Re modification of Baoziswap and New Releases by SafeMoney Dev Team

Project Name: Re modification of Baoziswap and New Releases
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: SafeMoney Dev Team
Team Member(s): 5 members

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Baoziswap Goal:
Baoziswap a decentralised exchange on the TRON Blockchain with the aim and goal of making exchanges and swaps of tax tokens and non tax tokens on Tron Blockchain as easy as possible. Having this in mind it is our aim and goal :

  • To provide new and modern way to Financial solutions on Tron Blockchain and web3 at large

  • To provide as simple as possible user interface for exchanges of Tax and non tax tokens on Baoziswap

  • To Help TRX communities grow even more better with easy swaps and exchange

  • To provide welcoming space for new and incoming projects coming to Tron Blockchain through partnership and support

  • To Maintain and Develop a Great and Sustainable Ecosystem on Tron Blockchain with Baoziswap

  • To help SafeMoney Team as well as the community of newly and established tokens on Tron Blockchain remain more stable and strong together

  • To provide a more sustainable solutions for tax and non tax tokens on Tron Blockchain

  • To help build good communities and an option to earn by using Baoziswap.

Our Project Info:

Baoziswap Origin and Source

Baoziswap is a decentralised exchange on the TRON Blockchain with the aim and goal of making exchanges and swaps of tax tokens and non tax tokens on Tron Blockchain as easy as possible. Baoziswap launched not too long ago with the above aim of providing solutions to the great community of developed and developing tokens on Tron Blockchain not forgetting the Inspiration that birth Baoziswap in mind. The Team has been working tirelessly to make sure we deliver the best for Tron Blockchain, which birth the re modification of Baoziswap.

Project Website:
Baoziswap to be updated
Baoziswap new Releases Testing Link

Project Test Instructions: Baoziswap re modification is currently on going and not all features are currently added, as we are progressing in the hackathon development will be on going as well as announcement will be made available in the community, some are on the testnet too as we speak

Project Details:

The Source of Re modification of Baoziswap and New Releases

New Releases Video

Looking at our goals and plans, and having discover a lot of feedback from the community the team went on the route of obeying the community which led to the re modification of Baoziswap.

Baoziswap has been around for some time now and the community has been using it for a while now, and from time to time we have require feedback from the community, some complaints was of Baoziswap been kinda of slow and some functionality missing, however we took our time to listen to the community and look into how we could improve all complaints and make it better, one of the complaints also is the design, we discovered most of our community members and users prefer dark mode to the light mode which has moved Baoziswap to Dark mode now, with new colour combination for better UI/UX.

Furthermore, after the last release of Baoziswap staking pool functionality on Baoziswap, we have further decided to add Liquidity Staking to Baoziswap to further enhance the use of Baoziswap, which means you can now stake your liquidity provided once we hit mainnet and we make the launch and you will be rewarded with SafeMoney as well as USDD. This simply means you can earn more SafeMoney as well as more USDD by using Baoziswap

Also, the new UI/UX has been designed and done now, we completely switched to Dark mode now base on the research we made and the feedbacks we got and we changed the colour combination for a more beautiful user interface and also for a good user experience.

In addition, during the hackathon and after more functionality will be added and developed as well which we are going to keep the community up to date about, some of them to be expected is Baoziswap API for public use, as well as Price Checking Functionality, and analytics features as well as requested each pair chart.

Project Milestones:

As stated above, during and after the hackathon more and more features will be added to Baoziswap for better use and for sure the community can let us know more features they are expecting on Baoziswap which the team too could consider.

Furthermore, it is still in the plan of taking Baoziswap Cross Chain and that is part of the plan too.

Challenges and Bugs we ran Into

We ran into quite a lot of bugs while testing, as we are still testing some incoming new features that are yet to release, one of them is the speed of Baoziswap we discovered the speed is quite slow which is a bug and needs patience to look into, but now the speed has been increased and improved and made better now.


It’s the beauty for me💕


Is it an algorithmic stable coin?


@Litezy Really? Thanks for the compliment :handshake::handshake:


@Nuhuh Oh No not a stable coin, SafeMoney is a token on the TRX chain you could join our community here Community link


Beautiful :heart::heart:
Love it


Theres this idea inhave and also the mindset to make money in the future with @trondao


Thank you so much for the compliment, together we will make TRX more beautiful and attractive for new developers and investors


Nice design keep it up…


Thank you so much @Kelekele :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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Stay Updated with us as we bring in new features and upgrades to Baoziswap, you will surely love what we are currently working on!!! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


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wow looks really cool and good user interface

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Great project with honst team just our time will come and Safemoney will go to mars :rocket::rocket::rocket::v:


Best team!! Keep the good work :black_heart::black_heart:


LFG!!! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

Baoziswap is becoming better and better :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@nityaan Thank you for loving the interface, the goal is to make it better and better!!!

And we are not done with it yet, more updates are still coming

@Smsm Thanks for your support always and standing by us, SafeMoney will moon, we won’t stop developing!!! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:

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@Rafast Thanks for your response and support :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


Well done team, continuity is really important, the goal of upgrading Baoziswap is really great.