What's your favorite project that's NOT in Hackathon 3

Post your favorites that didn’t make it into Hackathon 3. Feel free to post picks from each category. I’ll share my choices in the comments after I’ve done more research. Please link to their TronDAO thread if able :+1::+1:


We’ve decided to not participate this season to focus on products we already have.
Winner of season one in DeFi category, winner of season two community vote in web3:

Justmoney → JM Swap and JM Pay


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Have you got a thread link?

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I love this program and one day ,i would surely have my favorite there

Useful links:

(Easy to remember ;))

We use the swap, bridge and payment gateway revenue to buyback and burn $JM token.


This looks VERY interesting. Are you a part of the team?

That’s correct, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any question

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Ok thanks! I’m gonna check it out :+1::+1:

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Ok, looks amazing! I think I can use this product in some of my current businesses :muscle: Also, is JM Marketplace up and running already?

Haven’t started yet with the marketplace. Join our telegram group any time @justmoneytrx :+1:

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, you dey speak with my dad for your time today or you are doing better now

Can you post the TG link?

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