TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 1 winners announcement! Congrats to all winners!

The community voting is over. Great job to all Tronics that voted! :tada:

We know that a lot of you would like to vote too but weren’t able to because you haven’t reached the required rank. Please understand that this is a system-enforced measure to prevent new users from spam voting.

Some users have been here for many hours but still unable to vote. This is probably because they haven’t visited enough topics, read enough posts, or leave valuable comments. We have a lot of hackathon project posts and around 200 topics so far. Genuinely browsing a really tiny portion of it like a regular user would should be enough as the majority of the users here were able to hit the requirements.

Anyway, the community results are out as we can see on TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 - It's voting time! - #2 by admin.hackathon and we are now waiting for the judges to submit their votes in (before the end of PST) then we will do a voting calculation such that Crypto Experts account for 30% of the voting score, KOLs account for another 30% of the voting score and the Community representing the remaining 40%.

We hope you all enjoyed the Hackathon for season 1 so far and hope to see you here again in subsequent seasons. While we are waiting for the results, kindly leave constructive comments below on how you find the current hackathon compared to past TRON’s hackathons? What else can we improve? What other projects you would like to see joining our next hackathon?

All comments are welcome! (but of course, do not spam :wink:) Thanks!

:spiral_calendar: March 15 Update: Winners are out! :trophy:
Check out TRON Grand Hackathon 2022 Season 1 winners announcement! Congrats to all winners! - #28 by admin.hackathon


Having experienced several different hackathons the past 4 years on tron this one was most definitely the best organized and community focused big props for this.

We can see this has resulted in great participation by tronics. And by your system the bots were left out which is also a big plus!

The voting system was organized orderly and was easy to vote.

Keep it up like this and keep involving the tron community :muscle:

I want to thank you for presenting us this well organized hackathon! :eagle:


Oh, this is my first hackathon and I’m incredibly excited! I couldn’t get to the previous ones for a number of reasons beyond my control - I watched them from afar :sweat_smile:


Thank you for the opportunity!


This is my first hackathon.
I have positive impressions about the event.
High level of both organization and participating projects :blush::muscle:


For USTX team it is the first event of this kind. I want to thank TronDAO organization for making it possibile.
This shows great interest in having a live community capable of making the whole TRON ecosystem grow.


Great event, appreciate what took place to make this happen.


Congrats for Hackathon. For me the First one fair and trust not bot spamming.

Like the away to achive the power of the vote.


We love the way this has been organized. Transparent view on all projects, with the chance to interact with projects and find out more about them.

Also love the community voting and the fact that bots are taken out of the equation by requiring real interaction. This is working well for round 1, for round 2 where people know what to expect, people with bad intent can circumvent these security measures so I think that could be considered.

I would hope to see a well explained jury report when announcing the final winners as that would finish this Hackathon perfectly and will help all of us to promote the event and with that TRON as well.

Great job guys, keep it going like this for the next rounds as well.


Thank you Tron and TronDAO for this event.


Very well organized hackathon, you did a amazing job


As an actor of the Tron ecosystem. We really like the way this hackathon is handled. TRANSPARENCY and COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT.

So far, the hackathon is a success. We would like to see that winner projects continue to share milestones here with the community and funds deblocked based on archievements.

Tronpulse Team


So far it’s been a really well organized and transparent event. Now it’s up to the judges to be fair and square.
I hope the winner projects get full support from TronDAO and JS, cause these project’s success stories will motivate and bring many devs to the Tron ecosystem and the next Hackathon.


Thank you trondao for such a great experience so far, I’d like to point express my feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


  • Make rules crystal clear for all.

  • Be on time with dates and commitments from the organizer side.

  • Implementing strong algorithms to prevent bots from spamming and interfering with the voting system.

  • Inviting reputable / knowledgeable as jury.

  • Having @TronLive as supporter to get meaningful and deep conversation from the hackathon projects.This is a must.

  • Having different tracks to have a broader kind of projects joining hackathons.

  • Having up to 5 projects with an award , this motivates from small teams to big teams to participate knowing they can get some funding even if the project is not big enough yet.

  • Strong community voice to decide the winners.

  • Multi disciplinary / roles as judges. This creates hopefully a much balanced evaluation for projects.


  • Project submission confirmation: it’ll be a good idea to receive a badge or email from the admins confirming everything is OK with their project submission to avoid any misunderstanding.

  • Voting process should be revisited for the second and third hackathon to implement new security measures to avoid having zombie accounts created for the solely purpose. Maybe having an account freezing system to suspend/ freeze accounts with zero activity after x amount of time to prevent them to activate just before the voting , making the voting process unfair.


  • Official submission should be on the forum ONLY, avoid having the google form submission to improve transparency.

  • Deactivate the current trondao discord server, no much interaction anyways and this trondao forum has proven already a better protection against scammers/ spammers, thus increasing community engagement.

  • This was a great experience, we had great time sharing about the project with people, and I think that what makes this hackathon special is the Tron solid community behind it.

  • without amazing people we couldn’t have this ecosystem.

  • Thank you for organizing this amazing Grand Hackathon.

  • Please Discord needs some animation and Moderators.


Great job everyone…
Amazing experience and Awesome community
Looking forward to the Future

Thank you everyone :people_hugging::pray::earth_asia::100:


Thank you very much for this hackthon activity organized by Tron. I hope our project can contribute to the ecological development of Tron and promote the wide application of blockchain.


This was indeed a great Hackathon. Wasn’t really involved with any other before, but the direction TronDAO has taken is a clear indication of the new start of Tron being a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. The whole process was straight forward, just needed people to heed the stated requirements. With that said, the future is bright and the best of luck to all participants!


Thank you for this hackathon event.

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This is our first participation.

The whole process was very exciting.

The support of the community was incredible, that motivates us to keep moving forward.

Thank you all.