BTTC Assets Tracker - Browser extension & Web app for tracking balances of BRC-20 & BRC-721 assets on BTTC Mainnet & Testnet

Project Name: BTTC Assets Tracker - Browser extension & Web app for tracking balances of BRC-20 & BRC-721 assets on BTTC Mainnet & Testnet.

Project Track: Web3

Team Name: “BTTC Assets Tracker” team

Team Member(s): @t-run

HackerEarth Project Link: BTTC Tracker - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons

Project Goal:

Providing a convenient tool for tracking balances of BRC-20 & BRC-721 assets on BTTC Mainnet & Testnet.

Project Info:

It is very convenient to have a tool for tracking the balance of assets of your own or other wallets, especially if the blockchain for which it was created has different networks.

This tracker allows you to track the balance of assets in all networks: BTTC Mainnet & Testnet.


  • Light / Dark theme;
  • Mobile responsive app;
  • Ability to create an account and access all data by logging in through any type of device:
    • PC (web application);
    • Mobile device (web application);
    • Browser extension;
  • Ability to add new wallets to your address book and delete unnecessary ones;
  • Ability to switch network (Mainnet or Testnet);
  • View / track / untrack BRC-20 tokens on BTTC Mainnet & Testnet:
  • Create & Mint free NFTs on both networks. We have deployed one contract in each network.
  • View NFTs on both networks. Supported NFT collections at the moment:
    • Mainnet:
      • BitTorrent Web3 Domains
      • NFTsFreeMint (mainnet)
    • Testnet:
      • NFTsFreeMint (testnet)

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  1. Create an account and log in.
  2. Go to Settings > Saved addresses and add at least one wallet for tracking.
  3. Select the network you need (Mainnet or Testnet) in the Settings > Networks section.
  4. Select / disable / add a new BRC-20 token to track in the Settings > Tokens section
  5. Go to the NFT Collections section to see all NFTs of the selected wallet.

Project Details:

Smart Contract links:

  • BTTC Mainnet:
    NFT Contract: 0x060555510a0ab989ca75af91c3aca7aa0f2dab94, [LINK to bttcscan]
  • BTTC Testnet:
    NFT Contract: 0x060555510a0ab989ca75af91c3aca7aa0f2dab94, [LINK to bttcscan]

Project Milestones:

The project is already running and can be used by users on both networks: BTTC Mainnet & Testnet.

What’s next for the project ?

  • Adding logo images for more BRC-20 tokens;
  • Tracking transfer transactions of BRC-20 tokens;
  • Tracking more NFT collections;
  • etc


Hi @t-run welcome in the HackaTron season 5 :wave:

You’ll have to choose one track for your submission. Probably DeFi or Web3.


Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! You habe not provided any information to your submission other than the title. From which I assume it’s something like to keep track of my BTTC portfolio. Good luck in completing your project !


Welcome to Hackatron S5
You have a lot to update.
Take your time and do it best.
Good luck


oh my God why you selected five tracks?

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Just as it has been stated, choose one category and stick to it. You can’t be omnipresent.

Welcome to season 5, do well to update your project very soon as the deadline is far approaching.

Do this to stand a better chance of being selected for the voting. Good luck


GM welcome to Tron HACKATHON session 5.
All the best, I believe this is draft that will be updated before deadline so we can have proper assesment and engagement.
All the best


Hey there, your project seems interesting but I may have a silly question why there are so many categories like web3 defi artistry ai or builder? Are you gonna decide one of them? I’m kinda new here so ignore if it sounds stupid haha @t-run :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Please is this your submission or an error or maybe :thinking: you testing on how to post on the forum? Please kindly update the community
All the same welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5


hahahahaha submission error bro :joy::joy::joy:


Alright, I see :joy: , he should do the needful before it’s too late


Welcome to Season 5, I’ll let the red carpet start rolling if you disclose just 0.1% detail about your project, thank you.


I did it.

Hi . Thank you for feedback !

Hello ! Thaks. I updated my project info with more details.

Hi @Nana66419 . Thank you ! I updated my project info.


Hi @Gordian & .

Yes. It was a draft, but now project info is almost complete.
Thanks !

Hi @manfred_jr .
Sorry for late reply.
I had some troubles but now I added all necessary info about the projects.

I’ve clicked on the website link and just see a white page.

alright thank you.

The idea is clear now, website is blank work on that too.

We had similar project last season or so but don’t know their whereabout. My suggestion is to add tron and if possible add more chains later to attract more users :+1:

Yeah, saw that! Already read your offering thrice and I see “BTTC Assets Tracker” project is a browser extension and web app for tracking BRC-20 and BRC-721 assets on BTTC Mainnet & Testnet, aiming to offer a convenient tool for monitoring asset balances across different networks, with features including light/dark themes, mobile responsiveness, address book management, network switching, and NFT tracking. Moving forward, I’ve just one question;

Are there plans to monetize the project, and if so, what strategies are being considered?

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What device and browser did you try to open from?

Yes, we plan to add other chains in the future.

We haven’t thought about it yet.
At the moment we are focused on creating the product and collecting feedback from users on possible improvements.