iWork : A freelance site that transact payment with Tron

Project Name: iWork
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: Jaleel
Team Member(s): 1,9icedev
DevPost URL: Profile - 9icedev - TRON DAO Forum
Project Goal: site that enforce trust in business/deal
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Project Test Instructions: still in progress :> step-by-step instructions on how the judges and the community can test out your project

Project Details: iWork is a decentralised freelancing dapp, which will connect clients with workers on business transactions, deals and payment under the control of the smart contract. This ensures trust and reliability when conducting business(services).

Project Milestones: [Provide a brief progress outline of when users can expect what during the hackathon period]


@9icedev Will this work like Fiverr where candidates can bid for a job or will it be more of a straight up jobs posting to start off?

Also will TRX be the currency or to keep job posts stable USDD?

Upwork and Fiverrrrrrrrr, You Go00000, it’s time for iWork .

@9icedev are we doing everything with smart contracts like purchase and all or using some third party ?

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Can you please explain how will the client keep track of the workers with the idea of iWork dapp using the same smart contract as you mentioned?


Greetings 9icedev! Your project seems to be missing details on the following. Please add them to your project. Thank you!

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Project Info
Project Website
Project Test Instructions
Project Milestones
Contract Address

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Can you please explain how it is going to be with iWork