Open source hardware projects design GameFi by 451PCB - A game to win rewards designing Open Source Hardware projects

Project Name: Open source hardware projects design GameFi

Project Track: GameFi

Team Name: 451PCB

Team Members: 2 programmers


Project Goal: Make a forum with users playing intellectual GameFi to win rewards designing Open Source Hardware projects.

Project Info: A game very similar to this hackathon to win PCB tokens as rewards designing Open Source Hardware projects. It wll be did through a forum or other repository like this hackathon.

Social media links:

Project Repo: PCB-TRC20/GameFi at master · 451PCBCOM/PCB-TRC20 · GitHub

Project Details: It’s a continuous desing contest using all our social networks with a web interface as a forum to announce the rewards and winners. Users promoting our projects and designs will be rewarded too.

shield-451pcb-arduino PCB-in-black&white-100x100

We will use PCB tokens to reward the users and makers. PCB is a TRC-20 token to promote, develop, make, reward, share and exchange open source hardware. It is distributed to the community who support it, creating a reputation ranking and wining hardware rewards.

The projects designed by the community will be ever open source hardware, it will be added to our online repositories and it could be found and to be accessed with Tronlink from the makers user space for this GameFi. So a TRON wallet address linked to the user is neccesary to play free to earn the contest.

A modified forum and user inferface code for Tronlink use will be released to be modified for other games and contests.

Support and join us on the TronDAO forum to make it reality.

Thanks community for your continued support.

Project Milestones:

Mar 13, 2022: Start of Hackathon, we have social media ready and build a community. The project will be in the designing stage.

Mar 31, 2022: We should have some designs for the GameFi and all rules clearly documented.

Apr 13, 2022: We will start to upload codes on github and work on improving the code and project.

Apr 30, 2022: Actual testing the GameFi and the users interacting with it.

May 13, 2022: End of Hackathon one. All is ready and the usable GameFi user interface will be released, online from our web and our contest will be starting. Our community could start to design some new Open Source Hardware projects and we will start to reward them with PCB tokens.


this sounds fun, could you give examples of some of the open source hardware?


Thanks a lot for your comment.

Yes, we have developed an open source protoshield board for make your own open source hardware, and we are developing and documenting more projects with it.


For more pictures about our open source hardware products, please check our web.


Great job guys :+1::+1::+1: let’s go


Thanks a lot for your support and join us.


Resultará muy perfecto.

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Muchas gracias por el apoyo.
Por favor, voten por nuestros proyectos Please vote for 451PCB projects aquĂ­.


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Estamos muy interesados en el resultado que parece impresionante.

Seguro, será muy parecido a este hackathon.

Voten por nuestros proyectos aquĂ­:

Gracias.por su apoyo.

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This will be an effective renaissance