ClayQuacks - Building a Play-Doh World

Thanks for sharing this, kudos and keep building.

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As you will see, we are not only trying to build this project, there is also NFTYFLAKES where we want to collaborate with other projects so that they can use them as enhancers for their games. In addition to that, we reserve a percentage in the tokenization of our QUAK memetoken for development and marketing, since we want to go far. At the moment we have worked on the development on our own, at the moment we have our FIAT jobs and we have fun creating these projects.

We created a tokenization to be able to manage the future of the project, which you can see above. That’s why we were able to think about creating an airdrop of the QUAK token with the mint of this collection at a very affordable price, where you can get an NFT and some tokens if you want to enter our ecosystem, and also boosting the TRC721 on Tron.

It would have been easier to add liquidity to a pool, but perhaps this way would be unfair since large whales could obtain large amounts and play a strategic role for our future. Diversifying using the airdrop seemed like a fairly fair way for everyone.

I think that the community that is coming in is supporting us, and vice versa. Other projects like @constantinpricope201 (onchainvision) or @DaLirium (Brutus.Finance) have already given us great things. We are very grateful for this.

We try in places and spaces of the Tron community, to seek relationships and integrate. We are not just ClayQuacks. We did a rebraning for our TG and GitHub account for FarmHouseCartel.

FarmHouseCartel is composed of NFTYFLAKES, CLAYQUACKS & QUAK, all of them will be needed for our next steps.

We plan to launch our own market at ClayQuacks or NFTYFLAKES, opting more for the second since we are the Flaky Road of this new space. We have many things in mind and others already almost done.

Thanks for your support.

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What is the utility of your NFTs ?

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Clayquacks and NFTYFlakes will be needed together QUAK memetoken for the next steps like our next 3d render FLAKYQUAKS, designed so that any project can integrate them into its game. This is how we intend to make clayquacks useful.

Making a remix of our ecosystem.

We had planned a stake but it was better to skip that step and do something that is really practical.

Like NFTYFlakes, it will be integrated into other projects such as games, used as energy boosters for its characters.

It’s inspiring to see your commitment to building both ClayQuacks and NFTYFLAKES despite having other professional commitments.

How do you envision collaborating with other projects to utilize NFTYFLAKES as enhancers for their games, and what criteria will you consider when selecting potential partners?

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Please use the rigth site for this question on NFTYFLAKES post.


Thank you for replying to me, I get it how you are a small community right now but there is a saying that less is more, goodluck to you I wish you success

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You are very right with that, we have achieved a lot these days working together with other projects that participate in this hackatron. Thanks to @OnChainVision for support us with his bot and @DaLirium supporting all this with Brutus, and @JustMoney for help us with the integration on JM.