GockeFi, Your Metaverse Money & Assets Management Made Simple

Project Name: GockeFi
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: GockeFiTeam
Website: GockeFi.io
Team Member(s): 2 (Web3 Blockchain Developer & Data Scientist)
Project Repo: https://github.com/gockefiApp
Project Goal: Help metaverse users better track their invesments and become profitable.
Project Details: We’re building the next disruptive app to help you manage your metaverse investments by making it easy to track your investments, earnings, NFTs, lands and help you become profitable

Our brand new twitter account: https://twitter.com/GockeFiApp
Before this Hackaton we just started this crowdfund for our App on MirrorDao because we’re highly motivated Team and we believe on this project.

What is the GameFi potential?

GameFi, Play to Earn (P2E) or Blockchain gaming is one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency industry right now by enabling gamers to make money from playing games it’s poised to disrupt the $180.3 billion for global gaming market according to Newzoo reports.

The Play to Earn model is the first games trend to watch in 2022

What is our motivation ?

The Metaverse is full of money-making opportunities but also full of high risks. We’re a team of two people Web3, Blockchain developer and data scientist, really passionate about every piece of the Web3 revolution and metaverse and heavily invested in Play 2 Earn ecosystem.

As early Axie infinity players we’ve been into this from the beginning and experienced the good and bad of this world and know how easy it is to earn money or lose the investment.

What is so special about this ecosystem?

The GameFi ecosystem is community based, and NFTs play a major role in the gameplay, some people invest in tokens by buying low and selling high and others invest all-in the gameplay by playing or flipping in-game lands or NFTs and start earning in an everyday basis but also many lost a lot of money because the lack of financial tracking tools.

2021 Global Games Market ready to be disrupted by blockchain gaming.

The huge opportunity in front of us:

We spotted a huge potential in this wild west metaverse which is the lack of personal finance and money management tools or apps. If you remember in the web2 a lot of apps have made it through helping people manage their finances like mint.com. And we want to be the mint of the metaverse and more than that.

If you watch Play 2 Earn youtube channels and GameFi influencers they mainly share their earnings with their followers using Excel spreadsheets, even the game creators like BombCrypto one of the top games in binance smart chain and with more than 800.000 holders shares their ROI calculation formulas using excel spreadsheets. Even me and my friends we write down every day how much we earned and make a sum formula and then lookup for the tokens amount in us dollar to be able to calculate the daily, weekly profit before claiming to our wallet. And here comes the GockeFi App to get rid of Excel spreadsheets and migrate to a decentralized app available across all your devices and shared live with your teammates.

Many P2E gamers suffer from tracking their expenses and earnings and do not know if they did breakeven or not and if they started profiting and this is where our application comes for help.

We chose the name GockeFi as the GameFi Pocket or the Pocket Of the Metaverse.

Sneak Peak of the GockeFi WebApp User Interface:

GockeBoard showing the connected wallet balance in USD$ with live conversion to realtime value of $USD, the number of NFTs held by the account, The amount of SLP tokens earned, Total investments by the user and how he earned from the day he started reporting in the GockeFI App.

GockeBoard of Axie Infinity.

The following image is where you can add your daily earnings and see the liveconversion to US dollar or your local currency.

Add SLP earnings

This below is the GockeBoard of BombCrypto Game on Binance Smart Chain, showing how close to profit.

BombCrypto on BSC P2E GockeBoard

Earnings history are stored and live currency conversion is done on the fly.

You can also access to your games from the GockeMenu on the right side like in Discord.

GockeBoard and GockeMenu

GockeFi web dApp features:
• Optional Email Signup.
• Add Wallet(Tron wallet, Metamask, etc…) or only paste wallet address.
• Chains: Tron, Eth, Polygon, BSC, AVAX, Fantom.
• The Gockeboard : Dashboard of all your Play2Earn, NFTs, Lands, tokens investments data in one place.
• The GockeMenu : a Discord like Tab of your Play2Earn for easy access.
• Live data of your balance, NFTs, Lands, investments, earnings.
• Account sharing for Guilds and Teams with scholarship management.
• Multiple accounts per Play2Earn.
• Daily, weekly, monthly earnings prediction using machine learning and deep learning.
• Budget tracking
• Live local currency value display.
• Live token to local currency conversion.
• NFTs Investment Tracking.
• Lands Investment Tracking.
• Dark Mode.
• API for partnership with game creators
• GameFi Explorer with listing of P2E like AppStore with public comments and stars.
• Best P2E voting system.
• Watchlist.
• Trending Metaverse Games, NFTs .
• Leaderboard with your friends or your team.
• Calendar of upcoming events, airdrops, IDOs, IGOs and ICOs with notifications.
• GockeFi Mobile App.

NFT tracking will replace Excel spreadsheets like the following:

The dApp is NFT membership based with a free basic limited account for non GockeFi NFT holders.

We have 4 types of NFTs:

Wealthy GockeFier
MezDodXXEeitAhiaanOfF (1)

Legend GockeFier

Epic GockeFier

Rare GockeFier

Project Milestones:

Mar 13, 2022: Start of Hackathon, we should already have first mockup of the GockeBoard with functioning user interface, no coding just UI/UX. (Milestone achieved)
------------------ Update on project------------------------
Our motivation lead us to reach our first milestone before time which is having a funtionning User interface as you can see in the following GIF:


Mar 31, 2022: Implementation of Email signup, Wallet connection, Connecting to Tron chain, Tokens on Tron, ETH, BSC listing, Live data : balance, NFTs. Ability to add daily earnings and store for later use with live conversion to USD currency.

Apr 13, 2022: We will launch our GockeApi for game creators to implement and start sharing players earnings directly to their GockeFI account.
Also we will start the developement of NFT tracking screen to get rid of excel spreadsheets,

Apr 30, 2022: Dark Mode and NFT Tracking ready, and start of alpha-test with real users.

May 13, 2022: End of Hackathon one. alpha version of GockeFi app ready to be used to track PlayToEarn Data, live balance, Acquired NFTs, users can save the amount on tokens earned and get the live value in $usd and also they will get rid of excel spredsheets and start using a live on cloud datatable to store their data.
Not only this but our API will be ready for game creators to implement and start sharing players data directly to their GockeFi account.

Aug 31, 2022: We will develop and implement more features such as prediction of earnings based on machine learning and deep learning, Budget Tracking, PlayToEarn marketplace for game creators to submit their games for showcase with ability for visitors to upvote and comment publicly and start our Marketing campaign,
Dec 31, 2022: By the end of the year, we will launch the GockeCalendar for users to save upcoming dates for IGOs, NFTs mint date etc.

Jan - Mars 2023: we will work on the mobile version ios and Android of the webApp and ship it to the world.

Useful and motivational links:
Newzoo’s Games Trends to Watch in 2022
Axie Infinity Surpasses $4 Billion in Lifetime NFT Trading Volume
Games will adopt blockchain in 2022 through esports and P2E models: Report
Warner Music Group announces partnership with blockchain gaming developer Splinterlands
Gaming ecosystem lets all players participate in play-to-earn opportunities
Zynga Plans First NFT Games, Web 3 Acquisitions in 2022


I loved the idea and app design, Amazing project, is the balance and NFTs automatically fetched ? or we have to type them manually also how do you calculate the profit ?


Thank you so much, Yes automatically fetched for you form your PlayToEarn chain, the profit is your total investment for the selected Game minus the Total earning from the day you started saving on the dApp and we will give you the possibility to type the total earning before using the dApp so that we can take into consideration in profit calculation.

Can email signup be optional? Also, How much will each NFT tier cost in terms of USD?
Are you planning to integrate with WINNFTHorse and Tron Bunnies on the Tron blockchain?

How will you attract Guilds to use your service?

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Hey @gockefi idea and design are both looking good :wink: and the app will serve an audience that is projected to have massive growth so please keep us updated on its progress and fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:


Hi WindsOfChange92, Thank you for your message.

1- Yes email sign-up is optional, you can connect with your wallet directly. The reason why we have email is for people who fear connecting their wallet so they can just type their address and also in case you have many wallets you sign-up first with email and then connect your multiple wallets.

2 - For NFT tiers we have two generations the Gen0 is for the crowdfund only and Gen1which is for the public and will start from 25$, also we will have a free account with basic features.

3 - Of course we are planning to integrate all P2E Games and TRON included WINNFTHorse, Tron Bunnies, and many more. First we will launch our API for integration with Third Parties and then we will contact Game makers for partnerships.

4 - Attrackting Guilds to GockeFi dApp is natural because we will offer them a complete dashboard to follow their scholarships data, profits and how every player is performing, Also after completing our ecosystem of partners and having them share your earning directly to gockefi we will give you as a player a stats screen to showcase your performance on every game you play so that investors can make their decisions based on real data and why not pick you first.

  • Each scholarships owner will have a leader board of best performers in a specific game based on trusted data to make his decision and pick the right players to maximize his ROI.

Thank you, great questions


Hello Simon, Thank’s a lot for your feedback appreciate it.
Yes of course I will keep you updated on every step and milestone.
Thanks again.

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Hello guys! Nice to see an option to monitor your earnings in the metaverse! As a dev I’d like to see a link to your GitHub repo to check your progress and current status of your project, seems interesting!

Don’t be afraid of sharing your repo, the more open projects we have on TRON & BTTC the quickest we will see more development coming and the ecosystem growing :wink:

Thanks and good luck!


Hello cctechmx, Thanks a lot for your feedback, We will add the link to the github very soon as you can see in the roadmap we are in phase UI/UX we didn’t start coding yet but we will push very soon updates.

Would love to share about dev topics on TRON & BTTC with you.

Thanks again


Welcome to TRON Grand Hackathon @gockefi
You have some nice GUI samples as they looked clean and intuitive.
We have some questions that the community may be interested so kindly get back to us when you have some time.

  1. Are you planning to hire more people to work on the project in the near future or will this retain as a 2-person effort for some time?
  2. We understand that the codes for this project are not ready per your milestone. However, if you can share your GitHub URL with the community, the judges and people here can check out existing codes and projects you did and it may give them more confidence in this project.
  3. Since you mentioned AI and deep learning, can you let us know are you familiar with these topics at this stage? If so, please elaborate briefly on the approach that you will take for the integration with AI.

Hello TronLive, Thank you for your message, glad to hear that you liked our GUI.
I will happily answer your questions:

1- Yes we are planning to hire 3 more people, we currently are a team of web3 blockchain developer and data scientist.

2- We will soon push our first code of the App in github.

3- Yes we have a data scientist in the team, at the beginning we will use Machine learning algorithm ARIMA to predict the daily, weekly and monthly profits and check the RMSE after testing the outcome with test data, in case of not having accurate results we will use deep learning LSTM or Bidirectional LSTM or ANN (simple Neural Network).

Thanks a lot for your questions.


Following the question from @ WindsOfChange92 about the ability to add Tron games, we added WinNFTHorse to our design, players earns two types of NFTs : $NFT and $Win it will render as follows:


Updated the post with more info about team members Job and Github repo link.

I updated the post with some useful and motivational links around the potential of the Metaverse.

Great project, I like it, I hope you will win I have a question about the api integration is it for games only ?


As of date there is a sustained demand for play-to-earn gaming, more than 20,000 new scholars in the Yield Game Guild last month.

Scholars and scholship holders needs also GockeFi app to track their earnings, discover new great players and showcase achievements via public GockeBoard.

source: Cointelegraph


Thank you a lot comet, well any dApp can use our API to report earnings before they are sent to your wallet address, not only games.
Thanks for your question and support.

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I like the project, good luck


Thanks for your answer, keep going nice work

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Your’e welcome @comet