MyOwnData - I own my data, my data is my own

Project Name: MyOwnData - I own my data, my data is my own.
Project Track: Builder
Team Name:
Team Member(s): @Steve20 @VidyaBreeveld
HackerEarth Project Link: steve.thijssen20_a6c0 - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

BioTechX 4 october 2023 in Basel

MyOwnData in collaboration with the CCMO (The Central Committee on Research Involving Human) and Dutch Blokchain Coalition

Project Goal:
In our society we see that artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere and is already making important decisions in our daily life. AI can create many positive impacts, but we also have big challenges like racist decisions. Most things in our society are built for, and designed around, a specific “reference man." This “standard human” is usually a white male in his 30s who weighs around 155 pounds. The reference man is the default user in many parts, like cars, air-conditioned offices, city streets and especially healthcare. When it comes to healthcare, we see that it has deadly effects for women and BAME.

A big problem is that we need inclusive data to create inclusive AI modules, however medical researchers have a hard time finding people and convincing them to share their health data. People are however very eager to help when they realize their data can make a difference. This works even better with diseases they have a connection to through a family member or a friend.

The global clinical trials market size was estimated at USD 44.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2021 to 2028. As an inclusive team with 6 women and half BAME, we want to change this with MyOwnData - I own my data, my data is my own.

Project Value:
Each patients has their own blockchain Wallet (Tron Wallet). At MyOwnData App, patients can connect his wallet. There he will get rewards for completing survey questionnaire. Also if he wants, he can withdraw credits (TRX) to his Tron Wallet Address. This is very good opportunity for them to earn TRX by just sharing the data.

Project Info:
MyOwnData - Presentation
Video MyOwnData - Tron hackathon on Vimeo
Project Website: MyOwnData
Project Test Instructions:

To run Website:

  1. Go to myowndata folder

  2. if you haven’t installed nodejs. Then you have to first install node js. Link of download Download | Node.js

  3. Then run ‘npm install’ in that myowndata folder.

  4. Then run ‘npm run build’.

  5. Next you have to ‘npm run dev’ to run locally. Then, you can test the website at http://localhost:3000/

To run app:

  1. Go to myowndata-app folder.

  2. Now you have to install flutter. Install | Flutter

  3. When you have done setup with Flutter, then you can run ‘flutter run -d chrome’. It will open a chrome browser and it will be localhost. There you can test the app.

To run Website Api:

  1. Go to myowndata-api folder

  2. if you haven’t installed nodejs. Then you have to first install node js. Link of download Download | Node.js

  3. Then run ‘npm install’ in that myowndata-api folder.

  4. Then run ‘npm run build’.

  5. Next you have to ‘npm run dev’ to run locally. Then, you can test the website at http://localhost:3000/


Project Details:

Smart Contract links:


please does this project has something to do with ForGreen - Donation events as a service, to create the most easy, transparent, fun NFT charity auction, to help organizations raise additional support for a green world!?

If no then you are in the wrong track…

You only choose builder when you are adding a new feature (important) to the last project you build in the previous seasons

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No Thanks. That is different project. And MyOwnData is another project.

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then get the right track for the current one and also any updates on the last project?


Yes if you are participating with a different project then builders category is not for you. I think web3 maybe the right category for this project.

Sorry for the confusion. We are presenting our product on BioTechX and someone submitted the project with my account. I am just back from the event.

To explain the situation.
The name of our product was WaveData and we changed this to MyOwnData. This product won the first prize in the Ecosystem track.

During the hackathon we did many new changes, like the informed consent process. This makes it possible that participants can give permission to join a studie directly to the researcher.

Now your third project this season please any updates about your previous projects

Thanks for the message. At first it’s important to take into account that healthcare is not something that you can do in a couple months. It’s the most regulated sector. I have shared some big news above. We get support from the CCMO and will test the product with the Sickle Cell Disease.

On technical level we improved our infrastructure and the proces for giving informed consent with a smart contract. This is a big innovation in the medical field and we get already many positive reactions.:blush:

oh OK check and correct the track, this project do not belong to builder’s track

I am fine to change the track.

But to make it clear: WaveData won the first prize in the ecosystem track in season 3. This product has a new name MyOwnData with new features and colloberation🚀. So this is the reason why I put it in the builder category

Is everything clear for you? Let me know if you have questions

Okay if this is the same project which participated in season 3 but you are now re branding. Builders category is correct for this project.

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Yes, otherwise it’s not fair. Hope you like the project😊 Tomorrow we have our last day in Basel and will make some extra promotion of the TRON integration.

oh OK so you have like 3 or so Projects, I see if this is the same as wave data then you are in the right track. thanks

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Oh finally, one in the builder track.
“MyOwnData - I own my data, my data is my own” is in a well simplified context that really needs no further explanation. I’m wondering though, are there plans to expand your reach and impact beyond the TRON Hackathon?

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Hello, is your project still ongoing or have you stopped it ?

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Hi @UltimaTron this absolute going on. I am just back from Basel and had many things to do. Why this question?

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Thank you so much for you great reaction😊 We are going to test the product with the CCMO (Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects), the Sickle Cell patient organisation and the Dutch Blockchain coalition. We have decided to use TRON for the MyOwnData and building step by step new features. Our vision is to be the platform for clinical trials, where everybody can participate.

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I just see some projects stopped and not texting in forum. I just misunderstood, sorry for asking. Now I am checking platform

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No problem, I understand what you mean. I know that connecting with the community is important, but last days is very overwhelming with the stakeholders. Things are flying😊