My Hackathon Entry - Decentralized Exchange

Project Name: [DEX TRON]

Project Track: [DeFi]

Team Name: [Solo]

Team Member(s): [None]

DevPost URL: [Obioma Osuagwu's (Justobioma) software portfolio | Devpost]

Project Goal: [I wish to submit a DEX I had built earlier on the Polygon testnet as part of my learning experiences . It promises to be an exciting project on the TRON network and I can’t wait to have it finally completed!]

Project Info: [Coming soon…]

Project Website: […Coming soon]

Project Test Instructions: [The DEX is a ETH/NFT Token Exchange. The simple way to this is to exchange test ETH with Tokens that already reside in the address. More to come…]

Project Details: [More details to come here including photos and video]

Project Milestones: [Coming soon…]


Wow what a wonderful project


What an awesome project


Would love to see more about the project.

Keep building. :slight_smile:

sorry if you didn’t make it :frowning_face:

Project creator gone