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Project Name: NRG wallet
Project Track: DeFi
Team Name: NRG Team
smart contract N/A
Team Member(s): @Stian @TMMS @TronNinjas
HackerEarth Project Link: NRG - HackaTRON Season 5 - Submission | HackerEarth Hackathons
Demo Video:


Please note the APK is a demo only for testing purposes, you should only use the NRG wallet by downloading from the Play stores

We’re thrilled to present to you NRG Wallet, a pioneering initiative from our startup that aims to streamline the complexities and financial hurdles faced by users on the Tron and BTTC chains.

Problem and Objectives:

Despite there being an impressive average of 151,014 USDT transfers monthly on Tron, our market research indicates that many users lack adequate understanding of the optimal ways to interact with the chain. This often results in inefficient usage and unnecessary expenditure. Further, the current wallets supporting Tron do not sufficiently cater to the robust community of dApp users and the array of projects that thrive on Tron every day. These two primary issues serve as a substantial hindrance to the wide-scale adoption of these chains and the flourishing of myriad projects.

Our project, NRG Wallet, is designed to address these challenges by fostering user education, streamlining the interaction with the blockchain, and nurturing a community-first approach that will accelerate the adoption of Tron and BTTC.

Project Details and Methodology:

NRG Wallet is a comprehensive multi-chain wallet offering support to Tron, BTTC, ETH, BTC, and Matic, with a pronounced focus on the Tron and BTTC chains. Our platform simplifies the intricacies of using Tron and BTTC, providing a user-friendly, cost-effective tool for personal finance.

Our approach is rooted in extensive market research, concentrating on the areas of highest energy consumption on the Tron blockchain. By doing so, we aim to deliver a more energy-efficient, user-friendly experience while also offering in-depth educational resources that empower users to interact with the blockchain more effectively.

Our Vision:

At NRG, our objective is straightforward yet potent - to facilitate cheaper, easier transactions on the Tron blockchain for users worldwide. Our platform enables businesses and users to capitalize on NRG’s smart energy rental system, which significantly reduces transaction costs and offers an opportunity for profit.

Envisioned as a discount layer, NRG enables transactions at lower costs. Despite the popularity of Tron for USDT transfers and cross-border remittances, using Tron can be expensive for those who lack sufficient TRX (Tron’s currency) for acquiring the necessary energy. Our solution allows users to rent the energy required for transactions, leading to potential savings of up to 75% on fees.

Amid evolving technological landscapes, we remain resolute in our commitment to bring NRG Wallet to fruition. We believe in the power of this solution to drive blockchain adoption, eliminate inefficiencies, and nurture a robust community. We are filled with anticipation for what lies ahead and look forward to sharing our progress with you. Thank you for your support and consideration.

About Us:

We are NRG, an innovative, self-sustaining, and the first of its kind decentralized energy rental system operating on the Tron blockchain. Our platform offers a secure and transparent medium for users to provide and rent energy.

Our team comprises seasoned web2 programmers, driven by a passion for solving real problems and creating impactful solutions.

Project Value:

NRG Wallet Functionality and Working Mechanism:

The NRG Wallet is much more than a simple cryptocurrency wallet - it’s a comprehensive personal finance tool that significantly enhances the user experience and efficiency of interacting with multiple blockchains.


The primary functions of the NRG Wallet include:

Multi-Chain Compatibility: The NRG Wallet supports multiple chains - Tron, BTTC, ETH, BTC, and Matic - allowing users to manage a variety of assets from a single interface.

Cost Efficiency: We’ve designed our wallet to provide seamless and cost-effective transactions. By understanding where most energy is consumed on the Tron blockchain, our wallet optimizes energy usage and ensures transactions are efficient and economical.

User Education: In the future our wallet is equipped with educational resources to help users better understand and interact with the blockchain networks they use. This empowers users and can lead to more effective use of their assets.

Community Support: In the future The NRG Wallet will support dApp users and projects on the Tron and BTTC chains, fostering a community-focused approach that can lead to more innovation and growth in these ecosystems.

How it Works:

The NRG Wallet operates on an innovative model powered by NRG and a community of providers. Here’s a break down:

NRG Power: The wallet harnesses the power of NRG, at the heart. The usage of NRG ensures a secure, swift, and cost-effective transactional environment.

Community of Providers: The NRG Wallet also leverages the power of community providers. These are network participants who commit their resources to support the functionality of the wallet. They’re incentivized through a reward system paid in TRX, creating a mutually beneficial environment.

Adaptive Energy Management: Our unique model allows for adaptive energy management. When a user initiates a transaction, the wallet communicates with our network of providers to source the required energy at the most optimal rate, thereby ensuring that the transaction cost is minimal and efficient.

The NRG Wallet, therefore, offers a transformative experience to blockchain users - bridging the gap between the complexity of blockchain and user-friendly experiences, while fostering a more robust and inclusive ecosystem. We’re at the forefront of not only increasing blockchain adoption but also contributing to its overall growth and advancement.

Project Website:

Project Test Instructions: Download the APK file from the Google drive provided and install on your Android device or contact a member of the team to be added to the beta program and download from the Google Play store.

Create a new wallet

Send 5 TRX to your newly created wallet.

Send 1 USDT to your newly created wallet.

Send 1 USDT to another address and enjoy discounted transactions

Project Details: For details to follow

Smart Contract links: N/A

Project Milestones: Downloadable APK file


Thank you to everyone for your feedback. We have been making some changes to the design of the wallet and have now added a Dark and light mode along with some significant UI improvements!


Always ready for new missions.

Powerful #Tron army.

Congratulations and I am happy to see you this season too.

I love this, keep building

For the first time if I am not mistaking, we are going to have a wallet which have dapp supports for both #tron and #Bttc. I hope it is not limited to only these chains?


Welcome to HackaTRONs5 ! Awesome @TronNinjas are already here with a powerful project ! Good luck to you !
Can’t wait to checkout your application !


It’s multi chain. Supports BTTC, TRON, BTC, ETH and MATIC


Talking about the dapp browser


You welcome to Tron Hackathon session 5.

Feels so good to have your project come up with such impressive innovative solutions to Reducing transaction fees for the common man using Tron.

All the best and kudos to your team.


Here are my questions .
In mind I know that the wallet is under building and development.

Q1. We all seek for Crypto wallet that would give us( users ) some big levels of security.

So would NGR wallet access to Private keys or would the wallet store private keys?.

Q2. In addition would NGR wallet provide some additional features like Hardware support for the big guys that would prefer it?

Q3. Good to know that NGR WALLET will support Muti chains… Very good.

So what could be the fees attached to using NGR wallet both for withdrawal and transactions?

Looking forward to reading answers.



Hey thank you for taking the time to have a look at our latest product. We will support Tron BTTC and three others all with full DApp support.

Keep following our progress here and we will provide regular updates.



Thank you for your support


Absolutely, security is our primary focus, and as such, we’ve adopted a self-custody approach for the NRG wallet. While server-side storage might provide additional features and backups for wallets, it may potentially pose security risks to users, which we strive to avoid.

When you create an NRG wallet, a unique private key is generated on your device. This key is under your control and no one else has access to it. It’s critical to keep a backup of this key for safekeeping. The key is encrypted by the wallet software and stored on your device locally, reinforcing our commitment to self-custody. From a technical perspective, our wallet is fully self-custodial.

While we’re in the early stages of our journey, we currently do not offer hardware wallet support. However, we’re always seeking to enhance our services, so this feature might be part of our future roadmap. In terms of fees, the NRG wallet provides a considerable reduction, offering users a discount of up to 75% on current rates.

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm. If you wish to contribute further to our mission, we invite you to mint a TronNinja NFT and stake it. Staking pays daily in TRX, which comes from our projects. Visit us at GameFi Play to Earn On Tron to get started.

I hope I was able to answer your questions.



Ok one more suggestion for future updates: To gain more active users, please add the ability to add other chains and tokens manually, especially evm support blockchains.

This is one of the advantages #metamask and #trustwallet have over others.

These chains too comes with some good number users.


I am glad atbthe level you guys at @TronNinjas has been grinding hard, both in days and night, to create a long lasting impact to users of Tron blockchain. Kudos on taking the lead in HackaTRON Season 5 submission.

I couldn’t be more happier on this Season of the HackaTRON than I am with the introduction of the NRG Wallet and the much added features its coming with. Another kudos to your team on this innovative idea you’re bringing on the table.

Wishing you all the best in this HackaTRON :heart:


Honestly you guys have been rendering lots of easy solution to the Tron ecosystem users all these , am happy to see you guys again with another great product that will solve alot of barrier in the Tron ecosystem and of the crypto industry at large
Personally am happy it will be also available in an app version , I can’t wait to test it in and out,… kudos to the team behind NRG wallet, wishing you guys all the best :handshake:

Before I forget,… welcome to Grand Hackathon Season 5 :fire:


Thanks you for your clarification and delication to providing and build this product for our Tron blockchain.

Good to know that there is almost 75% fees reduction.

Please additional questions.

Q. Does this 75% in fees reduction just for this early stage
Or will it be included for a long run for the project?

Don’t forget, I will be open for Testing and using of the NGR wallet, more suggestions and contribution will be coming soon.


Just a few questions to the team

  1. With BNB been the 3rd largest chain on TVL by CoinMarketCap, it raises some kind of questions to why it’s not in the list of chains that the NRG wallet will support. And will there be a support for the BNB chain in the future?

  2. What will power the NRG wallet. Like, what token will transaction cost be paid with. Main chain token or with the ecosystem token?

  3. Will there be any alternative in paying transaction fees. Eg I want to send a TRC20 token from NRG wallet to another wallet, will I have the option to chose between paying for the transaction fees in either of TRX, the TRC20 token that I want to send or even your native token?


Smashing looking forward to downloading…:+1:


Bienvenidos de nuevo a este S5, veo que están presentando un proyecto de gran valor para usuarios y ayudando a fomentar la comunidad.
Les felicito por su anticipada información, esperando el desarrollo de sus aplicaciones.


Hi guys, congratulations for, once again, bringing those great products to life.

I wanted to know if other blockchains will be added before the end of the Hackathon? Maybe BNBChain & Arthera? :eyes::crossed_fingers: (btw Matic is the old name of Polygon :wink:).

What is the biggest challenge you are facing while building a wallet?


Hey guys !
I am really looking forward about this wallet.

Hopefully you’ll be able to make an insane UI.

Congratulations and good luck :mechanical_arm:


Great to see you back in the game again. Wishing you the best of luck this season.

Can’t wait to try it out.

One question though, does users of NRG Wallet necessarily have to go through the process of accessing the NRG dapp to rent energy to make transactions.

I would love it if users of the wallet can make seamless transactions whiles the system takes charge of the fees in the background in terms of cheap energy.

I don’t know if you get what i mean :sunglasses: