Pump On TRON | The anti-rug meme launch and trading application

This is an intriguing project! Bonding curve token launchpads are emerging across platforms and becoming the next big trend, often sparking meme seasons within ecosystems. Starting with Solana, these launchpads are now expanding to various ecosystems, from Ethereum to Cosmos. Currently, Tron lacks such platforms, and gaining support from the Tron ecosystem could be instrumental. Here’s to hoping you become the catalyst for a meme season on Tron, potentially generating substantial revenue, akin to pump.fun ($66M Yearly Revenue). Best of luck, and looking forward to your win!

Also, We’ve also built a project on Tron. Here’s our submission: dCharacter.AI. We allow creators to build their own fun AI characters with just a few clicks :art::robot:. Our marketplace is currently growing with different characters created by multiple creators. Do try them out and have fun! :tada: Cheers!