Come and join our HackaTRON S4 community topics and win prizes!

Hey there Tronics, here we go again!

For those that are unfamiliar with TRON HackaTRON, did you know that anyone can win prizes in our HackaTRON S4, even if you’re not a coder? All you have to do is stay engaged and participate in the forum discussions. We’re excited to see what ideas you bring to the table :exclamation:

According to the HackaTRON S4 rules:

The community contributor bonus prize will be awarded to individuals who did not win another prize. Up to 10 individuals may split the 5,000 USDD prize pool with a minimum of 500 USDD/per person.

Here are some tips for those that want to get a community contributors prize:

  • Take a look at the HackaTRON Season 4 projects that have already been posted on the forum and leave some questions to learn more about their hackathon projects.
  • Be a helpful community member by answering any questions that others may have here.
  • If you come across any spam or scam posts, you can flag them for the admin to review.
  • Keep asking questions and helping out others after the project submission period before the community contributor winners are picked.
  • You can also offer your knowledge by creating a guide, useful tips, video tutorials, or anything else that may benefit the community or hackathon participants.

Furthermore, for this season’s hackathon, we’ve been advised to take a step back and let the community come together and help each other out organically. By doing so, we’ll be able to see members who are truly enthusiastic and dedicated to the cause. We are sure that the hackathon admin team has already taken note of these outstanding individuals. Kudos! :clap:

Anyway, let’s start with two hackathon-related topics now.

Q. We know that S4 has added two new tracks eco-builder track for existing hackathon projects to participate in and an eco-friendly track for projects that have a positive impact on the environment. From the look at the projects submitted so far on it seems like the eco-friendly track is still not getting a lot of momentum yet. What new track can you recommend for the next season and what’s the reason behind it?

Q. Apart from Devpost and Dorahacks, what other hackathon platform do you think TRON DAO should try out in the future?

Q. If it’s possible to have an offline hackathon event in the US, where would you like to see it held? How should an in-person hackathon be hosted to make it more interesting/challenging?

Q. Currently, we are still seeing a lack of community engagement from project participants. What advice can you give to project teams participating in the recent hackathon to get more exposure and gain more community support?

Q. Do you think having a builder track is useful? Builder track allows existing hackathon participants from previous seasons to join a specific track to keep developing their existing projects. Why and why not?

Q. Did you notice any projects missing from the community poll for S4 that you think should be up there? While the Hackathon team has rules to ensure fair participation, we still want to hear from you! Please note that some projects may not have made the list due to these rules. However, those projects that didn’t make the list still have a chance to win one of 3 Determination Prizes of 5,000 USDD if they can prove that are serious about building and push their projects to the mainnet by June 1st.

Q. What are some projects that you are keeping an eye on? Do not self-promote and spam here please :smile:


Hey TronLive,
Glad to be part of this Tron Hackathon (Hackatron) session 4.

It really good idea for letting the community engage organically with member who truly delicate to this

We all stand to gain the following from the Hackathon ( either as builders, developers or contributor).

  • Team building, this help us enhance in our communication and cooperating skills even with dateline pressure.

  • Capacity building:- as we all gain knowledge and experience different from our own usual traditional ways

  • Networking:- very important for me.
    We stand to meet liked mindset that we maybe collaborate with before and after the HACKATHON.


I would suggest:-

i see HACKEREARTH aimed at leveling up coding skills and hiring the best tech talent.

It supports virtual Hackathon, that Also could enable Tron to host
Its future Hackatron.


Thank you @TronLive
We are back again, some of us didn’t go anywhere so we are welcoming the other people.

We had a great hackathon last season and we are hoping for a greater one season too.

For the tracks, now #AI has been the talk of the day so I will be happy if we will have a track for #AI next season.

And as the hackathon platforms, I do not have much knowledge about these. To be frank Igor to know more about hackathons from #Trondao
I know of the two you mentioned by the help of tron hackathons. I will do some personal checks and come back to suggest.

I would like to talk about project participation, I read something like Dorahacks have restrictions for some countries (I stand to be corrected)
So currently Nigerians do not qualify to participate in this season’s hackatron (devs). I think this is one of the reasons we are seeing lesser project this season. The last time I checked on Dorahacks, there were about 57 project’s registered. So if after this season and through the community suggestions we find out that it was a reason, #Trondao can then use a new platform which will allow people from these countries to join.


Welcome back @TronLive, its always great to be here to share ideas about how best we all can help to see the forum grow.

As always, i will touch on alot of things in this write up about the questions asked. Not all can be implemented but i know all will not be rejected. :joy:

A. Sorry if the names i give to my tracks does not make any sense, but i hope the explanations would.

Firstly i would like to see a track that will be dedicated solely for the education of the tron blockchain called the TRONDUCATION

In this track, developers will be required to create dapps that focuses on the what, where and the how

Where the what will be basically on the knowledge of the tron blockchain, the where would be places to get these knowledge and the how would be ways to harness the power of tron blockchain to make life easier and better.

Secondly, the next track i would like to mention is the CULTURAL TRACK in this track, developers will also be required to create dapps that are solving problems related to their immediate environment.

We have problems that are faced by us Africans but are the dapps built solving any of our immediate issues? We have problems that are faced by Asians but which of these dapps seems to address those issues.

If we truly want people to adopt blockchain technology, then the problem we are trying to solve should be a problem the person is actually facing. I take Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the Telephone, his mother was deaf, wife was deaf and he himself was a teacher for the deaf, this inspired him to develop hearing aid tools. He was addressing issues right under his nose.

Furthermore, i would like to suggest another track called the DISABILITY TRACK, in our quest to solve life problems i have never seen a track dedicated for people with disabilities. As we all know, disability is not an inability.

In this track i would like to see developers creating dapps for people with disabilities.

Samuel Akonnor is one of the greatest Artist with a speech impediment, how does his Art gets out to compete on the global scale. If a dapp is created where works from these talented people are showcased to the entire world, it would be highly appreciated.

Check his work out and tell me if he doesnt deserve to be pushed to reach the global scale.

Reference: Portia Gabor of TV3 did that documentary.

Lastly, i would like to talk about a Joint track, in this track, the trondao team will spell out what is to be built, the old developers and builders on the platform can come together and build it.

For example, we can have people who won in Defi, Web3 and NFT come together to form a group to build something that has been predefined by the trondao team.

In conclusion these are the tracks I currently have in mind.

Devpost and Dorahacks has indeed a cool and friendly user interface, i also think @trondao should look into DEVFOLIO, i think that hosting platforms also has alot to offer in terms of devs currently patronizing that place and their user friendly interface.

Devfolio to me will bring in new developers to help boost the morale of the tron grand hackathon.

Thank you

This is purely an opinion and in no means written to offend anyone. If it does then I apologize.


Hola @TronLive y a toda la comunidad.
Es una buena noticia el permitir que la comunidad tenga más autonomía y entre todos podamos relacionarnos y ayudarnos.
En mi opinión existen otras posibilidades de pistas, que se está incluyendo en otros hackathones y están funcionando muy bien.
Como sabemos no todo el mundo desarrolla y construye proyectos, lo cual reduce muchos usuarios que podrían entrar nuevos en el foro y no lo hacen.
. Propongo una pista de IDEAS.
. Presentando un pitch Deck + video, propuesta de valor sobre un producto creado en Tron, que sea inclusivo.
Los proyectos en el mundo de las criptomonedas aún no han pensado que existen muchas personas excluidas por varios factores, si queremos una web3 para todos debemos pensar en estos grupos.

  • Student/Teen track:- as we know the young one are the upcoming one
    We should unboard into the CRYPTO space

I suggest making track for student/ teen track

Would give room to students across the globe to make an effort in collaborating academic into blockchain
It could be science, arts or social
Maybe criteria for participation
Valid school IDs.


Nice one but last season there was a track called Academy track solely for students.


That means I missed that

That track then didn’t get much attention

Maybe it could be brought back
With little modication


Almost 20 projects submitted under that category.
Maybe it can be modified. But what do you think the modification should place emphasis on.


Please let me dig up that track for the last session
So I get back with feedback

Or kindly share link to that



Very interesting suggestions. :smiley:

I would support the decision of using Devfolio, it has a young and energetic team.

In terms of tracks, the suggestions are well thought. I like the collaboration track the most. We can have a dedicated page from TRON DAO which is “Request for Startups”, here all the ideas which can make TRON stronger can be mentioned and the collab-devs can pick one of these and present it as a project.


I like the idea of having a track for projects focusing on disable people.
Maybe we could keep the 5 main tracks (web3, DeFi, nft, gamefi, builder) as regular and then add an additional track that will be different each season. This time ecology, next time disability, then something else.


Thank you my director. This season you have not been very active like last season. I miss all your contributions. They were very informative, or u are planning on bring your own project this season??


Yh, people with disabilities are left out in all our building and therefore are forced to compete on the regular market just like anyone else. Which to me is not fair. They should atleast have dapps dedicated for them to make them showcase what they have to offer.


Yeah, not able to be active here.
But read all your insights with every project posted, you have been getting a lot technical.
I am sure teams will be getting good feedback with that.

Yes, collaborating with a team. Trying to provide product management role & experience. Hopefully will be ready to launch & join the other side. :smiley:

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Cada vez se está construyendo más para personas con algún tipo de discapacidad o excluidas.
Existen algunas apps que están integrando varias aplicaciones para este uso.
Lo que quiero decir que si queremos que Tron se accesible a todo el mundo y tenga mas usuarios, sería cuestión de trabajar sobre la blockchain inclusiva.
Hace unos días presenté mi proyecto de idea de belleza inclusiva en un hackathon que era dirigido por una gran compañía de productos de belleza.
Cada día se está pensando más en este grupo de personas, que también tienen sus necesidades.


Hello @TronLive first off thanks for the guidelines and secondly here’s my input;

Based on the current trend of the eco-friendly track not getting much momentum, TronDAO may consider adding a track focused on social impact or community development for the next season. This track could encourage participants to create projects that solve real-world problems faced by communities or improve their quality of life. This track could be appealing to participants who are passionate about making a positive impact on society. The reason behind this recommendation is that such a track could attract more diverse participation and address real-world issues.


TronDAO could consider exploring other hackathon platforms like HackerEarth, GitLab, or AngelHack for future events. These platforms have established communities of developers and offer a range of tools and resources for organizing hackathons. Additionally, these platforms have a track record of successful hackathons across different regions, which could help TronDAO reach a more diverse pool of participants. It may be worth exploring and comparing the features of each platform to determine which best suits the needs and goals of TronDAO’s hackathon events.


Thank you all for providing such useful feedback, a lot of good suggestions here. We will make sure to compile them and send them to the Hackathon team! :raised_hands:

Onto the next set of questions:

With all the ongoing recent US government regulations in the crypto field, hackathon organizers need to be more careful in screening participants and winners. We are sure that TRON DAO will find a way to ensure that the Hackathon complies with all legal requirements. We are seeing many calls for the student/academy/education track recently so our question is -

Q. If it’s possible to have an offline hackathon event in the US, where would you like to see it held? How should an in-person hackathon be hosted to make it more interesting/challenging?

Q. Currently, we are still seeing a lack of community engagement from project participants. What advice can you give to project teams participating in the recent hackathon to get more exposure and gain more community support?

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Q. If it’s possible to have an offline hackathon event in the US, where would you like to see it held? How should an in-person hackathon be hosted to make it more interesting/challenging?

Un hackatñon interesante/desafiante:
Mi opinión:
Tiempo de duración:
48H (permite que diferentes interesados del país se desplacen sin tener que poosponer sus obligaciones, por ser un periodo corto de tiempo = +participantes).
Creación de talleres: Programación
Educación ( realizar esquemas de temas que se pueden tratar y acoplarlos a
lecciones virtuales, en distintos idiomas).
Inclusividad: el mundo criptográfico al alcance de todos. Empezar a adaptar
todo lo que incluye como, programas, foros, mercados cripto, proyectos,
ideas, etc.
Vídeos y charlas.
Elección de los ganadores ofreciendo el premio correspondiente.
Visibilidad de los proyectos ganadores en diferentes medios y ayudarlos a seguir construyendo, ideando, enseñando.
P. Actualmente, todavía vemos una falta de participación de la comunidad por parte de los participantes del proyecto. ¿Qué consejo puede dar a los equipos de proyecto que participan en el reciente hackathon para obtener más exposición y obtener más apoyo de la comunidad?

Hay varios puntos:

  1. Existen en estos momentos varios proyectos que están solicitando acceso al foro para poder exponer su proyecto.
  2. Para que todos sepan que tienen que ser visibles en foro para que la comunidad pueda interactuar con ellos, debería haber un enunciado en un apartado con este requisito,(ya sé que está esplicado, pero indicandolo mediante imagen y texto, para hacerlo más llama tivo y así lo vean)
    3.Hacer unos Hitos de la exposición del proyecto en la comunidad.
    Les da más facilidad y no se agobian a la hora de crear y exponer.
    Esta es mi opinión, espero pueda ser de ayuda.