Trustified Work by Trustified Team - Marketplace of Digital products and Services for all Crypto belivers from individuals, DAOs to businesses


Project Name: Trustified Work
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Trustified Work
Team Member(s): karan (cryptchain) Jaydip (web3builder)
DevPost URL: Trustified Work | Devpost
Project Goal: To create a platform for crypto believers to sell their digital products globally and accept crypto payments without paying heft commissions to third parties.

Project Info: “Trust” is a key factor for successful transactions between parties. To ensure trust, we involve third party freelancing platforms or middlemen and pay hefty commissions which highly affect the overall profit margins of parties involved in a transaction.

Project Repo/Website:

Project Details:
Trustified Work is a smart contract assured Escrow Agreement and Payment platform which helps individuals and businesses to grow globally and increase profit margins in four simple steps:

  1. List Products, Services, or subscription packages. 2) Create Escrow agreements with personalized terms as per customers. 3) Send/Receive crypto payments in a reliable and secure way without paying hefty commissions to third parties.

Project Milestones:
From July to December 2022 our plan is to:

  • Create an exclusive network of Web3 believers
  • Launch beta version with a platform to sell digital services and accept crypto payments and do partnerships with DAOs to use Trustified platform.

Sounds very cool, hope to see great things from this team!


Thank you @CityByTheSea Glad you liked it :slightly_smiling_face: . Yes, we are working hard on this project to take forward.


Hello Everyone we are working on B2D, B2B payment app for Trustified where DAOs and businesses can make recurring and one-time payments. Anyone can suggest a money streaming service that we can use for B2B recurring payments?

We checked Superfluid Protocol is providing this solution but they have not released a solution for Tron yet. Any recommendation for such solution in Tron network?