Overview of the TradeCoin project

Project Name : TradeCoin
Project Track : DeFi
Team Name : Dspyt Team
Team Member(s) : 2 - @AlexFedotovqq @pfed-prog

DoraHacks URL : DoraHacks

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Project Test Instructions:

Video instructions for the application

Project Info :


TradeCoin is a decentralized protocol for automated token exchange on TRON

What it does

The inspiration for TradeCoin was to create an automated, trustless, and permissionless system that allows users to exchange tokens in a secure and transparent manner. We wanted to create a system that would make it easier for users to access liquidity and trade in a secure and private environment.

How we built it

TradeCoin was built using a combination of Solidity smart contracts and a React Framework Nextjs. The smart contracts handle the exchange of tokens, while Nextjs provides serves an decentralised application to an end user.

Challenges we ran into

The primary challenge we faced while building TradeCoin was ensuring that the protocol was secure and reliable. We had to ensure that the smart contracts were written in a way that would protect users from potential exploits and would handle unexpected errors gracefully. We also had to ensure that Nextjs was written in a way that would provide a secure and user-friendly interface for users to interact with the protocol.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We are proud of having built a secure, reliable, and user-friendly protocol for token exchange. We are also proud of having created a platform that provides liquidity to other projects and protocols, allowing them to access the necessary resources to grow and scale.

What we learned

We learned a lot about smart contract development and TRON security best practices. We learned how to create secure and reliable smart contracts, as well as how to design an intuitive user interface for interacting with the protocol. We also learned how to provide liquidity to other projects and protocols.

What’s next for TradeCoin

We plan to continue to improve the protocol and make it more secure and reliable. We plan to introduce new features that will enable users to access more liquidity, as well as providing additional security and transparency. We also plan to expand our platform to support more tokens and protocols, allowing users to access a greater variety of liquidity options.

Built With

  1. javascript
  2. nextjs
  3. react
  4. solidity
  5. vercel
  6. Trust EVM
  7. Mantle
  8. XDC
  9. Fantom

Important Links

  1. WebSite
  2. Twitter
  3. GitHub Repo
  4. DoraHacks
  5. instagram
  6. communication.with.tradecoin@gmail.com

Project Milestones:

  1. The project completes liquidity pools launch and swaps for tokens
  2. We are planning to implement an uniswap v3 like swap functionality within a month
  3. We will also revamp the ui and improve the design pallete
  4. Finally, we will pitch to investors and launch on mainnet

Video Review

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News about the project :scroll:

Updates 02/03/2023

  1. The project’s UI :dizzy:
  2. Added react query :dizzy:
  3. Bug fixes :dizzy:

Updates 08/03/2023

  1. Added sponsors to the main page :dizzy:
  2. Added Fantom :dizzy:

Updates 16/03/2023

  1. Added buttons for mobile version :dizzy:
  2. Replaced background on all pages except the main page :dizzy:
  3. Fixed various bugs :dizzy:

Updates 19/03/2023

  1. Changed the initial picture on the site :dizzy:
  2. Fixed various bugs :dizzy:

Updates 20/03/2023

  1. Fixed Footer :dizzy:
  2. Add new post to section "Blog":dizzy:

Updates 21/03/2023

  1. Added our mail on the site :dizzy:
  2. Added instagram :dizzy:

Updates 3/04/2023

  1. Fixed bug with Footer :dizzy:
  2. Started redesigning the exchange tab :dizzy:
  3. Added animation on the Exchange button :dizzy:
  4. Fixed minor bugs :dizzy:
  5. Added smart contract :dizzy:
  6. Changing pool :dizzy:
  7. After all the improvements, we will begin to shoot a video instruction :dizzy:

Updates 8/04/2023

  1. Improved exchange interface💫
  2. The application is configured (but not completely):dizzy:
  3. At the moment, preliminary preparations are underway to record a video on how to use the application :dizzy:

Updates 9/04/2023

  1. Fixed bugs in the application :dizzy:
  2. Added video instruction on how to use the application :dizzy:
  3. Fixed bugs in the interface :dizzy:

Updates 10/04/2023

  1. “Project Test instruction” video has been added to the forum :dizzy:
  2. Updated video on the site :dizzy:

Updates 16/04/2023

  1. A survey was conducted among readers :dizzy:
  2. After the results of the survey, the “Contact us” page was updated :dizzy:
  3. For more accurate results of the survey, we created a survey on Instagram, which also confirmed that the new sample of this page is more interesting to users than the previous one :dizzy:

Updates 19/04/2023

  1. We started reworking the interface :dizzy:
  2. A new interface has been made in the exchange :dizzy:
  3. A new interface has been made in the pool :dizzy:
  4. A new interface has been made in Contact us :dizzy:
  5. Next, we will fix bugs, as well as add updates to the interface :dizzy:

Updates 20/04/2023

  1. The interface of blogs has been updated💫
  2. Fixed a bug in the exchange :dizzy:
  3. Fixed the pool💫

Updates 24/04/2023

  1. The exchange page has been updated :dizzy:
  2. A new interface has been created in the exchange :dizzy:
  3. A new selection of tokens has been made💫

Updates 26/04/2023

  1. The exchange page has been fixed :dizzy:
  2. Started adding a new system to the exchange :dizzy:
  3. Changed the interface in the buttons :dizzy:

Updates 1/05/2023

  1. Added a custom 404 error page💫
  2. Added a monthly review to the forum :dizzy:

Updates 12/05/2023

  1. Fixed bug with screen in Contact us💫
  2. Fixed various bugs :dizzy:

Updates 13/05/2023

  1. Added a pop-up window with a warning💫

Hola, parece un proyecto interesante, que ofrezca un protocolo de seguridad para los usuarios es muy importante .
He visto su video en you tube, la interfaz presentada parece ser sencilla, cosa muy importante para todo tipo de usuarios. Felicidades


Gracias. Muy lindo. tomemos en cuenta


Good, first of all congrats for joining this season’s HackaTRON :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:. You are the first to submit your project here, congrats once again.


I have seen people using trustless in blockchain off late, which means there is no need to rely on any third party to transact. It’s a decentralized. Is it different from dex like justmoney, pancake swap and other dexes, if yes what makes it different. Thank you


Thank you, we are very pleased :upside_down_face:


Individual positions are aggregated into a single pool, forming a combined curve for users to trade against, with multiple fee tiers to compensate LPs for varying levels of risk. :face_with_monocle:


oh OK so people will provide LPS like all other Dexes right?


You’re saying the right thing. :upside_down_face:


alright but still it is not clear to me. What makes your system trustless and different from the Dexes we know


We will proide comparative analysis shortly


good good, thank you for time
Appreciate :pray::pray:


You are welcome. Good luck. :face_with_monocle::slightly_smiling_face:


I attached a link to the project below so you can study it. Thank you for your likes under the project! :yum:


Congratulations to you TRADECOIN PROJECT



Dear TRADECOIN PROJECT,. I have a question based on your:-
The inspiration for TradeCoin was to create an automated, trustless, and permissionless system that allows users to exchange tokens in a secure and transparent manner. We wanted to create a system that would make it easier for users to access liquidity and trade in a secure and private environment.

Now my question is

What is the main difference between TRADECOIN and P2P??


I love your concept, inspiration behind TRADECOIN PROJECT.

I read that TradeCoin was to create an automated, trustless, and permissionless system that allows users to exchange tokens in a secure and transparent manner.

Please are the limitations on the kinds or types of coins or token that should be traded?

Or is it limited to Tron TRC version coins???



I would like to know what they plan to build to expand the project and what list of coins they will implement, thanks


I just followed you on twitter and you have few followers.

How do you plan to gain massive follower for engagement and exposure??


En eso difiero, a mí por ejemplo no me gusta Twitter y por lo tanto nunca utilizaría esa aplicación y como yo hay mucha más gente.