Samhita DAO by HeritageSpeak - Empowering communities to preserve their linguistic heritage

Project Name: Samhita DAO

Project Track: Builder

Team Name: HeritageSpeak

Team Member(s): @Aarohi 2+

HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth

Project Goal: Our mission is to support endangered language communities by providing tools and engagement opportunities to preserve their languages and cultural heritage. Our platform is designed to safeguard linguistic diversity and cultural practices. We’re introducing a user-friendly feature for easy content input and also offering an API for accessing preserved language data. This aligns with our goal of safeguarding languages in the digital age.

Project Value:

  • Blockchain ensures the immutability of preserved language data, providing an unalterable record that can be trusted by the language community and researchers, compared to traditional databases susceptible to unauthorized changes.
  • Blockchain enables transparent and decentralized decision-making through distributed governance, empowering community members to collectively shape the project’s direction.

  • Blockchain’s encryption and cryptographic mechanisms enhance data security, protecting sensitive language and cultural data better than Web 2.0 platforms, which are more prone to data breaches.

  • Through Tokenomics and NFT rewards, blockchain introduces intrinsic motivation for contributors, offering tangible rewards for their efforts.

  • Blockchain’s transparency ensures accountability in contributions, edits, and access to preserved data.

  • Blockchain’s decentralized nature facilitates global accessibility to preserved languages, catering to a broader audience without restrictions.

  • The project is less susceptible to single points of failure or censorship attempts due to the decentralized nature of blockchain, compared to the potential vulnerabilities of central servers in Web 2.0.

Project Info:
Project PDF coming soon

Making a comeback for Season 5 with a fresh array of features, we’re back in action. Arising from Season 4 Hackathon, our commitment to empowering endangered languages remains unwavering. Our focus is on safeguarding cultural practices and heritage by preserving languages in the digital era.

Project Website:
Current features of Samhita DAO:
New features will be added before the submission.

Project Test Instructions: Coming soon

Project Details:

Samhita DAO is now Enhanced!

So what’s new?

  • Versatile Data Platform:Supplying a user-centric data platform that presents a smooth resolution for uploading, modifying, and preserving an extensive array of data categories, encompassing text, visuals, sound, and clips, all housed in a unified integrated framework.

  • LanguageDAO API Subscription:Experience seamless API access through subscription, tapping into the invaluable language data reserves curated by LanguageDAO. Elevate your capabilities by integrating our resources, empowering your applications with linguistic process and insights. Harness the potential of LanguageDAO’s language data through hassle-free, subscription-based API connectivity.

  • Enhancing the existing smart contract’s security with advanced measures such as strong encryption, real-time threat monitoring, and thorough penetration testing. These upgrades work to establish a more secure application environment, effectively guarding against vulnerabilities and prioritizing user safety.

  • Decentralized Empowerment in LanguageDAO: Leveraging distributed governance to empower community participants in assessing and endorsing user-proposed ideas, fostering a resilient and all-encompassing LanguageDAO environment.

  • Presenting Unlock NFT Rewards: Language DAO’s innovative approach to honor and celebrate its contributors and creators. These distinct tokens symbolize their invaluable input, granting access to exclusive community privileges. This initiative fosters a stronger sense of recognition and engagement within the Language DAO ecosystem, amplifying collaboration and dedication.

  • Tokenomics introduces a novel framework that leverages digital tokens to enhance motivation and rewards within a system. By assigning value and utility to these tokens, individuals are incentivized to actively participate and contribute. This innovative approach creates a self-sustaining ecosystem where desired behaviors are encouraged through token-based incentives. As users accumulate tokens, they gain access to various benefits and privileges.

  • Introducing Delegation: Samhita DAO now offers delegation. Token holders can delegate their voting power securely to another address, enhancing community engagement and democratic participation. Our checkpoint system maintains transparent historical records of voting power for added accountability.

Upcoming Enhancements:

Here’s a preview of what’s coming in Season 5:

  • Providing user-friendly data platform that offers a seamless solution for uploading, editing, and saving a wide range of data types, including text, images, audio, and video, all within a single integrated system.

  • Enhancing Security Measures in the Current Smart Contract for a Safer Application Environment.

  • Enabling API access on a Subscription basis to utilize the language data resources of LanguageDAO.

  • Introducing Tokenomics: A New Way to Boost Motivation and Rewards

  • Harnessing decentralized governance to empower community members in evaluating and voting on user-generated proposals, ensuring the creation of a robust and inclusive LanguageDAO ecosystem.

  • Unlock NFT Rewards: Recognizing and Honoring Language DAO Contributors and Creators.

  • we’re improving delegation with user-friendly features and analytics for Delegators. Our upgraded checkpoint system ensures trust by tracking historical voting power accurately.

Smart Contract links: Coming soon

Project Milestones:
2023/08/05: Development of Frontend of datascape and datacraft.
2023/08/10: Creating governance, token and factory contracts.
2023/08/21: Testing the smart contracts, Integration with smart contract.
2023/08/25: Development of API using json data of languagedao.
2023/09/03: Frontend for API rental page and integration.


Hello Samhita Dao.
Welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5.
Once again congratulations on your previous 3rd place win in the NFT track.

Good to have you in the builder’s track. Trust you ready for the heat?.


  1. Where you able to touch or complete the milestone you set for last session aside from mainnet?
    If yes, I little summary will help.
    Welcome back.

  2. Check from previous contract address, seems there had been no transaction or usage?

Correct if I’m wrong

  1. From inception till date,
    Reading from

Do they have any partnerships with other organizations working to preserve endangered languages?
It could be schools, or others.

  1. What is marketing plan for reaching endangered language communities?


Welcome back, as @Gordian asked…. Give us updates on your previous submissions aside going on MainNet, any additional progress?

Where you able to build a community for your project?

How did your project contribute to the building or improvement of tron and/or the bttc ecosystem?

Why do you think you need an additional funds for your project if you were part of last winners and received funds?


additional one is about marketing, how do you plan that, what are your social media platforms?

Haven’t seen any marketing about your previous submissions


Very good question. In addition,

  • What would be the major decisions makers about your tokenomics?

Ha :laughing:
This is both fascinating and interesting at the same time to read, as a linguist and an IELTS tutor myself. Lest I forget before getting caught up in the mix, welcome to Season 5 and goodluck on your journey as hackathon progresses.
I see this project is focused on empowering endangered language communities to preserve their linguistic heritage by providing a user-friendly platform for content input and offers an API for accessing preserved language data, and employs tokenomics and NFT rewards to incentivize contributors.

I have just two questions bordering around the project description;
How does the project plan to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the language data preserved on the blockchain?

Could you provide more information about the LanguageDAO API subscription? How will developers integrate it into their applications


@Samhita DAO. Thanks for bringing up such a nice project but I have some questions.

                             Q1                                                      What are the specific endangered languages that the project will focus on,and how will the project ensure the accuracy and quality of the data it collects.                               
                                 Q2                                              How will the project make the data accessible to the communities that need it,and how will it mitigate the risks of censorship and data breaches.
                                   Q3                                             How will the project ensure that the benefits of the project are shared equitably among all stakeholders,and also how will the project be funded and sustained over the long term.
                                   Q4                                                  What are the potential challenges and risks of the project and how will the success measure.


How will the project incentivize community members to participate in the project.


How will the project address the needs of different stakeholders, such as language experts, researchers, and technology developers.


Welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5

If am not mistaking :thinking: you are part last hackathon winner’s ?

Do you have any working product yet?

Submitting to a builders track means that you already have an existing project that needs funds to innovate or improve it ,…

How could your old project and the new one be merged and solve a problem to the community and the industry at large?

What will really convince the community to vote for you? Any evidence? Any big stuff coming that was hidden in the freezer?

We are eager to hear from you, we are eager to support you as well


Very good set of start up questions

You go dey explain tire No evidence
Burna boy

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Hello @Gordian , Thank you so much for the warm welcome, and I’m thrilled to be back for Tron Hackathon season 5. Your kind wishes mean a lot to us.

I’m thrilled to share that we’ve successfully achieved all the milestones set in Season 4:

  1. Language DAO Creation: We’ve implemented a user-friendly process, enabling ordinary users to effortlessly create their own language DAOs in just a few steps. While in the backend, the user is deploying their own language DAO on the mainnet and also minting the tokens for that DAO.

  2. DAO Governance: The implementation of DAO governance has been a success. We’ve created and thoroughly tested the necessary contracts. In this upcoming season, we’re dedicated to further improving our governance mechanisms.

  3. Template Creation: We’ve enabled language DAOs to utilise templates sourced from the Samhita DAO, ensuring uniformity among language datasets. These templates are minted as NFTs and generate royalties when used by other DAOs, and this system is functioning smoothly.

  4. Functionality Testing: We’ve rigorously tested all aspects of the platform’s functionality to ensure its reliability.

While it’s true that we currently don’t have active users, our presence in the TRON community is aimed at gathering valuable feedback as we continue to develop the platform. We firmly believe that this project is a collective effort that can significantly contribute to the preservation of languages and cultures. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts and suggestions, helping us enhance the platform. If you have specific functionalities in mind that could improve the user experience, we’re open to exploring their implementation. Our overarching goal is to provide a seamless user experience while safeguarding our invaluable human assets.

Regarding your third question, We got some feedback while trying to connect with organisations that it would be easy for them to join the platform if the UI and templates provided to them were easy. As a result, we are dedicated to enhancing our platform to ensure that new users can effortlessly engage with it.

In terms of marketing, it can be digital marketing as well as partnering with organisations that are working in the same field. However, our primary focus has been on refining and enhancing our platform before delving deeper into our marketing initiatives.

I believe I’ve addressed all your questions comprehensively. Your inquiries are immensely valuable to us, and we genuinely appreciate your engagement. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with more questions or suggestions. We’ll be sure to inform you when our platform goes live and invite you to test it. I understand that my response to your questions has been delayed due to a hectic schedule over the past few days.

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Hello @Prince-Onscolo,

I’d like to address your points. It’s true that, to the best of my knowledge, there aren’t any prominent DAOs on the TRON network with a large user base. The same can be said for DeFi projects on TRON, which tend to have fewer users compared to other blockchains like Ethereum.

As for how our project benefits the TRON ecosystem, it’s worth noting that this particular type of DAO is rather unique and not readily available on other blockchains. When we deploy all the associated contracts on TRON, it essentially brings language collections onto the TRON blockchain, thereby adding intrinsic value to the network. If the TRON community rallies behind our initiative and actively contributes to the preservation of languages, it could potentially attract users who might not have previously used TRON but are passionate about preserving languages and culture. In essence, this endeavor is poised to bolster the TRON ecosystem by expanding its user base and providing valuable benefits to users.

In response to your last question, yes, we were the winners of the previous season and received funds. However, building a fully functional and ready-to-use project entails a significant commitment of resources and time. This includes development efforts and marketing initiatives. Additionally, having a dedicated team is essential. Furthermore, by engaging with the TRON community, we aim to attract more users to test our platform, making it an ideal choice for our project.

Thank you for your questions, and please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions and have suggestions for this project.


thank you so much, I really hope you will market this project to reach the masses. All the best

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Love the name!

Seems like the community is already asking all the tough questions. :crazy_face::upside_down_face:

In that case I’ll only wish you the best!

I like the goal, do you have any certain/ specific language in mind to start the project? Like a prototype version? or what exactly is an endangered language for you? Would be happy if you could answer :))

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Welcome Samhita DAO to season 5.
Language preservation is very crucial as your language determines your identity.

Sadly most language are on the verge of extinction and some have also evolved to a point where the original meaning of some words or terms are lost.

This begs the question, how sure are you that the languages provided on your platform will be very accurate and not a language in a distorted fashion that is far from the right meaning.

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