WaveData - Your data is the cure! + New updates for the determination prize

Project Name: Wavedata - Your data is the cure
Project Track: Builder
Team Name: WaveData
Team Member(s): 2 @Steve @bahauddin
Dorahacks Project Link: WaveData | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Info: WaveData.pptx - Google Slides
Project Goal: In our society we see that artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere and is already making important decisions in our daily life. AI can create many positive impacts, but we also have big challenges like racist decisions. Most things in our society are built for, and designed around, a specific “reference man." This “standard human” is usually a white male in his 30s who weighs around 155 pounds. The reference man is the default user in many parts, like cars, air-conditioned offices, city streets and especially healthcare. When it comes to healthcare, we see that it has deadly effects for women and BAME.

A big problem is that we need inclusive data to create inclusive AI modules, however medical researchers have a hard time finding people and convincing them to share their health data. People are however very eager to help when they realize their data can make a difference. This works even better with diseases they have a connection to through a family member or a friend.

The global clinical trials market size was estimated at USD 44.3 billion in 2020 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.7% from 2021 to 2028. As an inclusive team with 6 women and half BAME, we want to change this with WaveData - Your data is the cure! WaveData offers a secure way to share your data from wallet to wallet, so you can control yourself and help find a cure!
Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:


  1. Register/Login with TronLink
  2. Create Trial
  3. Set Audiences type who can allowed to join this trial
  4. Create Survey
  5. Create Survey Questions


  1. Register/Login without TronLink
  2. After Login, set FHIR info
  3. Then you can earn TRX by completing Trials

Project Details:
WaveData is based on two things: (1) Decentralized marketplace where organizations (universities/hospitals/pharma) can create a clinical trial and also get data from the people that join the clinical trial (2) App that people will use during the clinical trial, get recommendations in which trials they can participate and get credits/vouchers.

WaveData connects people who want to help with medical researchers who need data. The biggest difference with existing platforms is that we approach the problem from the side of the people who want to help cure a disease. When someone you love has cancer or Alzheimers you feel helpless, and you want to do something about it. WaveData is built on the TRON wallet to provide a safe and secure way to share your data. We can see that pharmaceutical companies would be interested in the same data. It’s up to you if you give them permission to look at your data. You can earn TRX by sharing your data in that way. You can keep that benefits for yourself or donate it to help cure the disease of your choice.

With the WaveData marketplace the organizer can create their trials and surveys and set the questions, rewards etc. With the WaveData app, people can download a user-friendly app to survey and join trials. WaveData helps each user and organizer to keep touch every day. On WaveData the organizer can check how many people have contributed and what their answers are. WaveData provides chart analysis options for the organizer to keep updated with better understanding.

Crucial stakeholder motivation

  • Medical research facilities - we help them connecting to people who are willing to share their data
  • Patients’ interests’ associations - give them an opportunity to combat the disease through the sharing of data.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies - an opportunity to have access to data if allowed by the people
  • Everybody - a way to help combat diseases that can be trusted because your personal data are secure
  • Government - Aiding healthcare research through robust security for personal data

Smart Contract links: TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器

New updates for the determination Prize

New things after the hackathon

  1. Deducting amount from researcher account
  2. Rewards cashout in TRX directly to patient address
  3. Mainnet

Description technical integration

We have made a deducting system on the website. Now researchers have to pay the same amount which is the reward amount at the time of creating a survey at a website. For this we made the function as payable. Then in the app we have an integrated cashout system. At the beginning the user will give his private key. Then after completing the survey, the user can see total credits of his completing surveys. There the user can withdraw the amount to his Tron Wallet.

Ran into issue:

  1. We faced issue with Tron Address converting to Ethereum/solidity type. To fix it, we had to use msg.sender to get the address in the solidty.
  2. Value withdrawing. Here we faced an issue. In the end we managed to fix it.


We have deployed the smart contract on Tron Mainnet. It took 540 TRX and 5M energy to deploy on the mainnet.

Then we needed the following energy and bandwidth for website to make demo:

Total energy = 8M energy

Bandwidth = 34k


TRX = 1100 + 34 = 1134 TRX

Register - App

energy = 288,494

bandwidth = 796

Update Fhir - App

energy = 917,432 + 22,267

bandwidth = 2,140 + 476

Ongoing Trial - App

energy = 194,348

bandwidth = 636

Create Survey Answer - App

energy = 120,076 x 13

bandwidth = 668 x 13

Create Completed survey - App

energy = 118,566 + 22,267

bandwidth = 476 x 2

withdraw - App

energy = 8,309

bandwidth = 346


Energy = 3M

Bandwidth = 14k


TRX = 336.975 + 14 = 350 TRX

Grand Total:

Trx = 540 + 1134 + 350 + including transaction fees ~= 2000 TRX

The mainnet smart contract address:


Link to smart contract:

Changes of Updated features:

** Changes 1: Switch to Tron Mainnet Network.**

Changes 2: Create Trial - Normally as before with Tron Mainnet

Here at the top-right there is showing Mainnet/MainChain

Changes 3: At the time of creating the survey the researcher also has to pay the rewards amount. This amount will be stored on smart contract.

Changes 4: In the mobile app, after clicking Cash Out, it will show a dialog. Here the patient has to give his amount. After clicking Accept, the amount will be withdrawn from smart contract to patient address.

Amount send to TRON wallet

Link to video’s


What is next?

  • Pilot with first organizations (we have already partners and planning the first pilot)
  • Applying for Horizon Europe grant of 11 million focussing on prevention of non-communicable diseases:

This is why we need your support😊 With the determination prize we use the prize the make a great application🚀


Data is very crucial in our everyday lives as decision making is solely based on these collected datas.

Are there any incentives given to users of your platform who are willing to give data about a particular topic raised by a health care unit or a university??


You are welcome but project goal is missing. It helps me to know the whole idea behind the project. Kindly fix it🙏🏻

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Bienvenido al S4, mi pregunta es todos los datos recogidos de las personas, a quien verdaderamente benefician al las grandes empresas de salud o es en pro de un bienestar de los seres humanos.


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 4, wish you and your project all the best


Data is life,

How does Wavedata ensure HIPAA compliance and protect patient data?

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Thanks for the question,

We are a medical startup and this project started during our journey. We are already ISO 27001 and 13485 compliant. Also we get support from the Dutch government and from major organisations in the USA. Compliance is to most important part in healthcare, but how we using data now in research is not always transparant and good. That’s the reason why WaveData is focusing on, data ownership and protection.

It will check by calling signer (TRON user). If that person is the owner of the data information, then the smart contract will give information. Else will not give.


We are working with the Dutch government and some big organisations in the USA. Our team is a startup in the medical field with good relationships with healthcare organisations and universities. Also, we are working on a big grant to use AI for good in healthcare.

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Thanks for the message, we have put some extra information. The presentation link, is the best wavy to see everything😊


How do you you identify a genuine recommendation?


How does the smart contract differentiate between the owner of the data and someone who is not authorized to access it?

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In the smart contract there has require function. It is similar to if condition. Using that only owner of the data can access and share his data.

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Under the trial settings, there has a audience section. Here he can set the age and ethnicity. If these information are matched with patient details, he can do the trial.


Thanks for the explanation

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Hello @bahauddin, welcome back to S4!

Seems like you have been busy building, how amazing!

As a project on the builder track and a previous winner, what updates have you added since S3?

Another question I had is how does WaveData ensure that medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies use the shared data for ethical and beneficial purposes?

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That is very good and thanks for clearing my doubt. U have started right. Keep building


Sorry for the later reaction, it’s a very busy time😊

Thanks for the question: we have created new features, like the following parts:

In the website,

  1. When creating survey, researcher can select wearable data, which they want to get from patients. (We have an integration with fitbit and garmin + withings is also build, other wearables are coming😀)
  2. Researcher has access to a dashboard and can created a report with all important data

In the app,

  1. User can connect wearable
  2. Patient can see wearable data in the dashboard
  3. When accepting any survey, the user can allow the researcher to see his wearable data. Such as: sleep, blood rate, calories burned, etc.
  4. QR-code for sharing data peer to peer

Tron Integration:
we have added new functions, struct, variables in the smart contract for wearable. Then we are using those in website and app

Besides the new features, we are working on a

  • In conversation with huge blockchain pioneers in the healthcare field
  • Pilot with big organisations
  • 11 million grant focussing on prevention of non-communicable diseases

Our goal is to make WaveData ready for the market and created positive impact in the healthcare field❤️


Great thing about TRON is the speed. For a research we have worked with some other blockchain protocols, but the most important problem was the speed. In the healthcare field, the protocol has to work in a couple seconds, there is no time for waiting minutes. TRON is a great protocol for the healthcare field and to build AI models on it🚀


Thanks for that explanation…


For speed you chose the best. Tron is known for its seamless transaction. I hope you enjoy building on it.

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