Exon Center - new era in DeFi platforms

Project Name: Exon Center
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: Exon Center
Team Member(s): Our team contains 6 members. @viktormanin , @tschernysh , @Kathe_Haliant , @stepanetssergey , @Kseniia , @Xomka
Project Goal: Our aim is to make DeFi projects closer to user where is simple UX/UI and show that NFT is not only a picture but it can be a great part in project business model and have a real backup like DEX liquidity, farming and etc.
Project Info: https://exoncenter.com/static/ExonCenterPresentationEN.pdf
Project Repo:
App - https://app.exoncenter.com
GitHub - exon-center · GitHub
Project Details: Exon Center - DeFi платформа с лидирующей на рынке функциональностью. - YouTube
Project Milestones:
Mar 13, 2022: Done Farming service.
Mar 31, 2022: Done detailed platform Analytics.
Apr 13, 2022: Attraction new users to our platform by using advirtesement from influencers and different bloggers.
Apr 30, 2022: Done NFT Stake Offering.
May 13, 2022: Done Exon Voting.


This is a pretty good idea!


Thank you for your reply. Feel free to ask any questions.

Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate that.

Hi @exoncenter
Welcome to TRON DAO Forum.
Just a friendly reminder that the project info PDF link in your initial post is not working as the resource was not found on your server - 502 Bad Gateway.

Feel free to elaborate on what new features your DEX will bring compared to other DEX out there to attract more users to check out your project.

All the best.


Hello, thank you for contacting us.

Our team are from Ukraine. Right now there is war in our country and our developers are sitting in bomb shelter, because there are a lot rocket attacks on our city.

We don’t know when will be safe time to fix all errors.

Пн, 7 марта 2022 г. в 17:18, TronLive via TRONDAO Forum <trondao@discoursemail.com>:


Thanks for the response @exoncenter
No worries about the errors for now, it is just a friendly reminder to check it when it is convenient.
At this stage, we think it is best to put your effort into staying safe.
We wish each member of your team (@viktormanin , @tschernysh , @Kathe_Haliant , @stepanetssergey , @Kseniia and @Xomka) all the best and hope that all these unfortunate events around you will stop soon.

Stay safe, be strong, don’t give up & take care!


Great idea!! Good to know from you


thank you for your participation
I enjoyed discovering your project
Good luck in your DeFi journey


Hello, are you close to finish the farming service ?

Hello, I am CEO of Exon Center. Unfortunately, we have paused all development, because of rocket attacks and our team is in bomb shelter everyday. There is a war in Ukraine. After our victory we will continue our development.

thats good idea . :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Good idea, thank you

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Thank you, we have fixed it.

Tnx. now we will continue our work.

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Tnx. we have fixed it. Now we will continue our work.

Can you explain to me how your DEX will be different from say SunSwap which is already on TRON?

Also, do you have a devpost URL link?

Thank you for question. First of all our main product is Exon NFT - fully collateral by Exon Center activity which include Exon Swap liquidity.

Difference between Exon Swap and SunSwap in profit of liquidity provider fee. Users can earn 100% of swap fee when maker use personal link for swaping. If liquidity was enough - user collect 100% fee. If not - will get % depend on his part in pool.

And forgot about link - Exon Center | Devpost

Great idea!! Good to know from you