Interpool: The Sport Prediction Game where everyone wins!

**Project Name**: Keytrace
**Project Track**: Web3
**Team Name**: Dora Coders
**Team Member(s)**: 1 @shivagarwal
**Dorahacks Project Link**:

you are welcome to Hackatron S4 please is this project different from the one you submitted last season? If this is a continuation of the last season’s submission then I think buiders track will be the best track for you.:pray:

and your submission looks some way, not too clear not getting it well


Hello welcome to S4
Seems you’ve submitted something similar in the past it’s best you enter under the builder’s track
2) Eco-friendly is for project on TRON or BTTC that are building on projects to promote greener earth.
Seems your project is on polygon or so

Nice work

Hola, tal como indican mis compañeros te sugiero que te unas a la pista de constructor, bienvenido al S4.

@Claw and @Perrin is this from your camp.??


I think there should be an update on your submission and more clarification about your project, and detailed information about your goals

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Confused @admin.hackathon @StevenTRON @WindsOfChange92 kindly check this

Hello seem your posting here nor appropriate.

All the best.
But I doubt everyone wins
In sport prediction games

Thanks Nana for the tag, no someone just forked our project and repost it :joy:

Hi in the previous season it was us but for this season someone just forked our repo and republish exactly the same project (same name, same logo, and same folder)

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El vigilante!

Nope, not from our team…
Thanks @Nana66419 for spotting it !

Ok thank you
Not accepted here

@admin.hackathon and @WindsOfChange92 please i hope this is an outright disqualification.

Thanks @Perrin and @Claw for the clarification. :joy::joy::joy:

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I followed interpool from beginning to this very day, if someone wants to pull a fast one on the community then he chose the wrong project to fork and repost.

He was definitely going to be spotted.:joy::joy::joy:


:joy::joy:buddy is always on the watch

Hahaha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy: some people always want to play smart in the forum but we are watching every project.

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They forget that we have FBI HERE

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Hahaha the all seeing eyes are watching everywhere.

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Do you know what’s funny? :joy:
I don’t even find it wrong maybe forking a open source project that hasn’t been submitted before and converting that project maybe from algorand to Tron (making huge changes like even writing new smart contracts and deploying) then we know you’ve done a lot of work and you propose new ideas

But this project owner just went ahead to fork a project that has been submitted, made no changes and even the project name on the header of the submission doesn’t match the project name on the description of the submission

Interpool header
Description Keytrace


The Topic alone got me laughing.

Interpool: The Sport Prediction Game
where everyone wins!

Seem it’s a double entry or
Copy paste

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