Gamesfi Earn Real Crypto

Thanks for replying, you did satisfy my curiousity by getting your points across perfectly.

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Hello Buddy you are late, your project is a nice one.


Glad that you finally made it to the voting stage. Here is my best wishes to you on this community voting stage :purple_heart:


  • Can you explain on Raffle for its random winner algorithm ?

  • Can you explain in game items minting/buying process ?

Great you made it this far. All hope seemed to be lost for u but u ket pushing regardless. May the force be with u


@adeel Thank you for your time in reviewing and asking questions. Here are the answers to your questions.

  1. Raffle for Random Winner Algorithm:
    For our raffle tickets, we’ve made things transparent and fun by using TRC721 tokens. When someone buys a ticket, we mint a TRC721 token specifically for that ticket. It’s like giving each ticket its own unique identity. To choose a random winner, we get a little help from the “crypto” package. Check out the code snippet:
const crypto = require('crypto');

// List of participants
const participants = [
  'Ticket 1',
  'Ticket 2',
  // More tickets...

// Our trusty function for selecting a random winner
function selectWinner(participants) {
  // We let the crypto magic create a random index within our participants list
  const randomIndex = crypto.randomInt(0, participants.length);
  // And there you have it, we've got our winner!
  const winner = participants[randomIndex];
  return winner;

// It's time to pick a winner using the function
const winner = selectWinner(participants);
console.log(`And the winner is: ${winner}`);
  1. Game Items Minting and Buying Process:

Right now, we’ve got two cool puzzle games in the mix: “Pop Blocks” and “Sweet Sugars.” These games feature assets like bombs, rocks, and hammers. When you’re playing and fancy one of these items, you can purchase them using your in-game scores. It’s super smooth. Once you click that “buy” button, we mint the item as an NFT and drop it right into your custodian wallet in the app. You can see all your cool items in the app, and here’s the fun part: you can also withdraw them to your TronLink wallet. It’s like having a pocketful of treasures! And if you’re feeling like a savvy trader, you can even head over to NFT trading sites like ApeNFT and make some deals.


@Nana66419 Thank you for your encouraging words. I believe in persevering, and I’m grateful for your support. May the force be with you as well.


I see you keep pushing irregardless the storms and hurdles face, goodluck on everything moving forward.


You have a wonderful idea…and all the best to you guys

3 Likes Thank you for detail answer.

1- When you guys already implemented TRC721, Isn’t its more suitable to implement random winner algorithm also on chain ?

2- When Platform is minting assets on tron blockchain. Can you please explain how you will sustain Network fee in your platform. Who will be paying fee to broadcast transactions ?


@adeel Thank you for your thoughtful questions. We appreciate your interest in our platform. Here are our responses to your queries:

  1. On-Chain Random Winner Algorithm: While we’ve already implemented TRC721 tokens for transparency, implementing an on-chain random winner algorithm is an excellent suggestion. By moving this process onto the blockchain, we can enhance trust and transparency even further. It’s something we’re actively exploring to ensure a fair and tamper-proof selection of winners. We are evaluating ChainLink and its cost for random number in smart contract.

  2. Sustaining Network Fees: Ensuring the sustainability of network fees for on-chain transactions is a crucial aspect of our platform’s design. We made a deliberate choice in selecting the Tron Blockchain after a thorough comparison with other leading blockchain networks. Tron offers a unique advantage by allowing for transaction fee-free operations when a user possesses sufficient Energy and Bandwidth. To leverage this feature, we plan to stake Tron (TRX) from our hot wallet and harness the acquired Energy and Bandwidth. This strategic approach enables us to minimize transaction costs while maintaining the efficiency and reliability of our platform.

If you find value in our platform, we kindly request your support by casting your vote for our project in the community voting. :slight_smile:


@NinjaBlade Thank you for your inquiry about the ‘Invite & Earn - Multi Level Marketing’ feature in the Gamesfi platform. This feature is a crucial component of our platform, contributing to both the gaming experience and the growth of our Gamesfi community in the following ways:

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Structure: Our ‘Invite & Earn’ feature utilizes a multi-level marketing structure, enabling users to invite friends, family, and acquaintances to join our platform. When these invitations result in new user sign-ups and active participation, the original user receives rewards and incentives within a multi-tier system. Specifically, we offer a 2% reward in the form of scores for direct invites and an additional 0.5% for all indirect invites. Indirect invites encompass all the users who were introduced to the platform by the original user’s direct invites. This multi-tiered approach not only encourages active user engagement but also rewards users for expanding and nurturing their networks within the Gamesfi community.

Network Growth: By promoting user-to-user referrals, our platform experiences organic growth. As the Gamesfi community expands, more players interact, compete, and collaborate. This, in turn, enriches the gaming experience with a larger player base and more opportunities for social interaction and competition.

Incentivized Engagement: The ‘Invite & Earn’ feature incentivizes our users to actively engage with our ecosystem and introduce others to our platform. Users are motivated to invite friends and expand their networks, and in return, they receive continuous rewards each time their invites withdraw their winnings. This creates an ongoing cycle of engagement and benefits for our users, fostering a sense of community and active participation within the Gamesfi platform.

If you find value in our platform, we kindly request your support by casting your vote for our project in the community voting. :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for play and earn games for a while, and gamesfi truly stands out in this genre. The web3 features that it highlights makes it very much interesting.


Great idea guys, the fusion of gaming elements with Tron and crypto is an innovative approach and I can see a lot of potential in this project. Best of Luck guys


:rocket: Exciting News: Beta Release Is Here! :rocket:

Hello, amazing community members!

We’re thrilled to announce that the beta version of our app is now available, and we need your help to make it even better! Your feedback is invaluable to us. Here’s how you can get involved:

Android Users: Simply click this APK link to download the beta version. Try it out, share your thoughts, and report any bugs or suggestions.

iOS Users: To access the beta on iOS, we’ll need your Apple ID. Please drop a comment or send us a private message with your Apple ID, and we’ll send you a TestFlight invitation.

If you like what you see, we’d greatly appreciate your support in an ongoing community voting campaign. Your vote can make a significant impact, and we’ll provide details on how to vote soon.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Your involvement means the world to us, and together, we can create something amazing.

Feel free to ask questions or share your feedback right here in the comments. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

Let’s make this beta testing phase a huge success together! :raised_hands:

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If I have earned some NFTs from playing Games from the dashboard, can I transfer the NFTs to another account?

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I really liked the gamification. I’m a bit confused with the raffle system. In the Raffle purchasing system, how are you distributing the rewards among the winners?

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@Salman Thank you for reviewing our game. Yes, you can withdraw your earnings to your Tronlink wallet or any wallet that supports Tron. Additionally, you can also choose to redeposit your Assets into your user account.

Thank you for the mention ! I will surely try out your app on android soon and give my feedback. Watching your demo video, GamesFi seems a smooth app and a much needed dapp after wink .org sunset. Thank you again and good luck !


sent you my id in dm

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