Link'n Red by Ennovasol : Digital transformation for companies

Project Name: Link´n Red

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: Ennovasol

Team Member(s): 5 Membres : @JavierGarza @rafael.garciaennova @mleal19 @oscarcobos

Dorahacks Project Link: Link’n Red by Ennovasol : Digital transformation for companies | Buidls | DoraHacks

Project Goal:

The aim of LinknRed is to be a comprehensive digital transformation platform for businesses that provides democratized access to advanced technologies such as blockchain, NFTs, and digital wallets. Through a suite of WEB3.0 tools, including Collaborative eCommerce, ERP, LMS, CFDI, B2B, and B2C, LinknRed seeks to help businesses of all sizes and sectors make the most of the opportunities of the digital age and grow sustainably.

The platform also includes built-in monitoring and tracking tools that allow entrepreneurs and their collaborators to have a clear view of the digitalized process and make informed decisions in real-time.

Additionally, our tools can be implemented modularly, allowing users to choose and adapt the solution that best suits their specific needs. If desired, LinknRed can also register all footprints left by our tools on the blockchain, providing greater transparency and traceability in digital business processes.

The goal of LinknRed is to make advanced technologies accessible to businesses of all sizes and sectors, helping them improve their efficiency, profitability, and security in transactions and payments, and to drive their growth in the digital age.

Project Info: Link´n Red :point_right: Omnichannel / Costumer Journey

S4 Hackathon (Significant Improvements)

The LinknRed Virtual University is a new tool that we are integrating into Hackathon 4 (Builder) as part of our significant improvements for the LinknRed brand. Its objective is to integrate the educational content that companies need to digitize their business processes, as well as follow an educational methodology (LMS) to ensure proper monitoring of the training. The platform will also allow online assessments to verify correct understanding of the content. In summary, the Virtual University will be the web tool that integrates 100% of the educational content that will be taught.

Some advantages and benefits of the LinknRed Virtual University are:

Flexibility: Users can access the platform from anywhere and at any time, allowing them to study at their own pace and based on their availability.

Time and cost savings: By offering online training, companies can reduce the costs associated with in-person training, such as travel and accommodation expenses.

Monitoring and tracking: The educational methodology (LMS) allows for proper monitoring of training, making it easier to identify areas for improvement and design more effective training strategies.

Verification of understanding: Online assessments allow for the verification of correct understanding of content, helping to ensure that users have properly comprehended and assimilated the knowledge imparted.

Integration of educational content: The Virtual University will be the web tool that integrates 100% of the educational content that will be taught, making it easier to search for and access information.

Project Website:

New Tool: URL for LinknRed Virtual University (LMS) :point_right: Universidad LinknRed | Ennovasol

Project Test Instructions:

Platform: LinknRed Virtual University (LMS) :star_struck: Hackathon #4

The LMS is a new LinknRed Web platform aimed at providing online training (and Test Instructions) For users who want to digitize their business processes with us.

Step 1: Go to Universidad LinknRed | Ennovasol
Step 2: Log in with credentials: User: student | Pass: studentTRON1#
(The profile being accessed is Student Profile)

Platform: Collaborative eCommerce : Hackathon #1 :muscle:

Company registration:
Step 1: Register at LinknRed - Compra y vende por internet
Step 2: Access the provider’s home panel at LinknRed - Compra y vende por internet

Customer registration:
Step 1: Register at LinknRed - Compra y vende por internet
Step 2: Sign in at LinknRed - Compra y vende por internet

Platform: ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning - (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) Hackathon #2 :muscle:
Step 1: Go to: Inicio de Sesión E-plus
Step 2: Log in with User: IOC | Pass: slomher9419

Project Details:

Smart Contract links:

(Shasta) :

(MainNet) :

Project Milestones:

A: Virtual University LinknRed (LMS):

1: Definition of educational objectives Activity completed
2: Implementation of the LMS platform (Virtual University) Activity completed
3: Creation of educational content (initially in Spanish) Activity completed
4: Definition of the educational structure for monitoring and evaluation. Activity completed

B: eCommerce + ERP

  1. Develop new functions in the logistics module (ERP) to improve the integration of blockchain into our clients’ business processes: Activity completed
    A: Product identification
    B: Origin information
    C: Transport information
    D: Storage information
    E: Destination information
    F: Payment information

  2. Expand our offering in personalized eCommerce and collaborative eCommerce with new functionalities and features that meet our clients’ needs: Activity completed
    a) Convert the current Web2 service module to a Web3 model
    b) Allow clients to pay for LinknRed tools through TronLink

  3. Continue training and developing our team to ensure we remain leaders in innovation and digital transformation. Activity completed and continue

  4. Explore new market opportunities and expand our presence through strategic partnerships and new business initiatives. (Example: Approaching and participating in new Blockchain and Cryptocurrency communities) Activity completed and continue (evidence on twitter: @LinknRed #CriptoMéxico)

  5. Strengthen our virtual university platform (LMS) by adding new educational content to provide high-quality training to our clients, suppliers, and employees. Activity completed and continue

  6. Continue to improve and update our solutions based on feedback and suggestions from our clients to ensure we continue to meet their needs. Activity completed and continue

  7. Improve the user interface and user experience to make the tool easier and more enjoyable to use. Activity completed and continue

  8. Build the Collaborative eCommerce Dapp In progress

  9. Continue Multilanguage efforts to promote inclusion and accessibility in an increasingly globalized world. Activity completed and continue

  10. Multicurrency to process transactions in various different currencies (First: USDT, USDD) In progress

  11. Multi-Blockchain to support more than 1 blockchain network. (First: Tron + Ethereum) Activity completed and continue

  12. Connect Web3 platforms to social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Activity completed and continue


Welcome to Season 4, I’d give the project a thorough read then share my thoughts and questions. I did confuse the name of your project for “LinkedIn” lol.


Congrats team for submitting your project.
Again in the builder’s track :fire::fire::fire::fire:
all eyes on that track


welcome too
I will go through and come back
keep building


Congratulations team for making it to the builder track
All the best


After a thorough read, I’m wowed but for clarity, I got a few questions cause the project details are quite limited, and it is difficult to assess the functionality and capabilities of the platform. It is also unclear how the platform is different from other project management and team collaboration tools that are already available on the market.


  1. Can you provide more information about the specific features and capabilities of the Linkn Red platform?

  2. How does the platform integrate with other business tools and systems?

  3. What types of businesses and industries is the Linkn Red platform best suited for?

  4. Are there any case studies or success stories of businesses that have implemented the Linkn Red platform?

  5. What is the pricing model for the platform and what kind of support and training is provided?


Congrats team for the bold step on a successful submission of grand hackathon season 4, nice but will definitely take my time to go through the website for more detailed information about the project, wish you guys and your project the best of luck on this season 4


Excellent innovation project


LinKnRed portfolio of Digital Transformation Programs equips you with the latest tools, knowledge and skills to understand data, harness digital disruption, and prepare yourself for a digital future that is happening now.


Bienvenido al s4, en la presentación de su proyecto parece ser ambicioso y novedoso, lo que más resalta es en el ámbito que cualquier empresa de cualquier tamaño pueda adoptar estas herramientas, miraré detenidamente su página.


Hi Rafael,
When can we see the milestones you are going to achieve for this season 4?


Congratulations Team!!.. I´ve been following this project and I think it´s a very complete platform. It looks like it can be applied in a wide variety of business. Good Luck!! :clap: :clap:


I wish you all the best in this season. One thing am much pleased with this project is it’s
monitoring and tracking tools. This will help to reduce the cost of hiring more human resources to perform this functions. It’ll also help to reduce leakages…


We have updated the information with more data, any questions or comments, we are here to serve you.

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Thank you, we will do our best.
Grateful for your support :muscle: :fire:


We have added more information to the forum, so some of your questions should be clarified with the information we uploaded… even so, I will detail a little more :grinning:

The solutions offered by LinknRed can be useful for companies of various sizes and industries, including small, medium, and large enterprises in areas such as retail, e-commerce, logistics, finance, manufacturing, distribution, and more. In general, any company looking to improve efficiency and optimize their business processes can benefit from LinknRed’s solutions.

Additionally, by offering payment options in cryptocurrencies, LinknRed’s solutions can be especially useful for companies operating in international markets and seeking a secure and reliable way to process payments in multiple currencies.

  • Attached a success story which is a B2C ( URL: )

  • The economic investment that a company has to make for the use of LinknRed platforms starts from $50 USD per month and entitles them to use only the collaborative eCommerce tools.


we have updated the information, even so we will continue to make some adjustments.

Any questions or comments, we are here to help :grinning:


It’s great to know that there are already success stories for this project. I’m really excited that this tool can be implemented for any size of company because it’s not just the big companies that need to transform their processes. Specifically for a small business, which is looking to start with a small investment, the fact that they have the option to start the digital transformation modularly and gradually implement it to avoid making a big investment is an excellent opportunity.


Great job on summarizing the goals and offerings of Link’n Red! It’s great to see a platform that aims to provide democratized access to advanced technologies for businesses of all sizes and sectors. All the best for the whole team.


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