to potential customers.

Agreements and Commissions: Distributors can access detailed information on commission agreements and reward structures, allowing them to maximize their earnings as they promote and sell our solutions.

Effective Promotion Tools: We offer specific strategies and resources for distributors to effectively represent and promote the LinknRed by Ennovasol brand within their networks and communities.

LinknRed by Ennovasol’s Virtual University is an indispensable ally on the journey toward digital transformation, empowering all to harness the full potential of Web3 technologies, improve efficiency and quality in their business operations, reduce costs, and eliminate or reduce the use of commercial and economic intermediaries in P2P transactions. Furthermore, it ensures transparency in the supply chain through the TRON blockchain.

Additional Relevant Details:

The project is currently in active development, with key milestones previously achieved, and we are excited about the positive impact this initiative will have on our business communities and users.

Project Value:

Empowering Digital Transformation with TRON Blockchain Technology:

At LinknRed by Ennovasol, we recognize that TRON blockchain technology is a fundamental cornerstone of the digital economy’s future. Our project reaps significant benefits by harnessing this technology, particularly in terms of transparency, traceability, and security.

We employ TronLink digital wallets to enable P2P transactions in our Decentralized LinknRed eCommerce, ensuring that each economic transaction is immutably recorded on the TRON blockchain.

Furthermore, we securely record the supply chain footprint using this technology, ensuring transparency and integrity in all aspects of the supply chain. We also offer our users the exciting option of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), allowing them to explore new forms of ownership and online trade.

Revolutionizing Business Education with Blockchain: By leveraging the TRON Blockchain for Transformative Education, the Virtual University LinknRed by Ennovasol also benefits from TRON blockchain technology, adding an additional layer of reliability and transparency to our educational offerings.

Every academic achievement and certificate issued through our platform is immutably recorded on the TRON blockchain, ensuring the integrity of records and providing students with the ability to securely and reliably verify their accomplishments.

Additionally, we use the TRON blockchain to authenticate our educational content, guaranteeing that users receive quality training supported by cutting-edge technology.

This innovative approach not only enhances the quality and transparency of the education provided by LinknRed by Ennovasol but also opens up new opportunities for growth and expansion in the online business training market supported by blockchain technology.

Key Advantages of TRON Blockchain Technology: Transparency and Traceability: TRON blockchain technology enables us to create a transparent and fully auditable record of all transactions conducted on our platform.

Each economic exchange between users is immutably recorded on the blockchain, creating a transparent history of all commercial activities. This level of transparency builds trust among our users and reduces the risk of fraud or data manipulation.

Enhanced Security: Furthermore, the TRON blockchain, known for its security and robustness, protects our transaction records. Its decentralized nature and advanced cryptography ensure that user data is safeguarded against cyber threats, guaranteeing data integrity. Elimination of Intermediaries: Thanks to this implementation, we have effectively eliminated the need for intermediaries in commercial transactions on our eCommerce platform.

Users can interact and trade directly with one another, not only reducing costs but also expediting business processes. This also enables P2P transactions without commercial or economic intermediaries, saving time and money. Empowering Our Business Community:

Additionally, our platform supports our growing community of distributors and commercial advisors. Through specific tools and resources, we empower distributors to promote and expand the LinknRed by Ennovasol brand within their networks and markets, using compelling arguments in favor of our Web3 services enabled by the TRON blockchain.

Distributors can emphasize the security, transparency, and efficiency offered by the TRON blockchain when using our services. This creates additional business opportunities, as distributors can present solutions backed by blockchain technology, providing an additional level of confidence to their clients. Furthermore, by promoting Web3 services, distributors can help companies digitize their processes, reduce costs, and enhance efficiency, resulting in a competitive advantage in the market.

We are excited about the positive impact this combination of quality education and the TRON blockchain will have on the digital transformation of businesses and the development of future leaders in the digital economy.

Project Info:

LinknRed by Ennovasol leads the way in digital business education by harnessing the powerful TRON blockchain technology.

Our project is built on three essential pillars:

1: Business Education Transformation (Hackathon 5): With the introduction of the LinknRed by Ennovasol Virtual University, we are committed to training our users in the effective use of our platforms. Furthermore, we are facilitating access to high-quality educational content and expert consultants who will guide digital transformation in businesses through our Web3 solutions.

Every certificate issued by our Virtual University will be immutably registered on the TRON blockchain, providing our students with a secure and reliable way to validate their achievements.

By integrating the TRON blockchain into our business solutions, we are directly passing on the benefits to our end-users. This significantly strengthens our selling points and enables our distributors and business advisors to enhance their success by offering solutions backed by reliable and disruptive blockchain technology.

This strategy uniquely positions us to lead the digital transformation in today’s economy and continue providing competitive advantages to our partner businesses.

2: Empowering Decentralized E-Commerce (Hackathon 1): We have created a decentralized e-commerce platform that utilizes the TronLink digital wallet, enabling secure and transparent P2P transactions.

Every economic transaction is recorded on the TRON blockchain, ensuring transparency and traceability. Furthermore, we offer NFTs, expanding possibilities for ownership and online trade.

3: Enhancing the Supply Chain (hackathon 2): LinknRed by Ennovasol through ERP: ePlus digitally transforms and securely records crucial supply chain data using TRON blockchain technology.

This guarantees transparency, traceability, and security in all aspects of the supply chain, from production to final delivery. Our project excels in terms of transparency, traceability, security, and the elimination of intermediaries, all backed by TRON blockchain technology.

We empower our community of distributors and business advisors to confidently promote our Web3 services, providing a competitive edge to businesses in the digital landscape. With LinknRed by Ennovasol, we are not only shaping the future of business education, e-commerce, and the supply chain but also contributing to the digital transformation of businesses and the development of future leaders in the digital economy.

Our project has a clear vision for the future of digital business.

Project Website: Season 5: LinknRed University by Ennovasol

Project Test Instructions: Instructions for using LinknRed by Ennovasol Virtual University

In addition to providing training to users and distributors, our Virtual University will play a crucial role in educating those who use our Web3 platforms, such as eCommerce, ERP, customer and supplier portals, among others. These tools are designed to digitize business processes, and we believe it’s essential for those who use them to have a deep understanding of their functionality and potential. Therefore, in our Virtual University, we will offer specialized courses that enable users to make the most of these platforms, resulting in more effective and efficient digitization of their business operations.

Below are instructions on how to access our platform:

User Registration:

Step 1: Go to our website (LinknRed University by Ennovasol) and click “Log In” in the upper right corner.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form with the following information: Username: estudiante | Password: studentTRON1#

Log in and navigate within the platform:

Once inside, explore the sections of the platform, which include: Available courses. Educational materials. Assessments and exams.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is available to provide personalized help.

We are considering the possibility of collaborating with qualified teachers and consultants to use our LMS platform and share their knowledge with the community. This collaboration would be beneficial for both teachers/consultants, who would have the opportunity to generate income by teaching classes, and for LinknRed by Ennovasol’s Virtual University, as it would allow the content to grow and be available to a wider audience. If you are interested, we would like to hear from you.

Project Details:

Presentación Hackathon TRON.pdf (3.9 MB)

Smart Contract links: TKdqNrWduHqqYtNmSuzyDaLL82GSRcvLJn

Project Milestones:

1: Curriculum Development: Design a comprehensive curriculum that covers the use of LinknRed tools as well as Blockchain, Wallets, and NFT technology. This curriculum should include modules, lessons, and educational resources.

2: Educational Content Creation: Develop high-quality educational content, which may include videos, documents, interactive tutorials, and practical exercises. Ensure that the content is easy to understand and tailored to the needs of businesses.

3: Platform Launch: Launch the Virtual University platform where users can register and access courses and educational resources.

4: First Online Course: Offer the first online course on the use of LinknRed tools. Ensure that participants can successfully complete the course.

5: TronLink and NFTs Integration: Develop a course section focused on the installation and use of TronLink, as well as the understanding and management of NFTs on the TRON blockchain.

6: Integration of TronLink Wallet for Payments: Implement the payment feature using the TronLink Wallet to access high-value educational content. This may include the purchase of premium courses or additional materials.

7: Blockchain Certificate Issuance: Establish a Blockchain certificate issuance system for users who successfully complete courses, validating their acquired skills.

8: Search for Collaborators/Instructors: Begin the search and selection of collaborators and instructors interested in teaching courses at the Virtual University. Establish a selection process, training, and compensation.

9: Evaluation and Feedback: Collect user feedback on the platform and courses. Make improvements based on this feedback.

10: Promotion and User Acquisition: Execute a marketing strategy to attract businesses and users interested in training. This may include social media campaigns, online advertising, and collaborations.

11: Content Expansion: Continue developing additional courses and educational content related to emerging technologies in Blockchain and NFTs.

12: Distributor Empowerment: Use the Virtual University as a tool to train and empower LinknRed distributors, enabling them to effectively promote and utilize the platform’s tools.

12.5: Results Monitoring: Evaluate the impact of the Virtual University on businesses’ knowledge and skills related to LinknRed and blockchain technologies. Analyze metrics such as course completion rate, user satisfaction, and ROI.


Welcome back team, wishing you all the best.

Are they any prerequisite knowledge a person may have to obtain before joining your virtual university.

And also will the training be free of charge or it will come with a fee??

Thank you


Hello you welcome to this session.
As usual for you to be in builder’s track… you must have already project you building on

Please could you share with us about your last session project.

It’s update and milestone reached.


Thank you for your warm welcome! We are excited to participate in this hackathon and appreciate your well wishes.

Regarding your questions, the LinknRed Virtual University by Ennovasol is designed to accommodate a wide range of users, from beginners to those with prior knowledge. Our courses are structured so that participants can progress at their own pace and start from the basics if needed. Additionally, we provide detailed educational material to facilitate understanding.

As for the costs, we are proud to say that basic training in our Virtual University will be free for all users. We believe that accessibility is essential to drive the adoption of disruptive technologies like blockchain and Web3. However, we will also offer advanced and specialized courses that may have an associated fee due to their deeper and more specific nature.

We are committed to providing high educational value to our community and hope that all our users make the most of this learning opportunity.

Thank you again for your interest and support!


Thank you for your time in responding to my quest.

Will users receive any form of certification for participating in this virtual university??

Hello and thank you for having us in this session!

Unfortunately, in the previous hackathon (Hackathon 4), we encountered an issue that prevented us from entering the community voting process. This error was caused by an omission in the registration, and we acknowledge that it was a LinknRed oversight, so we take full responsibility for it.

We completely understand the rules and guidelines of the TRON hackathon and recognize the importance of correctly following all procedures. We feel sorry for not being able to participate in Hackathon 4, and we appreciate the understanding of both the community and the organizers in this matter.

Here we are in Hackathon 5 with great pride and determination, seeking ways to overcome this obstacle and demonstrate our commitment. We highly value the opportunity to participate in this new edition and aspire to make a significant contribution. If the hackathon administrator @admin.hackathon | @support.hackathon has any additional guidance or suggestions to prevent similar errors in the future, we would be delighted to receive their feedback and advice.

Once again, we express our gratitude for the warm welcome and support of the community, and we eagerly look forward to contributing to the success of Hackathon 5. Thank you!

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Yes, of course. At LinknRed Virtual University by Ennovasol, we highly value and acknowledge our students’ effort and commitment. Therefore, we provide digital certificates that serve as evidence of their participation and achievements in our courses. These certificates are immutably registered on the TRON blockchain, ensuring their authenticity and reliability. Additionally, this feature adds an extra level of transparency and security to their academic accomplishments. So, indeed, users will receive blockchain-backed digital certificates as recognition for their participation in our Virtual University.


That is absolutely brilliant and wonderful. Are there any age and country limitations as to who are welcome to use your platforms

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You are welcome to Hackatron S5. Good to see you again. All the best :pray:

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Welcome back to Season 5, your project name easily gave you away, I still remember like yesterday. It’s interesting reading through your offering. LinknRed stresses empowerment through Web3 technologies, focusing on business process digitalization, automation, and reducing errors. Distributors are offered sales arguments, commission info, and promotion strategies. Transparency via the TRON blockchain is a key theme throughout my read.
This is low-key like a backstage pass to the main event, I’m referencing LinknRed’s journey through TRON Hackathons, emphasizing their aim to decentralize markets, integrate eCommerce with ERP, and now introduce a Virtual University for training.

After a careful read, I’ve a few questions;

How does LinknRed measure the effectiveness of their Virtual University in terms of user adoption and business transformation?

What are potential future iterations or expansions for LinknRed beyond the current scope of their projects, considering the rapidly evolving landscape of technology?

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You are indeed welcome.

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Welcome onboard to the Grand Hackathon Season 5, wishing you all the best as you continue to build

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Hello! Thank you for your message. I’m excited to be at Hackatron S5 again. Let’s go for another great event! Wishing you much success too!


Hello and thank you for your warm welcome back to Season 5! It’s great to hear that our project name left a lasting impression.

Regarding your questions:

  1. Measuring the Effectiveness of LinknRed’s Virtual University:
  • LinknRed utilizes a comprehensive set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess the effectiveness of our Virtual University. We closely monitor user adoption rates, course completion rates, and the feedback from our learners. Additionally, we track how well our training programs align with tangible business outcomes, such as increased productivity, improved employee skills, and reduced errors in business processes.
  1. Future Iterations and Expansions:
  • LinknRed is committed to staying at the forefront of technology. As the tech landscape evolves, we aim to adapt and expand our projects accordingly. This includes exploring new integrations with emerging technologies, enhancing our Web3 capabilities, and continuously improving our platform’s user experience. We are also considering potential expansions into other markets and industries to further empower businesses through digitalization, automation, and blockchain transparency.

We appreciate your interest and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. If you have any more questions or would like further details, please feel free to ask.


Thank you very much for your words, my friend Tronic.



Hello and thanks for the welcome aboard the Grand Hackathon Season 5! We’re excited to be part of this event and ready to tackle any challenges that come our way. Let’s give it our best and work together to build innovative solutions! Best of luck to everyone! :star_struck:

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Thanks you very much I sincerely appreciate you and am also super excited meeting someone special like you


Thanks for your response, it’s quite commendable how you give a detailed and tailored reply to my questions, easily understood.
Expanding into new markets and industries can indeed widen the scope of empowerment through digitalization and blockchain transparency, it’s great to see LinknRed’s commitment to continuous evolution and adaptation to the changing tech landscape. Exploring integrations with emerging technologies and enhancing Web3 capabilities are key steps. After a careful read, I’ve two questions;

Could you provide specific examples of emerging technologies that LinknRed is considering for integration, and how they would augment the current platform offerings?

In expanding into new markets and industries, are there particular sectors or regions that LinknRed is focusing on, and what factors influence these choices?


We appreciate your questions and the interest you show in our innovations, my dear friend Tronic manfred_jr :grinning: !

Here, I’ll write a bit more to give you an insight into our direction and hopefully answer your questions…

Point 1: Development and testing of AI and IoT

We are currently in the process of developing and testing AI and IoT: At LinknRed, we fully understand the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, we are in the phase of development and testing of these technologies in various areas of our platform. This approach will allow us to significantly improve the efficiency in data capture required by the system, which must be filled in by businesses (enhancing data quality and capture times), as well as precision in predictive analytics.

AI in Inventory Management: AI will play a fundamental role in inventory management by considering a wide range of variables, including seasonality, sales history, reorder points, market trends, and more. This will not only optimize warehouse restocking but also effectively reduce costs, creating a positive impact for both our clients and their operations.

IoT and Production Line Control: On the other hand, IoT will enable the connection of our software platforms with hardware and mechanical actuators, facilitating real-time control and monitoring of production lines. This will provide our users with greater automation and precise control over their manufacturing processes.

Point 2: Global Expansion

Global Expansion and Our Vision: At LinknRed, we have been working consistently to bring our digital transformation solutions to a global audience. Initially, our focus was on serving the Mexican and Spanish-speaking community, leveraging our team and platforms that were born in the Spanish language.

Currently, we are proud to have made significant progress in expanding to the English language, where we have achieved a capacity level of 85%. In parallel, we are directing our efforts towards conquering the European market, where we have made 15% progress in adapting to the language. Furthermore, we were thrilled by the opportunity that arose recently to establish a presence in India through an authorized distributor.

Expansion Strategy: Our expansion strategy is based on identifying markets with a growing demand for digital solutions, as well as evaluating the maturity of the local technological ecosystem and a favorable regulatory environment. Every opportunity that presents itself is carefully evaluated by the LinknRed team, and we are committed to forging new paths in emerging markets while adapting our strategies as needed.

In Hackathon 5, one of our main objectives is to provide educational content in various languages. To achieve this goal, we are focused on implementing an LMS (Learning Management System). This tool will allow us to offer education and training in multiple languages, making it easier for people worldwide to access high-quality educational resources.

Our goal is to bring digital transformation to businesses globally and empower companies in different regions with our innovative solutions.

Your questions and comments are crucial as we continue our exciting journey at LinknRed. Thank you for being a part of it!


Yet another very detailed and easily understood explanation, kudos for that. From my read, it’s impressive to witness LinknRed’s forward-thinking approach, incorporating AI and IoT into the platform. AI’s role in inventory management and IoT’s potential in production line control showcase a commitment to innovation and enhancing operational efficiency for users. I’ve a handful of questions to further broaden my knowledge and understanding;

As LinknRed expands globally, are there plans to tailor the platform to each region’s specific needs or regulatory requirements?

How does LinknRed approach user data privacy and security, especially considering the integration of IoT and the sensitive nature of business operations data?

In the context of global expansion, what strategies does LinknRed have in place to adapt to varying levels of digital infrastructure and tech adoption in different regions?

Given the commitment to educational content in multiple languages, how does LinknRed ensure the cultural relevance and effectiveness of the training provided in diverse linguistic and cultural contexts?