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The project is worth looking into. I wish you financial well-being and success, we are with you :rocket::rocket::rocket::ukraine::100:


You welcome to Trondao forum
Stay active

You are highly welcome to the TronDao forum community feel free to interact :handshake:

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Welcome to the forum


Hi @exoncenter Welcome back to the hackathon and for joining S4!

It’s great to see you and the team back from S3, is this an update to the same project, if so your team might want to update the category to an Builder Track.

If this is indeed the case do you mind highlighting some of the updates for your project for S4 since S3?

Also how do you plan to maintain the Exon Center community and keep them engaged with your platform over the long term?

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A very cool project. I have high hopes for him. I am an active user of exon center services. I also participate in their testing. Communicating closely with the team, they are very pleasant and responsible people. I must note that I gained fundamental knowledge about the crypt at Exon Academy.

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Tnx, we will make our best!

Hey! Thank you!

We hav big ecosystem and every time add new services. On this week we will launch Energy service.

All new services we will launch till September.

Our business-model gives opportunity to invite new users by themselves.

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Big things will come to fast)

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