Alpha Finance Decentalized Finance Protocol and Service

Project Name : Alpha Finance Decentalized Finance Protocol and Service
Motto : Secure and Transparency
Project Track : DeFi
Team Name : deepface19
Team Member : 1
DevPost URL : Alpha finance | Devpost
Project Goal : provide convenience and comfort to users and show to the world credibility of defi on tron ​​so that people are not afraid and doubtful of defi and even interested in defi on tron ​​ecosystem

Project Repo : deepface19/Alpha-Finance: Decentalized Finance Protocol and service on Tron (
Beta Site :
Video Walkthrough : Alpha Finance - Google Chrome 2022-07-21 23-33-43.mp4 - Google Drive
Project Details :

The Problems

1. Some people and community crypto are afraid that their assets in their personal wallet can be stolen, and they are confused about how many transactions they have in their personal wallet over the course of a year.

2. And they also worry when their asset value goes down and at the same time they also need money, and how to borrow crypto safely with low interest.

3. Consumers sometimes feel confused about how to buy crypto through credit card and bank, and what are the safe and cheap fiat integration companies .

4. Blockchain system is an open system and it is called as decentralized but some people want privacy for themselves for some reason.

5. And also the crypto community is asking about how to make their wallet safe.

6 when crypto investors or traders go overseas, they are often confused about where to find a place around them that accepts crypto payments

The Solution

Alpha Finance is here to solve the problem of people with :

1. Analytics We use tronweb and tron ​​api protocols to analyze user’s private wallet which is about security, transactions and perform credit score assessment. the security assessment based on the number of dusting tokens will reduce the security value of the wallet, and the credit score assessment based on the number of transactions, assets in the wallet and wallet creation.

2. Loan A smart loan service with a smart third party contract system, where collateral assets will be staked and the result of the bet is given 65% to the owner of the asset at the time of loan repayment, the time limit and loan amount are determined by the credit score your wallet which can be seen in Analytics high credit score gets a high loan limit.

3. Fiat Gateways Fiat integration services with Onramper to make crypto purchases safely and get best price advice from fiat integration providers like moonpay, xanpool, transak, utorg and more.

4. Protect Transactions Is a non-custodial Tron and TRC20 privacy solution based on zkSNARKs. It improves transaction privacy by breaking the on-chain link between the recipient and the destination address. It uses a smart contract that accepts TRX deposits which can be withdrawn via a different address. Whenever TRX is withdrawn by a new address, there is no way to link the withdrawal to the deposit, ensuring complete privacy.

5. Protect Wallet [SOON] This is a wallet security protocol using the multi-signature method.

6. Crypto World [SOON] a service to find nearby places that accept crypto payments.

What it does

Alpha finance is a protocol and service that is a solution to the problems and needs of people in the DEFI world with a system that is secure and transparent, and also protects all consumer privacy.

How we built it

We at Alpha Finance build protocols and services that transact in cryptocurrencies. by building an analysis system from the tron ​​protocol to prevent the loss of consumer assets and consumers can move their assets if the analysis results show that assets are vulnerable to being stolen and we also analyze the credit score of the user’s wallet, for loan applications. building loan services easily and transparently, building fiat integration services to make it easier for consumers to buy crypto, we also create convenience for consumer privacy by building private transaction protocols, and creating wallet security protocols
, also built a service to find the nearest place related to crypto currency

What’s next for Alpha Finance

We will continue to work on Protect wallet protocol and Crypto world services and soon after beta testing we will launch this project to tron mainnet .

Project Milestones:
Our Beta Site is ready, feel free to test.

  • we will open for 2000 people who are ready to become testers and they will be our first permanent community that becomes our support system and we will also collect feedback from test results and fix what needs to be improved during testing.
  • after the mainnet launch is complete we are committed to getting more than 5000 people to make transactions on our project for 6 months

Our beta site currently only supports TronLink wallet.

ensure your TronLink is connected to Tron Shasta testnet.

White Paper : Alpha Finance White Paper


Hi, interesting project. I hope you can publish your whitepaper before the voting period starts on August 1st.

I have few questions:

  1. How do you link dusting attacks and security. Isn’t there a confusion between privacy and security?

  2. How is your loan service going to compete with justlend?

  3. Wallet protection services might be interesting for new users. How are you going to make the multisig wallets easy to handle for them?

  4. Security is, before everything else, a question of education imo. Have you planned to make some tutorials for instance about the scams to avoid?

Thanks and good luck!


Very awesome project. :ok_hand:

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Thank you fab for being interested in this project, Yes I will .

  1. Yes, with this analytics service method, you can judge the security of the wallet by the number of dust tokens that are potentially dust attack, if the wallet holder has a lot of dust tokens that are potentially dust attack, the security scan result will show a low value and a warning will appear to move their assets to new wallet.
    By privacy we mean that, the results of a user’s wallet analysis will not be known to anyone other than the wallet user.
    By security we mean that, we Alpha Finance guarantee complete security and we do not read wallet users’ private keys or share user data.

  2. Competition in business is something that is natural, but we believe we can compete with justlend with the advantages that we provide, such as:

  • Ease of doing loans
  • low interest
  • Collateral assets will be staking and the 65% staking rewards will be given to the owner of the asset, i.e the borrower after they return the borrowed asset along with the interest.

3-4. Yes I will, after reading this question, I met with a videographer and discussed the idea of ​​making a video tutorial on how to use a protect wallet service and an educational video on how to avoid and anticipate fraud that aims to take assets from the wallet. after finished building Protect wallet service, the video will also be provided on the Protect wallet page

Well thats very nice of you. Thanks Willie

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Great project i have been used that

You have successfully combined different concepts. Keep going bro!