NFTBL | Your Own Football Team - NFT Football Management game

Project Name: NFTBL | Your Own Football Team - NFT Football Management game

Project Track: GameFi

Team Name: NFTBL

Team Member(s): 3 (web3 product, fullstack dev, smart contracts dev)

Project Goal: Build football management game that combines the passion of football with the freedom of web3

DevPost URL: NFTBL | Your Own Football Team

Project Website: NFTBL for Tron22

Project Repo: GitHub

Project Info:

Hey Folks!

We love football like many people around the world (hope, you too).

Also, we like card games and see how this game mode is taking over the world last years.

We decided to mix it :slight_smile:

We use opportunities of TRON blockchain to create NFT Football game where gamers would be real owners and managers of their football club and player’s NFT cards with exciting online P2P matches between gamers

We start developing this idea before Hackathon and we wanna go all the way from concept to working product with first players during this event.

Project Milestones:

What we’ve already made:

  • powerful idea

  • initial design & graphics

  • basic frontend implementation

  • basic smart contract realization

Plan for July:

:white_check_mark: Integration with TRON blockchain
:white_check_mark: Add following functions to smart contracts:
fungible tokens minting, staking,burning,

:white_check_mark: PVP winner prize enrollment,

:white_check_mark: NFT upgrades using fungible tokens

:white_check_mark: PVP matches gameplay (vs bot if opponent is not found in MVP)

Further plans:

  • First NFT collection draft
  • Inner token marketplace for game sources trading
  • Game Beta testing

We’ll share all updates and share links on project a bit later here. Stay tuned!


Will the performance of the players be a reflection of the real world players performance?

For instance, if I own Eden Hazard’s card and Eden Hazard is harmed, will my player be harmed as well?

If I own Lukaku’s card and the real one scores 3 goals this weekend, will my Lukaku’s card get a kind of bonus? Better performance?


interested. lets go ahead.


Hi @fabsltsa and @chookd1!
In the first version of the game, NFT players will not be directly linked to real players because of copyright issues, but once launched we want to move towards partnerships with clubs or FIFA.
Now we focuse on technical realization of MVP and creating best possible gaming experience since launch


We created amazing NEW DESIGN for NFTBL!
ENJOY and SHARE your thoughts about it here!
Stay tuned :sunglasses:


What will be the determinant of the prices of the NFTs will it be base on their normal price on real world?


Thanks for your answer.

Will you need some beta testers?

Which coin/token will be used to purchase/upgrade players?


Hi @Lola!
In the first NFT batch, players will have different characteristics and prices, but no link to real players yet due to legal issues. If you have any ideas how to handle with that feel free to share :wink:


Thank you for your willingness to help the project!
As soon as we publish the project for the hackathon, you can try it out.

NFT players will be purchased for TRX. To upgrade them gamers will use inner fungible tokens #BALL and #GOAL. We’ll share details about game tokenomics soon!


It doesn’t seem you have a Devpost URL submission for the TRON Hackathon?
Did you submit your project officially yet on devpost?


Hey Guys,
Last Update before submission!

We finished many things this week!

Integration with TRON blockchain. Final edition :white_check_mark:
Add all necessary functions to smart contracts :white_check_mark:
PVP winner prize enrollment, :white_check_mark:
NFT upgrades using fungible tokens :white_check_mark:
PVP matches gameplay (vs bot if opponent is not found) :white_check_mark:

Can’t wait when you try our game and give your feedback.
Guys, thanks for your support!
See you in game!

Link to try here
Note: Get 10,000 TRX (Shasta Testnet) from Twitter account @TronTest2


Hey, I think you should tag the post with the category you’re competing in! In this case, I would presume it’s “gamefi”


@sergeyaikhel Football manager web 3 Gamefi sounds like a winner if the engagement and rewards are good, looking forward to seeing some visuals for this :+1:


Which kind of football are we talking? :soccer::football:


Yes, thank you, now tagged

Soccer :soccer:
Soccer :goal_net:
(need 20 symbols to answer)

We wanna prepare beta before submitting project, so we’ll share link here in next few days. Thanks for reminder :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds interesting, good luck with your project!


Good luck to the team on this submission. :fire::fire::fire::fire:


As a frontend developer in this team, I wanted to say that we have done a great job, a super interesting concept looks really promising and absolutely working. Try it by link in description :sunglasses:

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