Nomis by The Nomis Team - open-source wallet qualifier and data scoring protocol

Project Name: Nomis
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: The Nomis Team
Team Member(s): 4
DevPost URL: Devpost
Project Goal: We build Nomis to crush two of the most significant barriers to entry and adoption of the whole DeFi lending which are over-collateralization and lack of reputation-based terms. Today mainstream borrowers are either not using DeFi lending due to its unattractiveness compared to TradFi lending, or taking over-collateralized loans with unfair collateral, APR and liquidation terms.
Project Info: Deck
Project Website: Credit score MVP for TRON wallets, API for TRON developers
Project Test Instructions:

  • Credit score MVP: Please insert your TRON wallet address and click the ‘Get Score’ button to get your Nomis Score (0-100). Then you’ll be able to tweet and see all the parameters and their values that the score is based on.
  • API: You can find the link to swagger in the top-left corner. Please find the TRON tab below and open it to see the get method, variance of responses and schemas.

Project Details: Nomis is an open-source protocol that helps developers build better DeFi solutions and experiences. Every lending/borrowing platform will be able to provide its end-users with extremely customized initial lending terms for borrowers by using Nomis API. Nomis is designed to be a multi/cross-chain solution to offer the most robust financial snapshot of a potential borrower by hiring hierarchy analysis as a scoring method.
Project Milestones: Our Hackathon roadmap was as the following:

  1. Extracted wallet and transaction data from TRON and constructed initial variables;
  2. Aligned the Nomis mathematical model to the variables extracted;
  3. Developed credit score and UI for TRON wallets;
  4. Developed API for TRON and its documentation.

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