BttTipBot - Tipping is mandatory sir

Project Name: BttTipBot
Project Track: Integration
Team Name: onchaindev
Team Member(s): @constantinpricope201 @MirelaIoana24 @Gordian
HackerEarth Project Link:
Project Goal:
Create a Tip Bot :robot: to engage communities. Provide a seamless and convenient way for users to send and receive Bttc tips on social media platforms like Telegram and Discord.

By focusing on user-friendliness and integration with popular platforms, we can attract a wider audience and encourage the adoption of Btt Network.

Currently, tipping BTT, within the BTTC Chain for its communities, often involves methods like manual transactions. This can be inconvenient and limit the adoption of Btt for new users.

The goals :dart: of this BttTipBot are:

:rocket: Boosting Engagement: It can incentivize users to interact more with your content or platform by rewarding them with BTTc tips. This can lead to increased user engagement and loyalty.

:raised_hands: Community Building: A Btt-Tip-Bot can foster a sense of community by allowing users to support each other financially. This can help create a more positive and engaged user base.

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Promoting BTT Adoption: By using a Btt-Tip-Bot, you can help promote the adoption and use of BTTc. This can benefit the entire BTTc ecosystem. Examples can be used in active giveaways and Btt Airdrop to news joining the BTTC community.

:scroll: Bttc-Tip-Bot will be deployed on smart contract to enhance the following

  • More secure and transparent, as transactions are handled on the blockchain.
  • Enables more advanced features, like customizable tip amounts, escrow services, or reputation systems.

Project Value:
:gem: Features:

  • Seamless integration: Allow users to send and receive tips directly in Telegram, Discord
  • Full withdrawal function
  • Multiple tipping options: Offer various ways to tip, such as by username, address
  • Flexible amounts: Enable users to send tips of any amount, from fractions of a cent to larger sums.
  • Fast transactions
  • Easy setup and use: Make the bot user-friendly with intuitive commands and clear instructions.
  • Consider tipping tiers or rewards: Encourage engagement and frequent tipping through gamification elements.


  • Token price checkers
  • Tip Scheduler: Allow users to schedule recurring tips for their favorite creators or service providers.
  • Customizable messages: Enable users to personalize their tips with messages or greetings
  • Fiat integration: Allow users to tip using fiat currency with seamless conversion to BTT. (through HTX exchange)
  • Analytics dashboard: Provide users with insights into their tipping activity and performance.
  • Leaderboard: Display a leaderboard of top tippers and receivers to incentivize participation.
  • Social tipping: Allow users to share their tipping activity on social media platforms.

Project Info:
BttTipBot_pitch.pdf (5.7 MB)

The project supports:
:moneybag: Balance based on username(telegram / discord)
:purse: Multiple Wallet. Each user can Generate or Import a wallet
:clown_face: Based on the Tip amount you get a joke which is suppose to be funny:

  • 1,000 $Btt Standard Joke
    1,000,000 $Btt Silver Joke
    1,000,000,000 $Btt Gold Joke

  • Support telling a joke: This season Homer Simpson is telling us the jokes :black_joker:

:busts_in_silhouette: The bot can be invited in multiple groups and you could collect tips from multiple communities
:fuelpump: A small fee of just 5 $BTT when tipping a telegram user and a fee of 5% when withdrawing tipping balance
:chains: You can tipOnChain using an address with your $TIP balance within your wallet

Project Website:
:door: To offer the possibility that the entire ecosystem will benefit from our bot we have open source code: BttTipBot · GitHub

For Admins/Moderators of group they can invite on telegram the users:
@btt_tip_bot - for mainet
@bttc_tip_bot - for testnet
:sparkles:We offer hosting in Oracle Cloud 24/7
:sparkles:Last code updates
:sparkles:Shared accounts on multiple groups
:sparkles:Tech Support
Please contact @constantinpricope201 before inviting the bot

:test_tube: Testing:
Telegram Testing BttTipBot Group where :robot: TestNet Telegram Bot is active

Will update :construction:

:100: Mainnet use:
Telegram OnChainVision Group where :robot: Mainent Telegram Bot is active

Will update :construction:

Project Test Instructions:
Start a new messaging private with /start with one of the bots: :robot: TestNet Telegram Bot or :robot: Mainent Telegram Bot . You will be provided with buttons to chose an action.

For mainent🔗:
:computer_mouse: How to deposit in your HTX/Huobi account from your BttTipBot
Simple steps:

  1. Withdraw your balance to one of your addresses from Wallets
  2. From your address make a Transfer to your Huobi/HTX deposit address

:computer_mouse: How to deposit in your BttTipBot account from your HTX/Huobi

  1. Generate a wallet
  2. Copy the address and withdraw in your balance
  3. Deposit in the $TIP contract
  4. Top up your balance from $TIP

Project Details:
Originality: The concept of a Bttc Tip bot is to provide a seamless and convenient way for users to send and receive Bttc tips on social media platforms like Telegram and offer faster transactions, lower fees, or a more user-friendly interface.

Technicality: User friendly withClear instructions and prompts: Guide users through the tipping process and provide helpful error messages.

Business Model:

● BttcTipBot will not charge the network fee we will use from the fees collected in smartContract. Only 5% from the entire amount to be withdraw. And the minimum amount to withdraw will be set at 100,000 BTTC. It will mean about 5,000 BTTC in fee for the minimum withdrawal. And the user will receive 95,000 BTTC.

● Premium features like
scheduled tipping, personalized messages, or analytics for a subscription fee.

● Partnerships: Integrates with bttc project or platforms or communities to offer exclusive tipping features or rewards.

● Advertising: offering targeted advertising to businesses within the Bttc ecosystem.

● Donations: would relies on user donations (in btt) to support development and maintenance with transparency about how donations are used and community-driven development.

Usability: A simple and uncluttered interface that is easy to navigate. Clear and concise language in responses, avoiding technical jargon. The users have buttons or menu in privateso it is really easy to navigate through the options.

Practicality: The community will definitely use it as the project is address to all the users regardless if they had a BTTC wallet before

Contribution to the Crypto Ecosystem:
Here’s how BttTipBot would contribute to the crypto ecosystem:

● Increased Btt adoption: By making it easier and more convenient to send and receive Btt tips. This can lead to wider adoption of Btt beyond just investment purposes.

● Enhanced value for users: Tipping in crypto can be a fun and engaging way to show appreciation for content creators or service providers.

● Innovation in the blockchain space: in future the btt tip bot can explore innovative features like micropayments or integration with decentralized applications (dApps) to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Btt.

● Welcoming new users and helping already existing users.

Smart Contract links:
Mainnet ProxyAdmin
Mainnet Proxy
Mainnet BttTip Smart Contract

Testnet ProxyAdmin
Testnet Proxy
Testnet BttTip Smart Contract

Project Milestones:

Project Roadmap:
Phase 1 :heavy_check_mark::

  1. Building of Btt bot
  2. Testing of Btt bot/ Testing group
  3. Registered in Tron Hackathon session 6
  4. Community Engagement/ building
  5. Promotion and Marketing.

Phase 2 :heavy_check_mark: :

  1. Correction and amendment
  2. Deployment to Mainnet.
  3. Integration with Btt main groups and sub-communities.

Phase 3 :woman_technologist::soon:.

  1. Integration with telegram mini bot games
  2. Promotion and Marketing continue
  3. Collaboration with already existing projects on BTT & TRON
  4. Explore tipping integrations with other services or platforms relevant to users.

We plan to use the BOT with multiple currencies over the #BttNetwork. We plan from the start to add the $HTX token.

Apart from the above-mentioned road map we have as targets:

  • multiple currency , :currency_exchange: first would to add would be $HTX
  • integrated swap in the bot :arrows_counterclockwise: (possible to use a dex aggregator sunswap, jm,… ) on #BttNetwork
  • withdraw directly in Huobi :atm:

Roadmap :world_map:

✓ April 2024

  • Private chat bot for Deposit/Withdraw/Top Up
  • Multiple wallets
  • Generate Import
  • Integrate BRC20
  • rain & airdrop

:trumpet: May 2024

  • Community integrations
  • Solving issues that appear

:champagne: June 2024

  • Create a Discord Bot that is linked with telegram
  • All the interfaces available
  • Migrate the bot so that the users that links have the same balance on both Telegram and Discord

:sunny: July 2024

  • Create a webpage so that users can TopUp their telegram/bot balance without the need to import an address just to connect to Metamask/any other wallet

:spiral_calendar: End of 2024

  • Integration of Twitter/X
  • Will have a webpage that connects the X the discord and the telegram platform in one single account
  • The bot will reply to the post where a user tags the bot @btt_tip_bot

Welcome to hackathon S6. I understand you have participated in previous hackathons and have won something from those participations. Can you tell the community the state of those project/s with which you have participated on previous hackathons with and the progress you have been able to achieve all this period with the prize you won.


We participated with @OnChainVision but unfortunately, we did not win in the previous season any prize.:pensive:

Regarding any news or info please check the link. We keep our community informed.


We are excited to welcome the onchaindev team, we look forward to seeing your project evolve and integrate with the BTTC ecosystem, Get ready for an exciting Hackathon Season 6. Good luck buddy


Ok it’s nice to see that not winning any prize in the previous hackathon didn’t stop your desire in developing on the network. It’s rare to find developers like you. I will endeavor to check with the provided link and get back to you regarding your current participation.


Welcome to the hackaTRONs6 team ! BtttipBot looks like convenient way to tip BTT. I will try your bot on discord and telegram and share my experience. Nice to see our esteemed member @Gordian in your team ! Good luck to you ! :tada:


Thank you OG for wishing well. Together let get more awareness of bttc to the world


Oh wow :fearful:
Your offering is quite an amazing entry into the integration track, reading thru everything just boosted my curiosity and doubled my excitement. Creating a Tip Bot for engaging communities by providing seamless Bttc tipping on platforms like Telegram and Discord is commendable and quite like a first to me, really makes me wonder;

Are there any plans to expand beyond Telegram and Discord to other social media platforms?


I am welcoming you to Season 6 and I am still trying to understand your project but can you explain about the marketing strategy and how you plan to attract users.


GM buddy, that will be nice to have your test the btt tip bot. Any where you have difficulty to understand or navigate. Share here and you get a reply.


GM brother ! Okay I will tell you after testing.


oh wow, great to have you back this season. Welcome. I like the idea. keep building


Yes, btt tip bot would be extended to other related platforms to will have potential to attract existing users
And new user.

For moment there is full integration on telegram, discord still in building phase.


GM My Boss. Thank you for your word of encouragement.
Good to you like the idea. You can get to try the btt tip bot.
Your feed back will be very important.

You wil Will get Bonus of 300 Btt @HODL, as you start the bot. Don’t get bored, as you will get to see lovely meme reaction for every action you interact with the bot.
Example trying the /GM.


Where can we try it, is it already working?


here you can test on telegram


You can get to try out the btt tip bot, reading from here
There is a video for the process.


Thank you Buddy for helping out. Together we sTRONger.


bot not responding, check that


I have created a wallet on your Mainnet and I think they should be a way I can export my tip bit wallet to my main wallet using private key. I have not seen anywhere I can get the private key of the wallet created