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Project Name: Exon Center
Project Track: NFT
Team Name: Exon Center
Team Member(s): 7 @viktormanin @tschernysh @Xomka @stepanetssergey , @Kathe_Haliant @Kseniia @BorkinCrypto.
DoraHacks URL: Exon Center | Buidls | DoraHacks
Project Goal: Create powerful ecosystem around our core innovation - smart NFT
Project Info:

Exon Center is worldwide innovative platform built by skilled team from Ukraine :ukraine:.

The team experience of the cryptocurrency has been going on since 2014. At the beginning of 2021, the team gathered to implement the services in demand.

The main product is a platform where available decentralized services for working with financial assets.

Exon Center - not only covers the needs of an ordinary user of cryptocurrencies, but also provides a solution for projects / services / products helping them from scratch - creating a token, listing on the exchange, adding to farming and creating a DAO community. With such an integrated approach, we give users a quality product and projects, and for projects - investors and a ready-made community.

Market insight innovations enable our team to deliver in-demand products. So we put all popular DeFi services in single NFT which serves an identity in Tron blockchain.
Project Repo/Website: https://github.com/exon-center
Project Details:

We can highlight several of our main services:

  • Exon NFT

First of all, our diamond is Exon NFT. It is not just beautiful picture minted by any guy, but it is powerful tool to earn money in crypto world. Because all of our services are strongly connected to this NFT. It means that even if someday you will be tired of our services, you can just sell it on our Exon Marketplace, just like selling ready business in real life! Cool, isn’t it?

  • Exon Swap

Then comes Exon Swap. But what specialty differs our Exon Swap from others swap? We made innovative system of rewarding liquidity providers so they much more motivated to hold their actives in our exchange. And of course this system levels out Impermanent Loss.

  • Exon Farming

The core service of our biggest trigger of growth, is powerful tool for earning money, yeah, I’m speaking about Exon Farming. Obviously you can say, that a lot of exchanges have it. And you will be right, but, Devil is in the details. Our Exon Farming provides our users earning money not only by depositing their LP tokens to farming, but also by percent of earnings from their referrals 6 levels deep. This means that a lot of people will be doing massive structures of invited users to gain more profit and as the result, will bring us tremendous amounts of clients.

  • Exon IDO

First launchpad with cool referral system which can attract a lot of absolutely new users to project with low cost advertising. Business model of IDO platform is built to pretend very simple to users and for projects.

  • Others

After that we are planning to do a lot of services to make the best of our Exon NFT, such as Exon Analytics, Exon Marketplace, different interesting collaborations, expansion to a new countries and a lot of other interesting things.

How we built it:

To start with, we created powerful business plan that aimed to provide our users different services to satisfy all their needs. At the same time we could reinvest all our earned money to improve all our existing services and creating a new one. So this is win-win strategy.

  1. We chose main direction in DeFi for our primary services in 2021.
  2. Tron blockchain was chosen as best solution for our needs.
  3. We started from Exon NFT as a base of our ecosystem.
  4. We have integrated referral program in all our services as a best solution of powerful marketing and attracting users and projects.
  5. Exon Swap was pushed in mainnet in January 2022 and now it has 8 trading pairs.
  6. We have build Exon Multisend which allows influencers attract in easy way new customers to their blogs and to our platform.

Challenges we ran into:

The main challenge we were struggling with, was our core smart NFT. The main idea of this thing is that it works like account/identity in Tron blockchain on our platform that keeps all your data. This is the thing that no one done before so it was a little bit hard to do it.

  1. Liquidity. Exon Swap liquidity belongs to Exon NFT. So, the more liquidity this particular NFT have, the more it real cost. With liquidity growth and trading volume allows Exon NFT holders to earn more as a liquidity provider from total and personal liquidity.
  2. Influencers friendly. We will made a lot of services such as Exon Multisend or Exon CryptoBox which will help different bloggers and other people to make our platform easy recognizable among all others projects.
  3. Knowledge. Our platform is the best example how different crypto services works. Step-by-step user can explore how to make token, how to rise funds on Exon Launchpad, how to add trading pair on DEX, how farming pool works, how to make governance in crypto projects.
  4. Community. We are community-driven platform, no community - no platform. Our aim is to fix their problems in crypto

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

  1. The main thing we’re proud of that we have our lovely community that helps us in every difficult situation. We feel that having people around like this is very important and will lead us directly to the stars).
  2. We are first platform that integrated NFT as identity in blockchain system that have a real collateral.
  3. We are first DEX which gives up to 100% profit from swaps.
  4. We are first farming service with economy proved referral system.
  5. We made our own oracle in Tron blockchain.
  6. We developing hard our project under rocket missiles above our heads.
  7. We are first!

What we learned:

Let’s summarize our lessons.

  1. We tested all develop environments in Tron blockchain.
  2. We learned how to use different technologies to achive our aims.
  3. Learned better communication with community, our team, and other companies to collaborate with.
  4. Learned how to attract users in our platform and projects listed in our ecosystem.
  5. We learned how to make NFT as a real business due to it’s collateral.
  6. We learned how to struggle with different difficulties on our way.

What’s next for Exon Center:

We will produce as more services for our users as we can, for example Exon Farming, Exon Analytics, Exon Vote, Exon Academy, Exon IDO, Exon Labs, Exon Energy to help other projects become more powerful. This is our plan for maybe 2 or more years. so we really have much to do, but now our main aim is to become top 1 DeFi platform in Tron blockchain.

Project Milestones:

We are trying to do our best due to a hard conditions that we have in our country, so we can’t leave you accurate dates of releases of our services, but here I’ll provide you approximately dates.

Apr 27, 2023: Release of Exon Energy
May 15, 2023: Release of Exon Analytic
Jun 1, 2023: Release of Exon Spy
Jun 15, 2023: Release of Exon Fortune
Jul 1, 2023: Release of Exon Box
Jul 15, 2023: Release of Exon Free NFT
Aug 1, 2023: Release of Exon Galaxy


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I’ve been a part of this project for at least a year, a lot of cool changes have been released this year, but there’s still a lot to come.


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There are a lot of new updates upcoming! So soon will be released Exon Energy. Where you can save and earn on a commission in a Tron Blockchain


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