Open Source Hardware NFT shop by 451PCB - Open Source Hardware shop with NFT

Project Name: Open Source Hardware with NFT shop.

Project Track: NFT

Team Name: 451PCB

Team Members: 2 programmers


Social media links:

Project Goal: Create an Open Source Hardware shop with NFT tokens.

Project Info: A shop for Open Source Hardware sending info and data about projects with a NFT token when you buy real Open Source Hardware.

Project Repo: PCB-TRC20/NFT at master · 451PCBCOM/PCB-TRC20 · GitHub

Project Details: We have designed some open source hardware ready to be sold from our web shop. The hardware related info and especial projects documentation will be given to the buyer with a NFT token which give the access to this info from our web.


We will mint one NFT token TRC-721 for each open source hardware product and we will send it to the buyer. The NFT ownership will be recognized in the buyer user space interacting with Tronlink from our web and showing all the info related with the product. Special access to documents and projects to make with your specific open source hardware buyed from us and all this info can be downloaded by the user too. This will give to the products more value when you buy it from us.

As an NFT TRC-721 token it will be send or shared between users and sold on TRON NFT markets compatible.

Support and join us on the TronDAO forum to make it reality.

Thanks community for your continued support.

Project Milestones:

Mar 13, 2022: Start of Hackathon, we will have social media ready and build a community. The project will be in the designing stage.

May 14, 2022: 50% of the reward upon starting the project must be frozen for energy and bandwidth to deploy the NFT token smart contract. The reward will continue frozen according to the energy and bandwidth neccesary to mint and send our NFT tokens to the buyers.

Mar 31, 2022: We should have some designs for the user interface and the NFT tokens.

Apr 13, 2022: We will start to upload codes to github and work on improving.

Apr 28, 2022: Deploy, mint and test the NFT tokens on the TRON testnet.

Apr 30, 2022: Actual testing the user interacting with our web, product documents and special projects.

May 10, 2022: Deploy, mint and test the NFT tokens on the TRON mainnet.

May 12, 2022: Complain all legal requirements to sell the products from our web shop.

May 13, 2022: End of Hackathon one. All is ready and a usable prototipe will be released in our web to be able to do basic things such as buy Open Source Hardware and receive NFT tokens on testnet for be able to access to download info about the hardware and especial projects to make with it. We must have the shop online with 3 products to sell.

May 14, 2022: We will be ready to start to send to the buyers the Open Source Hardware and the NFT tokens sold from our online web shop.


Please check our merchadising shop on: Shop!/

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What types of Hardware exactly would you offer?

What is your expected demand for such a service and how will you attract customers?



Thanks for your very interesting questions.

We have designed a protoshield board for Arduino UNO and some projects with it.

It’s Open Source Hardware and the source codes to make it by yourselve is open. So the community can develop it to make more open source hardware.

The customers will buy products from us for the reward of a NFT which give access to special projects and specific info of the hardware their own automaticly in the user web space using Tronlink.

The expected demand is arround 100 to 1000 boards per year.

Don’t hesitate to contact with us for more info.


Welcome to TRON DAO Forum @451pcb
We have some questions for you:

  1. Since you mentioned customers will buy products from you, can you let the community what kind of products are you offering?

  2. Where will your product be shipped from and is it targeted towards a global audience or only to specific countries?

  3. After the user bought an item from you and received the NFT, what else can they do with the NFT? Do you foresee a secondary market for the NFT that is minted?


Thanks a lot for your very interesting questions.

1.- He are offering an Open Source Hardware protoshield perf-board for Arduino UNO R3 and other open source hardware compatible.

2.- Our products will be shiped from China and Europe, so we will send products to all the world. We hope to be in parnership with more distributors in a near future.

3.- As an NFT it will be shared between users or sold in other compatible NFT TRC-721 token markets or P2P. We will mint NFT TRC-721 tokens by ourselves with utility from our own web, but it could be utilized only with other compatible web markets based on TRON in a near future. We are not in partnership with other webs or NFT markets just now.

We will try to explain all this better in our project detailed description.

Don’t hesitate to contact with us for more info.


looking interesting, good luck♥


Thanks a lot for your support.

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What is the approximate price of this device? :blush:


I think a special device seems to have a high price :heart_eyes:


Thanks for your question.

A protoshield board Arduino UNO R3 and compatible hardware could cost from $5 to $30, shipping cost included on diferent electronics markets. Our price will be the price of a PCB now. But the reward for a PCB token could increase in a near future with more components and never decrease. So a PCB token will be the price for the hardware just now, shipping cost included.

You can see more hardware pictures on our web:

Thanks a lot and please, vote for us.

Sure, it depends of the market, the special hardware and the stock.

Please vote for 451PCB projects here.


Thanks a lot for your support.

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Is it Arduino Uno Board?

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No hay manera de votar.

it looks cool, anyway, looks good.

IT’s a protoshield for Arduino.

You can make an Arduino with it only adding some components.

Thanks for your support and vote for us.

Claro que sí.

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Thanks a lot.

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