- Create Apple/Google wallet passes + profiles for receiving decentralized payments

Project Name: - Create Apple/Google wallet passes + profiles for receiving decentralized payments

Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Team
Team Member(s): 1-2

Lead Developer, creator

Lead Designer

HackerEarth Project Link: - HackerEarth

Project Goal: will facilitate the access of receiving transactions & payments online and in person for TRON, and other decentralized blockchains by generating Apple/Google wallet passes, as well as user profiles with crypto payment methods as shown below. We also want to make our app valuable to community & ecosystem members.

Project Value: Make our app valuable to community & ecosystem members. Accepting & receiving TRON, as well as other cryptocurrencies is more effective & transparent for real world transactions, for both in person or online. Aggregation of wallets across multiple blockchains. You can easily generate a mobile pass through our web application, which encodes your unique TRON address within a QR code, making it readily accessible. Additionally, is ready today.

Project Info:

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions:

  • Launch our app on
  • Authenticate yourself with TronLink, or enter your receiving address if you’re on mobile
  • Enter a handle or username
  • Click the ‘Create a QR code pass’ button on the home pass
  • Change any preferences, ensure handle and generate the pass
  • Scan the QR code on your mobile device, or press the ‘Add to Wallet’ add it if you’re on mobile.

Project Details (Subject to change): aims to simplify the process of receiving payments both in-person and online across various cryptocurrency networks, including TRON. Users can effortlessly generate their own TRON QR passes for Apple Wallet, along with personalized user profiles, as illustrated in the provided snapshots.

As illustrated, a pass is encoded with the user’s wallet address, akin to the way online check-ins function for airline tickets and more. Users can share this pass and scan the QR code to receive transactions or payments, and they can also establish their identity using the upcoming feature of profile handlers, such as demonstrated below.

We used a combination of iOS or Apple Developer tools for the structure of the pass. The user profile feature intends to be a proof of concept/successor to, but more tailored for making transactions as easy as possible, instead of social media. We also used Google Wallet APIs. Android version of the pass as well. The app currently has no smart contract integration, however can be added for wallet verification, such as a signature attestation. The entire app is built with Sveltekit.

The inception of took place at a cryptocurrency conference in July when I realized that simplifying in-person payments & transactions was more challenging than expected. Over the past two months, we meticulously planned and iterated on various designs. We ultimately decided to launch exclusively on the TRON network for the duration of the hackathon. Currently, is fully operational on the TRON main-net with QR passes. We plan to use the winnings to expand to other networks, enhance the profile system, and ultimately build a stable product & opportunities for the ecosystem.

Scan this QR code to test the wallet pass on your iPhone:

Project Milestones (Subject to change):

  • Created UI designs and vision for the app
  • Invested in branding and consulted with partners
  • MVP released
  • TRON QR passes available on main-net for Apple Wallet
  • TRON QR passes available on main-net for Google Wallet
  • Profile proof of concept available at
  • Profiles available on main-net (Add socials and other payment methods onto your profile)

More presentation, vision boards, updates below.


Hello buddy, good to have you join in.
Checking at your previous entry, give us update on this


Will have an update by end of today


Welcome to Hackatron S5 @nickmura

Trying to get this, does apple/Google wallet supports crypto payment already?


This project get more credits if you put it in DeFi.

Contribute to the transition of Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 by introducing useful DAO tools, SocialFi, blockchain/web infrastructure, SDKs and other Dapps. Applications that are not centered around NFTs, Finance or gaming.

Transforming finance through decentralization. Empowering individuals with transparent, accessible, and inclusive protocols for asset management and wealth creation.


Receiving crypto payments with cryptocurrency is currently possible on, yes. We are currently iterating and consulting with the Google Wallet API team to get finalized access to the Google Pay developer tools, so Apple Pay works now. as a concept could establish the groundwork for a DeFi to CeFi or crypto to fiat payment and liquidity service, across multiple decentralized blockchains (users can make fiat transactions on-demand, in exchange for cryptocurrency)

After careful consideration, the DeFi category aligns with’s goal is to onboard as many users onto decentralized blockchain networks, & provide an accessible & transparent means of asset management & receiving payments in person and online. We will be moving forward with the DeFi category.


Hello, I’m Dayton Wick, and I serve as the lead designer at, working in collaboration with @nickmura. Over the past two months, @nickmura and I have been diligently crafting numerous iterations, ideas, and visions for our release. The concepts showcased below offer a glimpse of what a beta release of could potentially entail.

We eagerly anticipate feedback from the TRON community regarding our efforts.


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Intereseting project mate one quick question are there any plans to add different colors as well?


As we continue to develop we plan to create multiple iterations of themes/colours as well as further concepts for the app-Ui. The current themes/colours showcased above are few of many that we plan to create as the development of continues.

Welcome to Season 5, I damn near got lost at some point reading your offering, so much so I had to start reading all over again. Quite interesting to see that “” is a DeFi-focused project aiming to simplify the process of receiving payments both online and in-person across various cryptocurrency networks, with a primary focus on TRON, it involves generating Apple/Google wallet passes and user profiles to facilitate decentralized payments, the pass encodes the user’s wallet address in a QR code for easy sharing and scanning to receive transactions or payments. I’ve just one question;

How does the app ensure security and privacy in generating and using these QR passes for wallet addresses?


Welcome buddy your project is indeed interesting and to my understanding is a promising project with the potential to make a significant impact on the TRON community and ecosystem.
Personally I think the team should focus on expanding to other networks, enhancing the profile system, building a strong community and ecosystem, and marketing the project aggressively.


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

I don’t understand what you mean by receiving payment in person means here

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The QR passes and only rely on the receiving address, so no secret or vulnerable data is being utilized or created. We are looking for more intuitive ways to share and validate transparent payment identity information.

Check out a demonstration here

QR passes can be scanned from wallet providers & exchanges.


Thanks for replying, totally clear on everything right now. Goodluck to you as hackathon progresses.


why the app is not working ???


Sorry, did u check the demonstration ? Works good for me

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Having such simple and easy-to-understand interfaces of the projects really provides the user with many advantages while exploring.

I’m also stuck creating @username, just like @maaz, do you have a chance to check it? If you let me know when you fix it, I want to try again. Because the idea is very nice.


Please try again , It works good on web currently when I tried. Did you make sure to authenticate yourself with tronlink? I’m working on some optimizations for mobile currently. The profile feature is underway and a preview can be seen on



its been stucked here