TronVerse PvP - Multiplayer Battle

##Project Name: TronVerse PvP

##Project Track: Builder

##Team Name: Tron Bull Club

##Team Member(s): 5+ teammates

##DevPost Project Link:
##Project Website: Currently residing on partner gaming platform.

##Project Test Instructions: Go to and you will automatically be matched with other players and bots. You can also connect your wallet to play with your Tron Bull NFT. If you need an NFT, please ask a Tron team member to request one from @tronbullmanagement on Telegram. We will gladly send you one, so you get the full experience.

Our team is one of the few projects in web3 that has created an NFT collection, multiple quality games for the NFT collection, and fully game playable 3D characters that represent and look like the 2D NFT. We did have to scale back development over the last year and a half in order to weather the gaming crypto downturn as preserving resources at the time was a business decision. Otherwise, we would not be here right now. That is us being transparent. Some may agree and others may not. Nonetheless, our key focus was to be sustainable until the timing is right. We feel the gaming web3 space has already bottomed and better times are ahead.

Going forward, our goal is to establish key partners in order to advance our brand and offerings to the Tron community. Our ultimate goal is to launch the gamefi elements for our games, launch a token to support the game economy, re-release an optimized mobile version of the games, launch the NFT rental system, continue to expand the TronVerse world, and make Tron Bulls the #1 NFT on Tron.



TronVerse PvP is inspired from the Tron Bull Club NFT collection. We want to bring an exciting multiplayer game to Tron that utilizes their beloved mascot in a fun shoot’em up format. We believe BTTC and Tron can be key players in Web3 gaming. We are here to help in that regard.

What it does

TronVerse PvP allows NFT holders to play with a 3D version of their 2D NFTs in a player versus player combat where winners earn rewards for their gameplay. You simply connect your wallet, select which NFT you want to play with, and the battle begins. You also have the option, via our partner, Score Milk, to wager TRX on your matches. How fun is that?

This initial version of TronVerse PvP showcases the fully functional and fun gameplay dynamics that will serve as the foundation of the play and earn model that comprises our next phase in development.

How we built it

We built it using Unity and pushing the limitations of webGL. We put a big emphasis on creating a “fun” game first, as many web3 games are simply not fun to play. We then converted all the Tron Bull NFTs to loveable game playable 3D characters so that the NFT holders can play with their actual NFT character. We are one of the few projects in Web3 that have done this. All 15,012 NFTs are game playable characters.

Challenges we ran into

Making a browser-based shooter game with high-end graphics requires a high degree of optimization in order to balance the game. Converting all 15,012 NFTs to optimized 3D game playable characters also had its challenges.

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

We’re excited to share our achievement! Our team has developed a fun web3 competitive multiplayer game featuring the Tron Bull NFTs, positioned to lead the charge in the play-to-earn landscape across the Tron and BTTC blockchains. Setting ourselves apart, we’ve successfully transformed 15k NFTs into premium playable characters – a noteworthy accomplishment. Interested players can already experience both our single-player and multiplayer offerings on Score Milk, our trusted partner platform. Give it a try and see for yourself!

Using desktop, you can connect your Tronlink wallet, select the Tron Bull Club NFT you own, and play a head to head combat game with the 3D version of your NFT character. If you do not own a Tron Bull NFT, you can play with the default character. This game is also set up where you can use the Score Milk platform to wager TRX, Syscoin, Matic, and Metis on your match. Winner takes all.

What we learned

Over the last few years, by studying our web3 competitors, we learned that a web3 game will not be successful nor sustainable if the gameplay is not fun. This is why we built a “fun” game first. Now that we have the gaming foundation built, we will focus on the next phase of our project, which is the integration of the financial mechanics of the game. This will include the launch of our ecosystem token, the introduction of in-game assets, gaming rewards, and NFT rentals.

What’s next for TronVerse

The next phase of TronVerse includes the launch of the TronVerse token and the introduction of in-game assets on BTTC. This token will be the basis for the Play and Earn component of the game, where NFTs and/or tokens can be staked and gamers can play and earn as part of a sustainable gaming economy. Our end goal is to be the leading gamefi experience on the Tron/BTTC network.

Built With

##The Tron Bull Club NFT smart contract is:

The games connect to the Tron blockchain to verify NFT data and render the playable game characters. The gamefi smart contracts for in-game power ups and weapons. along with the token generation contract, has not yet been deployed. That is part of our future milestones. We wanted to get the games right before focusing on the financial aspects of the game. Without a good game, the gamefi elements serve no purpose. Unfortunately, this is where most games have failed.


TronVerse by Tron Bull Club - Gaming and Metaverse on the Tron Blockchain

Welcome to the session, looking at your project submission. Found out the following

  1. You not following the right format, secondly you in wrong track.
    You won before in session 2. So this session you should be in the builders track.

  2. What has been the major new update or progress made so far. Trust you understand that new developments must occur during this hackatron session and not in the past.

Excuse my mistake. English is not my first language. What is the format? Can I edit? And how can I change to Builder track?

  1. We have been working on getting Player versus Player working properly so that gamers can actually play each other with NFT. This also included integrating it to platform so that matchmaking and wagers can happen. That was not possible before. Before that, we were designing and creating the map and the basic game mechanics that we put out in unplayable demos.

This format was the one used on Devpost. Sorry if I did it wrong. I can correct if needed. Let me know.

mate you didn’t even read rules. your whole submission is missing many many required information. You just upload s2 project by changing some texts and this, disappointment…

Season 2 we didn’t have any of this working. You should go check out the game. We did not have PvP.

Season 2 we had a 1 player game(completely different map) that was score based where users could log in with their NFT and get on the leaderboard.

Here is the new game.

Hello @TronVerse , everything is good.
As a suggestion, I would say that you to add the following to your forum application:
Source code, smart contract links and Devpost project submission link

These are all important details. Good work, good luck.

Thank you. I will make changes tonight. Sorry for error.