Tronql - graphql interface to tron api

Project Name: Tronql
Project Track: Ecosystem
Team Name: team of only me)
Team Member(s): 1
DevPost URL:
Project Goal: Better using of tron node api for everyone.
Project Info: You can run graphql queries for tron node.
Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Open url and play with graphql queries to blockain data.
Dvpost URL: Tronql | Devpost
Project Details:
Project allow to use graphql technology to query tron api. Graphql was developed by Facebook, is heavily used by many api providers(gitlab, netflix, etc)
Advantages of the graphql vs rest

  1. You can select only that data that you need
  2. You can make several queries in one response, so it will be faster if you need a lot of queries
  3. You can use subscriptions(this is websockets) for data
  4. In many js libraries you can have more strict types, and compiler will show error if types does not match
    So in general graphql allows you to reduce latency, bandwidth, speed of the requests and have more strict types.
    It is microservice ready, I can add a lot of microservices and they will have only one endpoint. All data could be queried using that endpoint.

Project Milestones:

  • run api for mainnet - Q4 2022
  • add more queries and mutations Q4 2022
  • add websockets and subscriptions for address. that can be usefull for shop or other developers to integrate their software into their products. Q4 2022

If I see more details, I wanna ask some questions about content

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@ElisSenaVatansever sorry, did not notice your message. Feel free to ask you questions, I will add more description soon.

how is development going ser

I am finishing subscriptions, you can subscribe(like websockets) for new blocks.
also adding new api endpoints.
thinking about some aggregation of data. What kind of data you want to see?

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Can I use these APIs to make payment?

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Great… Am really impressed with the project description

This is an interesting project

@danivize In general this is good idea. Right now no. I see that I can add some possibilities to create personal addresses for every user. If some payment will be sent than webhook also will be sent)

This would be very useful for our goStables protocol. We have quite a bit of multi contract calls to load data for our future dashboard. When we were building the pieces of this component on Nile testnet, load time really sucked so we stashed it and made a simple wallet view. We hoped that there will be a graphql for Tron to speed up data load. Now we have an option here …sweet! Following :100:

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