The Uniqueness Of Tron Grand HAckathon Season Three

Everything seems impossible till it is done. The genesis of Tron Grand Hackathon has not been an easy journey but since its inception, it has not been far from amazing.

Season one saw great projects trooping in, all with the aim of making the tron blockchain a great platform for all crypto lovers. The successes of season one paved way for season two which also saw wonderful projects coming on board.
But what makes the Season three Standout from the other seasons.

Firstly i will be looking at the introduction of the two new tracks “Ecosystem Track” and “Academy Track”

The Ecosystem track has proven to show Tron blockchain’s dynamism, assimilation and the willingness to embrace other blockchains. It is not just by words of mouth but through actions. 

All projects that a purely Ethereum based are therefore welcome to apply through this track and be part of this season. This will indeed make this hackathon power-packed and also filled with interesting and valuable projects making cross- chain more practicable this season.

  Also the Academy Track which happens to be one of my favorite introductions will go a long way to make this season an enviable one.

Enrolled university students have now heard good news.
This track will give you the opportunity to put your theory into practice in a healthy competitive way. The future of blockchain technology lies in the hands of the upcoming new generations, this hackathon is making sure the future is in safe hands.
So now students, focus, register and lets see what you have got to offer.

Secondly, the voices and feedback of the community was heard and seriously adhered to, the important area of this season is, we will be seeing a complete project or project that are near completion.

Why do i think this makes the season three unique?
Some projects promised great things in the previous hackathon but have not delivered anything till now. Those who saw this as a cash grab are now in for a tough ride. Because if efforts are not made, you wouldn’t even stand the chance to be selected. This in my opinion will help sieve the numerous projects coming in thereby paving way for the submission of only serious projects.

Lastly, the prizing is also seeing a face lift with the introduction of new prizing structures which will serve as an icing on the sweet cake.

In conclusion, Tron Dao Forum has once again proven that they are community driven and they value the inputs and feedbacks from the community as this is seen in how they tweak this new seasons to suit the feedbacks they got along the way.
All these reasons cited will go a long way to make the Season Three standout among the other seasons.

I will therefore stop here and say welcome to Tron Grand Hackathon Season Three, where Creativity, Originality, Usability, Technicality, Practicability and Feasibility are all combined to contribute positively to the crypto ecosystem.


Un buen resumen de lo que representa El Tron Hackaton y sobre todo lo especial que es esta 3-º edición, donde los proyectos que se presenten deberán esforzarse al máximo, muy importante el haber tenido en cuenta las opiniones de la comunidad. Un saludo


I follow this topic!! Incredibile project, good job Trondao :ok_hand:


What does this mean? Isn’t hackathon mostly for fun, no commitments need to made by the participants? otherwise it’s not a hackathon, more like funding in my opinion :thinking:

Waw what a positive intro! Indeed, Ecosystem track is healthy and will bring nice frens =)

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This season will be epic

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Are hackathon really mostly for fun?
Such statement is very subjective.
Hackathons are organized to bring ideas that are mostly outside the box, develop tools to make life easier, example is the “like button” and “video chat” of facebook and “groupMe” of skype they were all introduced through hackathons.

What is the essence for hackathons if people see it as a cash grab and really dont develop anything because they think its “mostly for fun”

Also this is a community-led DAO, if the voices of the community is not adhered to then it defeats the purpose of its very existence.

Thank you for ur input and i hope to see you submit a project that will change our lives on the blockchain for good. :+1:

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Yh very great indeed. They are bringing more goodies into the hackathon as we move forward.

A hackathon is a engineering contest, however there is much more of an emphasis on utility in blockchain hackathons, than conventional hackathons. There are larger prize pools, ecosystems, and different problems to solve. If the applications do have significant merit, there’s potential for it to be eventually a full fledged project/application. Engineering contests that are this broad / accessible are not valued purely in technical ingenuity.