NRG & Community DAO - By TronNinjas Team

Project Name: NRG Tron
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TronNinjas
Team Member(s): @TronNinjas Mo Co-Founder - @TMMS - @CryptoRhino - Co-Founder @Stian - @cryphic
DevPost URL: NRG Tron | Devpost
Project Goal: To provide a low cost Decentralized P2P energy rental service
Demo video:Tron NRG - YouTube
Project Repo/Website: [

The feature required to make this Dapp possible only exists on the nile test network and is not activated on the live blockchain. Therefore this functional proptotype can only go live once the feature has been activated.


We noticed early on a constant demand for energy rental from Tron users. The current energy market, as it is today, is fragmented. Not one system can pool users’ resources to provide a one-stop shop for energy rental; A JustLend of the energy market, if you will. The current market size is estimated to be around *$3.2 million annually. Our inspiration for this project came from a demand for the service & DAOs. It allows us to create a system that will give back to the community sustainably—allowing longevity to support start-ups on Tron. *Source: Dapp Radar

What it does:

Tron NRG is a Decentralized P2P energy rental service that allows users to save on Tron transaction fees by renting energy! Users who provide energy benefit from receiving 60% of the rental fee while providing a low-cost service. Furthermore, from the end of Q4 2022, 10% of all rental fees are sent to the community DAO, allowing providers to vote on funding for Tron project proposals. The sharing economy meets perpetual crowdfunding on the Tron blockchain.


The NRG rental service is built to provide energy for those who need it but also allows those who have extra TRX to earn passive income.

Renting NRG:

Renting energy is made easy. Go to our Dapp, connect your wallet, choose the period and the amount and approve. Easy, affordable and stable NRG 24/7.

Supplying NRG:

Supply NRG to the system and start earning passive income on your TRX. To provide, you need to swap to the NRG token. NRG token is a non-tradable token stable to TRX. 1 TRX = 1 NRG. Supplying is easy. Just go to our website, and swap your TRX to NRG.

How we built it:

NRG Tron, at its core, is a collection of smart contracts that perform the functions required to freeze TRX to provide energy to any account. The Dapp was made using various technologies. Net 6, Solidity, JavaScript Node.js, HTML, JS, and CSS. The application is hosted on AWS.

  1. NRG providers exchange TRX to NRG – TRX is held in the contract and used to freeze energy which the user can swap back for TRX . There is a 72 hour unlocking period which ensures open orders to be closed.

  2. NRG users can use the system to rent energy on Tron, helping reduce the cost of their transaction fees.

  3. The community DAO is phase two of the NRG project and will go live in Q4 2022.

Challenges we ran into:

Creating a fully Decentralized system to allow energy rental was a challenge in itself. The concept and design were challenging, which led us to investigate the capabilities of the TVM in great detail. This investigation led us to realize that our services could, in fact, not only be fully decentralized but could also remove some of the limitations on current energy rental services. When renting energy from NRG, users can rent for an unlimited period. Although we have limited the number of days to six, this will increase as the system grows.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of:

NRG Tron is a great addition to the Tron ecosystem. We are proud to be part of the growth we see on Tron. We believe the system will not only help support users by reducing transaction fees but will continue to support the Tron ecosystem in many years to come. Although it has been a challenging journey, we are proud of our achievements as a team. Solving problems is at our core, and we feel proud to have created Tron NRG to solve a problem that we saw and overcome the challenges in every step.

What’s next for NRG:

From the end of Q4 2022, the NRG Community DAO will be live. 10 % of all earnings from NRG rental service will go back to the TRON Community. We are serious about giving back and building TRON. You have an impact on the NRG Community DAO. Users of the NRG rental service are automatically members of the DAO and have the right to nominate projects for the funding that the DAO received from the energy rental service. For Tronics by Tronics.

The NRG Community DAO is a Kickstarter for projects on TRON. It can be an NFT project, token, exchange, marketplace or any project built with TRON in its core and is new or struggling with getting the recognition it deserves; We don’t control that; you do


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