Gamesfi Earn Real Crypto

Project Name: Gamesfi Earn Real Crypto
Project Track: Artistry
Team Name: GamesFi_Devs
Team Member(s): 1
HackerEarth Project Link: HackerEarth Link
Project Goal: Gamesfi is a gaming platform for casual gamers. Our platform harnesses the power of the Tron blockchain to provide a secure and transparent gaming environment while implementing a sustainable token economy and leveraging the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). At Gamesfi, Play for Free and earn for real. This means that players can access our platform and enjoy a diverse range of games without any investment. However, their gaming skills and performance will directly translate into nft rewards and tokens. Gamesfi integrates NFTs (TRC721, TRC1155), introducing an extra layer of value to the gaming experience. By catering to casual gamers, utilizing the Tron blockchain, establishing a sustainable token economy, and embracing NFTs, Gamesfi is committed to cultivating an engaging and rewarding gaming environment that appeals to a wide and diverse audience.

Project Value: Gamesfi stands as an exclusive gaming platform tailor-made to cater to the needs of avid gamers. Our commitment lies in the meticulous design of each game, ensuring that players are treated to an engaging and addictive gameplay experience. At Gamesfi, we take pride in offering a rich and diverse array of top-notch games, capable of satisfying a broad spectrum of gaming preferences and varying levels of fun.

  • In Game NFTs: We have supported In Game Assets like bombs, Rock, Hammer etc as an NFT’s (TRC1155).This will give users an options to not only utilize in game but trade on NFT Marketplaces as well.

In Game NFTs: We have supported In Game Assets like bombs, Rock, Hammer etc as an NFT’s (TRC1155).This will give users an options to not only utilize in game but trade on NFT Marketplaces as well.

GamesFI Token: GamesFI is TRC20 token on tron blockchain. User can earn by playing our games. And can withdraw to any Tron Compatible wallet like TronLink, Trust Wallet etc.

Raffle: Raffle is a chance-based game where participants purchase tickets for a shot at winning prizes through random drawing. We have introduced these tickets to be TRC721. So user can sell to others his tickets numbers as well before Draw.

Project Info: [PitchDeck] (Gamesfi_pitchdeck - Google Slides) Demo Video

Project Website: Website Android Demo APK

Beta Release [Android APK]
(Gamesfi - Google Drive)
For iOS please drop us comment here with Apple Id. We will send invite.

Project Test Instructions: Test Instructions

Project Details: Gamesfi is a gaming platform specifically designed for gamers. Each of these games is carefully designed to provide an addictive and enjoyable gameplay experience for our players. Gamesfi offers a diverse selection of high-quality games, catering to a wide range of gaming preferences and fun levels. Our platform use Tron blockchain to provide a secure and transparent environment for gaming, while also implementing a sustainable token economy and harnessing the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
At Gamesfi, we believe in the principle of “Free to Play and to Earn Real Crypto.” This means that players can access our platform and enjoy a wide range of games with no investment. More they play the games will enable them to earn rewards and tokens.
Main features of Games are:

  • MultiGaming Experience.
  • Play Games and Earn $Gamesfi Tokens.
  • Custodian Wallet Compatibility.
  • Invite & Earn - Multi Level Marketing
  • Deposit Tokens To Game from Blockchain.
  • Participate in Raffle Game to earn NFT and GamesFi Reward.
  • In game NFT’s. (TRC115)
  • Withdraw Tokens/TRX to any Tron Compatible Wallets.
  • Withdraw NFT (TRC721, TRC1155) to any Tron Compatible Wallets.

Furthermore, our integration of NFTs adds another layer of value to the gaming experience. Players can collect, and own unique digital assets through NFTs, which can hold intrinsic value within the Gamesfi platform and potentially in external markets.

The $gamesfi Token: Gamesfi Token’s short name is $gamesfi and this token is a TRC-20 utility token that serves as the backbone of the Gamesfi ecosystem, unlocking the true potential of the game economy. With the $Gamesfi token, we have created a “Free to Play and Earn”, where players can engage in various contests or games to compete for crypto rewards in the form of the GamesFi, TRX, BTC ETH and NFTs.

Gamesfi promotes the "Free to Play ‘’ philosophy, ensuring that our platform is always and starts playing. We believe in removing barriers for players to access and enjoy our games. Transparency is at the core of our values. We strive to keep our operations transparent and foster a community-driven approach. We actively involve our community in decision-making processes and welcome their feedback, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are addressed.

Free to Play: Our gaming app, Gamesfi: Earn Real Crypto win Rewards & Prizes, is available for free download. At Gamesfi, the ultimate destination for gaming enthusiasts looking to unlock the world of NFTs and immersive experiences.

At Gamesfi, we bring you the thrill of gaming and the excitement of NFT ownership together through our unique Raffle Game. Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Special Events: Our Raffle Game is designed to keep the excitement alive every day, week, and month.

Raffle Participation and Earning: Participation is key, and it’s incredibly easy. To enter, simply purchase raffle tickets using your tokens. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning those coveted NFTs. When the winners are announced, we distribute all locked tokens reward to 3 winners.

Smart Contract links:

GamesFi Multi Asset (ERC1155): TRqoVDg5GB6Rm7VzinEVCp1gcK4qoPzwYN (TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器)

GamesFi NFT: TT4iFpzKBVphJX31wkG6RyH1F7yVUurEae (TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器)

GamesFi TRC20: THSHJ1Mf677Z8C9NyjtJyiCFUoFK8sLRXr (TRONSCAN | TRON BlockChain Explorer | 波场区块链浏览器)

Project Milestones:

  • Testnet Deployment (Done)
  • Games Infrastructure and Tron Custodian Wallet (Done)
  • Mainnet Smart Contract Deployment (Done)
  • Google Play/App Store Production (Progress)
  • Bubble Shooter Game (January, 2024)

Application Design Overview


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@Gordian I would like to extend my sincere apology to the community for the late submission caused by the forum Account was temporarily on hold. Unfortunately, this situation resulted in our inability to post here within the designated timeframe.Although We did submitted project on time on HackerEarth.


Sorry maybe you have to try next season

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Welcome to hackaTRONs5 ! In case, your summation was pending approval on the forum before the deadline, your project maybe approved for this season. However, I would like to know why your team did not alert the forum about this before deadline?

Still have to fill project value section.

@HODL Thank you. We genuinely underestimated the process of posting on the forum. Although we had received approval from the Admin to participate in Hackathon Season 5, unfortunately, a system issue placed our account on hold, resulting in an unexpected delay.

We deeply regret our late submission on the Tron forum, as we recognize the vital role of community engagement during the hackathon, which we see other commendable projects actively participating in.


Sorry for the problem you had to go through. It seems your project has a nice concept and being approved to be part of this hackathon would have been a great opportunity for you to earn something to build this further.

The decision solely rests on the shoulders of @admin.hackathon.

One thing i can tell you for sure is that those who submit late in the forum hardly get any vote from hardcore community members.

Wishing you all the best though and may the forces be with you and your team.

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@Nana66419 Your understanding and kind words are greatly appreciated. We value your support and acknowledgment of our project’s concept. We understand that the final decision lies with @admin.hackathon , and we respect that.

Our top priority is to gain trust within our Tron community. When we create something, the trust of the people who use it matters the most to us.

We will keep working on our idea to make it better and eventually provide a finished project to the Tron Ecosystem.


Just keep building. We might think you are late but those incharge might also acknowledge it wasn’t your fault.

Never say die until the bones are rotten.


You know when you’ve to be at school by 8am but you sneaked in at 12pm hoping nobody would notice, aren’t you late by a mile already?

@manfred_jr I understand your point, and I genuinely apologize for the delay. It was not our intention to be late, and we deeply regret any inconvenience caused. We will strive to improve our punctuality and ensure that our future submissions are made on time.

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I clearly get it but as a DAO, I think you could get a proposal in and we could vote aye or nay but rules are rules. I did read your offering, it’s really an interesting one in the Artistry track. “Gamesfi Earn Real Crypto”, gaming platform on the Tron blockchain, offering a secure, transparent, and rewarding gaming environment for casual gamers. I just saw rewards there and my ears are at attention like a fox :fox_face: getting alerted by the presence of a rabbit :rabbit2:, and this outrightly arouses my curiousity.
I’d like to know about the monetization strategies in place to sustain the platform and ensure its growth beyond the initial phases, thank you!

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This would’ve been a nice project to give a thumb in this hackathon but for posting late, let the @admin.hackathon decide (if only your entry was waiting approval before the deadline. If not, it’s automatic disqualification for you). In either way, all the best to you on this innovative project.


@manfred_jr Thank you for your interest and kind words about Gamesfi! To ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the platform, we are planning several monetization strategies in place:

  1. In-Game Purchases: Players can make their gaming experience better by buying in-game items, power-ups, and cool looks. The money we make from this will be used to buy back GamesFI tokens and add them to the reward pool.

  2. Ads and Sponsorships: We’ll partner with advertisers and sponsors to show some ads on our platform. This helps us make money while also giving users valuable content. We will be sharing this revenue with our users as well.

  3. Token Economy: On our platform, we have our own token GamesFi. Users can earn it, trade it, and use it for different things. It will help our system work smoothly and keeps everything going.

  4. Subscription Models: We will be planning to offer premium subscription plans that unlock exclusive features and benefits, attracting dedicated gamers looking for a more enhanced experience.


Thank you for taking out the time to provide answers to the monetization strategies but one think really caught my attention, the buy back thing you talked about. I’d like to know, how often will you conduct buybacks of GamesFI tokens to add to the reward pool, thank you!

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@manfred_jr Thank you for your interest and excellent question! The frequency of our token buybacks will be determined by various factors, including the platform’s overall performance and the demand for GamesFI tokens.

  1. Frequently used in-game assets will be minted by users within the game by paying with Gamesfi Tokens. These tokens will then be added back to the reward pool.

  2. We’ll also explore opportunities, such as launching unique in-game assets like 8-ball pool cues through launchpad campaigns. The proceeds generated from these initiatives will be used to repurchase GamesFI tokens from the Automated Market Maker (AMM) on the Tron blockchain.

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Thank you for providing more details regarding my inquiries, I clearly understand half your assignment but for full understanding, I’m curious as to building community trust, so could you please state how transparent the communication will be regarding the decision-making process for token buybacks, and also please elaborate on the process of users minting in-game assets using GamesFI tokens, thank you!


  1. In-Game Asset Minting: To ensure transparency, we are manage a Tron custodian wallet for our users. Whenever a user wishes to purchase an in-game asset, we are initiating the minting process on the Tron blockchain and airdrop the newly minted assets directly to the user’s custodian wallet. This on-chain minting approach allowing us to maintain transparency.

  2. Handling In-Game Assets: While we haven’t fully detailed our approach for managing unique in-game assets(TRC721), but we will be leaning towards an on-chain solution, as it allows the community to easily track our revenue generation and see how we’re utilizing it.

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