BTT Social - Decentralized social media platform on BTT Chain (Testnet)

Project Name: BTT Social - Decentralized social media platform on BTT Chain (Testnet)

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: Team “BTT Social”

Team Member(s): @beta3alpha

HackerEarth Project Link: BTT Social - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal:

BTT Social is aimed to create a social web3 space where users can share content (pictures, audio, etc.), monetize it, as well as interact with other users by following each other, liking, commenting, tipping and much more.

And since this project is deployed on the BTT Chain, it will contribute to the growth of the entire BTTC ecosystem, especially in the Social sector.

Project Info:

BTT Social is a decentralized social media platform on BTT Chain (Testnet).

Functionality of the application:

  • Connect Metamask wallet;
  • View general statistics for BTT Social: number of users, posts, comments & likes;
  • Create posts with multimedia content using IPFS;
  • Monetize your content (photo, video or audio). Currently only BTT asset available for tips;
  • Like and leave comments on posts;
  • Edit your profile details (name, bio, avatar image);
  • Follow and unfollow users;
  • Switch from light or dark themes and access the platform in multiple languages;

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

To start using this application, you only need to have a Metamask wallet with test BTT tokens on the BTTC Testnet (Donau). Faucet link:

You need to open the application in the browser, connect your Metamask wallet by clicking the button in the upper right corner and you can already try all the functionality: creating posts, liking, commenting and much more.

Project Details:

To better familiarize yourself and understand how the project works, you can look at the following material:

Smart Contract links:

Project Milestones:

The main features of the “BTT Social” project can already be tested on the BTT Chain Testnet.

Next steps for BTT Social:

  1. Creating an achievement system;
  2. Creating a feature to create private content only for those who sent tips;
  3. Adding new assets for sending tips;
  4. Deploy dapp to BTT Chain Mainnet.


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! It’s very interesting to see so many teams submitting projects without any information this season. Good luck to you ! I hope all these incomplete submissions will do the needful and get it done !

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I believe they will update it later, better than forgetting to register on the forum. All the best to them all


Haha true. I really hope they will update it on time. Not many days left for submissions now.


Thanks !
I will update this thread very soon with all details.

Stay tuned .


Glad to hear that ! :v:


Hi :wave:
I see it’s a new account. I wondered how you’ve heard about Tron Hackathon and if you have already participated in an other hackathon before this one? (Not especially Tron but any hackathon).

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Hi @fabsltsa .
I found out about the hackathon over a month ago on Twitter. I was working on this project and just recently created an account on the forum to upload the project.
As for other hackathons, I participated in a couple of them a while ago.


The goal of asking this is to see which channel is the best to “attract” builders. Twitter is def a good one. I still have some doubts about press releases for instance but who knows. Maybe someone will answer me press release :smile:


Welcome to Season 5, it’s quite interesting reading through your offering.
Considering the outlined milestones, it would be beneficial to consider potential challenges in achieving these goals and strategies to overcome them. Additionally, ensuring user privacy and security should be a priority, especially with the implementation of features like private content creation.

What specific assets are planned to be added for sending tips in the project?

Are there plans for integrating a governance mechanism within the smart contract for the BTT Social project?

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Welcome to Hackatron S5, do these social media platforms built on Blockchains work? Can you give me any popular one.

It seems no one is using these platforms… how are you going to attract users

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Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

How secured is your platform while connecting wallet to your site, how confidential are you that your users can’t be harm through your platform?

Hello, welcome to the forum. We also create a web3 project and we show special respect to other web3 projects. Because we guess that we experience similar difficulties and excitement. We have 2 questions.

  1. Do you plan to add an explanation video?
  2. Do you plan to make any changes to the project name in the future? If your answer is yes, what do you have in mind? If no, how do you think about the possibility of the name having problems with both SEO and copyright issues?

Good luck again.


A video presentation is must for all the submissions. Demo video, pitch deck and live dapp is something judges will be looking into carefully.



In addition to the native token (BTT), stablecoins (USDT / USDC) will be added. Also, perhaps, other BRC-20 tokens.

Yes. Most likely, the first aspects of this part will be related to moderation and hiding of malicious content. An option for implementing this idea could be the creation of a system of complaints that will be reviewed by a certain circle of users with special rights (moderators).


Thanks for replying, I do think considering the moderation and content curation aspect, integrating a reputation system for both content creators and users could enhance the overall quality of the platform, users with higher reputation scores could be granted additional privileges, contributing to a self-regulating community.

Additionally, incorporating a mechanism for users to earn tokens or rewards through active moderation and reporting of malicious content could incentivize community participation in maintaining a clean platform.

Brings me to my question;

Regarding the addition of stablecoins and other BRC-20 tokens, how will the conversion rates and token swap mechanisms be managed within the platform?

What measures are in place to prevent abuse of the complaint system and ensure fair moderation practices?

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Our project, like other dapps, uses standard methods to connect a wallet to a website, which is just a wrapper for the smart contract itself.
There is no reason to worry, since there is no need to give approvals to your tokens to interact with this dapp. Transactions themselves are operations for recording certain information in the blockchain, for example, information about some post, comment, etc.
Moreover, the smart contract will soon be verified in the explorer and users will be able to study the contract code themselves.


Hi, @Prince-Onscolo .

There are many popular web3 social apps, for example: Lens & Hey (formerly Lenster).
All of these social platforms are becoming more popular and attract new people from web2, helping them become more familiar with web3.

One of the ways to attract an initial audience is to collaborate with existing projects in the ecosystem by creating all sorts of giveaways, on-chain quests with rewards and other events.


Oh good, infact o don’t use these platforms, I would have to check and I like your idea of collaboration. That’s the way. Keep building


Alright, thank you for your response, wishing you all the best

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