TRON Prize Pool

Project Name: TRON Prize Pool
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TRON Prize Pool
Team Member(s): ShuaJJ
DevPost URL: Devpost
Project Goal: Just want to learn how to build a dapp on TRON and get familiar with TRON network.
Project Info: Will upload later
Project Website:
Project Details: Introduction - TRON Prize Pool
Project Milestones: Will deploy this dapp to TRON mainnet if anyone is interested in it.
Project Test Instructions:

  1. Go to the website and connect to TRONLink
  2. Guess the price of TRX and deposit minimum of 5 TRX
  3. Wait for the result price to be set in a future time
  4. Claim your prize if you guess the price right

Just guess right and win?

Yes that’s right! Simple project for learning purpose :slight_smile:

Nice work It’s great as a first project!

Fantabulous awesome and great

If i didn’t Guess right would the
trx i deposited be refunded?

I could not test it out it will be cool if I could.

I have started a new round, you can try now :slight_smile:

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No, the TRX will be accumulated to next round

Yeap it worked that’s great !