B4B.WORLD: Web3 influencer ads platform with reputation-based rewards

Project Name: B4B.WORLD (Twitter)
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: B4B WORLD
Team Member(s): 3 - @AAPecherkin @AnnaChukhnina @Gregory
DevPost URL: B4B.WORLD | Devpost
Demo Video: B4B WORLD - TRON Hackathon - YouTube

Project Goal: Make it easier, faster, and safer to collaborate advertisers with active Web3 influencers on our platform, thanks to motivational on-chain Reputation and based on it monthly Rewards.

B4B allows Web3 Companies:

  • use the influencer Ad channel in any country without the risk of losing the budget
  • save time searching for active and advertising-ready influencers
  • book on dates and pay for the Ad campaigns fast.

Influencers can:

  • receive Ad orders on the free dates
  • trust in direct payments via smart contract
  • grow their activity-based Rating and portfolio
  • earn additional Rewards monthly based on Rating.

B4B.world has a dual-token reputation system to motivate influencers’ activity and long-term work. The first token — B4B Rating — is a non-transferable reputation meter. The second token — B4B Coin — is a transferable monthly reward for influencer activity. B4B Coins reward is proportional to the B4B Rating increase this month.

B4B Protocol generates a fixed amount of B4B Coins monthly and fills the B4B Reward Pool with liquidity from ads fees on the platform. As a result, any holder can burn his B4B Coins and get stablecoins from the liquidity pool anytime. The exchange rate equals the ratio of B4B Reward Pool to the B4B Coin circulation and is constant within a month.

Project Info: BTTC B4B Deck_compressed.pdf (490.4 KB)

Smart-Contracts on BTTC Testnet:

Main B4B Protocol contract: TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0xF92985bF44B77f34Ac170965BCc29694197B814b | BTTC

Influencer NFT Identity TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0x2dc0E455d803e3f57c3F87aB256698BAAA1eA04a | BTTC

B4B Coins / USDC Reward Pool contract- TransparentUpgradeableProxy | Address 0x2dc0E455d803e3f57c3F87aB256698BAAA1eA04a | BTTC

Project Website:

https://testnet-bttc-influencer.b4b.app - Personal Account for the influencers on BTTC Testnet

https://testnet-bttc-brand.b4b.app - Personal Account for advertisers on BTTC Testnet

Project Test Instructions:

Try to be an influencer with B4B.WORLD Testnet on BTTC:

https://testnet-bttc-influencer.b4b.app - Personal Account for the influencers

  1. Register on the platform via MetaMask/Wallet Connect
  2. Make a profile of your channel on Telegram/Twitter and verify it by OAuth to get NFT channel ID
  3. Accept ads orders from advertisers ASAP, make ads in time and the best quality to grow the Rating
  4. Receive payments for ads in the stablecoin from smart-contract
  5. Earn B4B Coins monthly based on your Rating and exchange for stablecoin or hold them

https://testnet-bttc-brand.b4b.app - Personal Account for companies

  1. Register on the platform via MetaMask/Wallet Connect
  2. Search Web3 influencers with filters by parameters, learn their statistic and history
  3. Book suitable influencers and reserve stablecoin payments via Smart-Contract
  4. Check the status of planned ads and make reviews for influencers to grow their Rating and Rewards

Project Details:

  1. Influencers create their accounts and verified their Twitter channel. They receive NFT ID on their verified channel. They share the link on their booking page for advertisers with full portfolios.

  1. Advertisers buy subscriptions to get a database of influencers and filters or book the influencers on direct links from influencers for free.

  1. Advertiser prepares ad content (post and image), book the date, and pay in USDC via smart contract.

  1. Influencers accept the Ad campaign ASAP to achieve a higher B4B Rating. On the planned Ad date he has scheduled to publish the Ad content on the Twitter channel and share the link with advertisers to receive payment in USDC and grow B4B Rating.

  1. Brand accepts the Ad due to 24 hours and unlocks the payment for the influencer or makes a dispute with B4B.

  1. Influencers receive USDC payments for Ads, grow their B4B Rating on the platform, and earn B4B Coins monthly, based on their Rating.

Project Milestones:

  • 10-2022 - Testnet Release on the Aurora blockchain (1600+ active users)
  • 11-2022 - Testnet Release on the BTTC blockchain
  • 12-2022 - Mainnet Release and pre-registred users on the platform

Contact Details:
Email: b4b@b4b.world
Telegram: @AAPecherkin
Twitter: @b4b_world


amazing project with a great timeline. Good luck


You explained it in quality and in detail, nice project


Greetings AApecherkin! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

Please Include:
Project Details
Contract Address


amazing project with good timing :blush:


I love what i see

Good project here mehn!


Interesting concept and would be really cool if this is integrated on the lens protocol!


Nice project! Much better monetization for Twitter than paid verification badges.



Do you compute timings for an influencer’s activity in a smart contract (for example, accept add campaign)?


Yes, we do

All timings (accept ad campaign, release date, confirmation) are configured in the B4BConfig contract (0x1fFa20d538ef4BD2B3d4544e594Cf727db2bd9F2).


Very interesting and perspective project. Will you support TRON20 network? Thank you


What happens if a brand opens “dispute with B4B”? Is it really a dispute with B4B or with an influencer? Who is an arbiter? And how is it legitimated on-chain?


We support the BTTC network on our platform now.
We plan to support the TRON network in the future, based on our users’ requests and development resources.


If an advertiser opens is not succeeded with a completed Ad, he can Decline the Ad and write the reason.
It will be a “dispute with B4B” or “B4B Review”. It means that there is a dispute between an influencer and an advertiser.
Now, in this situation, B4B is an arbiter. B4B checks the Ad content in requirements and in the completed ad with the influencer, learns more details about the influencer/brand and Approves or Declines the ad in the B4B Protocol Smart-contract.
Later, we think about adding solving disputes in a decentralized way via DAOs voting or using other decentralized arbitration services.


Interesting project, good luck


Good luck guys, amazing project :sunglasses:


You say:

Influencers … earn B4B Coins monthly, based on their Rating.

What is the formula? Will influencers earn B4B Coins in 2033, if they haven’t been active since 2022?


Nice concept. My question is, how does an upcoming influencer stand a chance among these “whale” influencers.


B4B Protocol issue 1mln B4B Coins monthly and distribute it between active influencers from the last month based on their newly achieved Rating during the month.
So from month to month the fixed amount of B4B Coins will be distributed among all new Rating holders.

Also, monthly B4B Protocol collects the amount of the Reward Pool in USDC, and together with issuing new B4B Coins the Reward Pool fulfills too. So the guaranteed price of B4B Coins will be recalculated monthly and they can be burned in exchange on USDC or waiting for growth with the growing number of transactions on B4B WORLD.


B4B Platform will allow earning rewards for all users with not depending on the size of the channel or price of Ads. The B4B Rating depends on activity (accept order time, ads in time) and quality (review from an advertiser, repeated ads).
So, micro-influencers with the best activity and quality will achieve a similar number of Ratings and monthly Rewards as “whale” influencers.

Of course, the ads prices of “whales” will be higher, but the B4B tx fees will be higher too. As result, the B4B Reward Pool will be fulfilled faster, which will be better for all influencers on B4B WORLD.