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Topic title: Bit Tron Green Dex- Decentralized Exchange

Project Name: DEX for Bittron green
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: GreatTronCoders
Team Member(s): 1 - salmanghouse1
HackerEarth Project Link: https://devpost.com/software/dex-for-bittron-green
Project Goal: Create a DEX
Project Value: Create a DEX with no registration, trade any crypto, buy sell, powered by green energy
Project Info: Coming Soon
Project Website: Coming Soon
Project Test Instructions: Coming Soon
Project Details: Coming Soon
Smart Contract links: Coming Soon
Project Milestones: 1.create smart contracts, 2.Create Frontend 3. create graphics 4.integrate 5.deploy to green energy servers

Let us know if this is a great idea! Or any improvements or advice as this is my first blockchain hackathon. Lets Go Tron!


Welcome to the hackathon! Creating a DEX for Bittron Green with a focus on green energy is a really interesting idea. We know security is paramount. What your ways you will secure your smart contracts and user funds?


Please provide more details then


We will be using secure code practices in developing smart contracts, private functions, proper variables, types, and following the trc20 standard for developing the token. I will be testing the contracts also.

Any feedback is welcome. :grinning:


Interesting fact of the dex: :point_right:I will be using low power machines or green energy to develop, deploy, and host the DEX.

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Welcome to hackathon season 6, this project is very interesting but Can we create a frictionless, privacy-preserving crypto trading experience powered by sunshine, that disrupts the status quo and empowers the everyday crypto enthusiast.

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Glad to finally see an entry in the DeFi category but there’s so missing parts that are really important. Now what timeframe are we looking at for you to update your entry?


oh nice? welcome to Hackatron S6.

Love to see another Dex coming to tron. Update your submission and let’s see how it will go. All the best


Welcome to Season 6, glad to see an entry in the DeFi category, not a lot has been disclosed here but I’d like to advise that you should consider incorporating a comprehensive KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) mechanism to enhance security and regulatory compliance.


Welcome to the Season 6 of the Tron Hackathon, everything you write is coming soon but how soon


Welcome to this Hackathon session :clap:
Will be looking forward to the completion of your project post. Pls add up all the details ASAP for the community to have a better knowledge of what your project is offering

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It’s a good thing to see more Dex on Tron
Then as a new project and a new Dex for that matter is there something that you building differently or will there be any spices you are cooking to attract new users? As a one man team can carry up the task alone ?

Hoping to see more info updated

The Dex Exchange on BTT love it :heart_eyes:, what’s the update on the development mate ?