Nofiat - Fully decentralized tip platform

Project Name: Nofiat - Fully decentralized tip platform
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Nofiat team
Team Member(s): 2
DevPost URL: Devpost
Project Goal: Our goal is to provide traditional businesses in the service industry with access to start accepting tips in crypto! We do believe that it’s time for the crypto to be used in real-world situations.
Project Info: Nofiat is platform that allows your customers to tip in crypto and leave reviews with QR code. Nofiat can also split the tips among every employee in the company.
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Project Details:

Tipping with fiat bank card is a common thing nowadays, but there are no solutions that work with crypto. Not that fast, we have something to show you!

Nofiat is all-on-blockchain platform that allows your customers to tip in crypto and leave a review with QR code. Nofiat can also split the tips among every employee you have!

Our features:

  • All-on-blockchain concept. Literally everything is stored and processed on blockchain: tips, stats, employees’ photos, texts. We don’t have local database.
  • Tip splitting is managed by smart contract. Shasta Testnet TWEW5LE5wH1zE6J848H5RWgNAXnoheLcV3

  • Accounts separation. Business owners and employees have different account permission with access to a certain data
  • Review collection. Customer can assess the service and leave 1-5 star review while sending tips. It will also be stored on blockchain and business owner can analyze employees’ performance in Summary section

  • QR code for payment page. Customer can tip with three steps: Open TronLink app, scan QR codes, send tips and review! Just print it out and put it on a visible spot

  • Edit information. Once you’ve added team or tip receiver you can always change it, right from the form

  • Mobile optimization. Nobody sends tips from laptop! That’s why businesses need mobile optimized and easy to use mobile version

How does it all work?

Let’s take a look at the example!

Tom owns a cafe called Twinkle and he has 3 employees: waiter Bob and two cooks, Alice and Mike.
Tom believes that every employee brings a lot to the table, so he wants to get 5% on every tip Bob receives and wants Alice and Mike to get 5% as well.

Tom opens summary section and finds it there. It’s time to withdraw the pending balance. Tom clicks on Tip section and sees 150 TRX for him and cooks team available to withdraw. After signing the transaction money goes directly to Tom, Alice and Mike addresses.

Bob also wants to get his tips asap, so he logs-in with his wallet address and clicks withdraw function.

Nofiat is fully decentralized, mobile optimized, easy to use and secure.
Add your own organization, teams of employees and tip receivers to test it out!

Project Milestones:
In the next couple of months, we’re going to:

  • Get feedback from Tron community and real business owners
  • Launch of branding options: custom logo, texts, colours to tip page
  • Tron Mainnet launch
  • Overall product optimization

Wow this is a nice concept. The example given is very understandable. Keep it up.

What are the plans you are putting in place to get more traditional service providers like, (restaurants, hotels etc) involved in this wonderful project.

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Hi, thanks for your response! After adding branding option to the contract we are planning to launch marketing campaign and focus mostly on HORECA industry

Nice idea! Might be tricky because of tax regulations when the employee decides to sell their tokens.

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That will be absolutely wonderful. Wishing you the best. Keep it up

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Hi, thank you for the comment! Most of the tips employees receive aren’t declared in the tax statement. It’s just depends on how strict regulators treat crypto:)

Hola, es una buena idea pensar y ofrecer otra alternativa a los pagos y en este caso a las propinas, pudiendo así manejarse donde uno se encuentre más cómodo.

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Buenos dias! Thank you for your comment!

What a nice idea and concept… I really love the project…

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Thanks for your comment!

Awesome idea! Good luck then!


My vuews about your ideas are different though


Hi, please share your ideas!

Thanks for your comment!

Nice concept guys. Wishing you the besttt :boom:

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Any bigger integration upcoming?


Thank you for your comment!

Hi! Yes, we have some ideas that we’re currently working on. Once they are live we will post them right away!

Great! It can be great not only restaurant use, it can be use for concert and so on! Do you have plan for expanding? :disguised_face:

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Hola, la idea del proyecto es fenomenal, estaría bien que pudiera expandirse a más gremios. Suerte

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