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Yh, people with disabilities are left out in all our building and therefore are forced to compete on the regular market just like anyone else. Which to me is not fair. They should atleast have dapps dedicated for them to make them showcase what they have to offer.


Yeah, not able to be active here.
But read all your insights with every project posted, you have been getting a lot technical.
I am sure teams will be getting good feedback with that.

Yes, collaborating with a team. Trying to provide product management role & experience. Hopefully will be ready to launch & join the other side. :smiley:

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Cada vez se está construyendo más para personas con algún tipo de discapacidad o excluidas.
Existen algunas apps que están integrando varias aplicaciones para este uso.
Lo que quiero decir que si queremos que Tron se accesible a todo el mundo y tenga mas usuarios, sería cuestión de trabajar sobre la blockchain inclusiva.
Hace unos días presenté mi proyecto de idea de belleza inclusiva en un hackathon que era dirigido por una gran compañía de productos de belleza.
Cada día se está pensando más en este grupo de personas, que también tienen sus necesidades.


Hello @TronLive first off thanks for the guidelines and secondly here’s my input;

Based on the current trend of the eco-friendly track not getting much momentum, TronDAO may consider adding a track focused on social impact or community development for the next season. This track could encourage participants to create projects that solve real-world problems faced by communities or improve their quality of life. This track could be appealing to participants who are passionate about making a positive impact on society. The reason behind this recommendation is that such a track could attract more diverse participation and address real-world issues.


TronDAO could consider exploring other hackathon platforms like HackerEarth, GitLab, or AngelHack for future events. These platforms have established communities of developers and offer a range of tools and resources for organizing hackathons. Additionally, these platforms have a track record of successful hackathons across different regions, which could help TronDAO reach a more diverse pool of participants. It may be worth exploring and comparing the features of each platform to determine which best suits the needs and goals of TronDAO’s hackathon events.


Thank you all for providing such useful feedback, a lot of good suggestions here. We will make sure to compile them and send them to the Hackathon team! :raised_hands:

Onto the next set of questions:

With all the ongoing recent US government regulations in the crypto field, hackathon organizers need to be more careful in screening participants and winners. We are sure that TRON DAO will find a way to ensure that the Hackathon complies with all legal requirements. We are seeing many calls for the student/academy/education track recently so our question is -

Q. If it’s possible to have an offline hackathon event in the US, where would you like to see it held? How should an in-person hackathon be hosted to make it more interesting/challenging?

Q. Currently, we are still seeing a lack of community engagement from project participants. What advice can you give to project teams participating in the recent hackathon to get more exposure and gain more community support?

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Q. If it’s possible to have an offline hackathon event in the US, where would you like to see it held? How should an in-person hackathon be hosted to make it more interesting/challenging?

Un hackatñon interesante/desafiante:
Mi opinión:
Tiempo de duración:
48H (permite que diferentes interesados del país se desplacen sin tener que poosponer sus obligaciones, por ser un periodo corto de tiempo = +participantes).
Creación de talleres: Programación
Educación ( realizar esquemas de temas que se pueden tratar y acoplarlos a
lecciones virtuales, en distintos idiomas).
Inclusividad: el mundo criptográfico al alcance de todos. Empezar a adaptar
todo lo que incluye como, programas, foros, mercados cripto, proyectos,
ideas, etc.
Vídeos y charlas.
Elección de los ganadores ofreciendo el premio correspondiente.
Visibilidad de los proyectos ganadores en diferentes medios y ayudarlos a seguir construyendo, ideando, enseñando.
P. Actualmente, todavía vemos una falta de participación de la comunidad por parte de los participantes del proyecto. ¿Qué consejo puede dar a los equipos de proyecto que participan en el reciente hackathon para obtener más exposición y obtener más apoyo de la comunidad?

Hay varios puntos:

  1. Existen en estos momentos varios proyectos que están solicitando acceso al foro para poder exponer su proyecto.
  2. Para que todos sepan que tienen que ser visibles en foro para que la comunidad pueda interactuar con ellos, debería haber un enunciado en un apartado con este requisito,(ya sé que está esplicado, pero indicandolo mediante imagen y texto, para hacerlo más llama tivo y así lo vean)
    3.Hacer unos Hitos de la exposición del proyecto en la comunidad.
    Les da más facilidad y no se agobian a la hora de crear y exponer.
    Esta es mi opinión, espero pueda ser de ayuda.

Mmm I will tackle the second question.
It seems the projects in S4 do not have communities. At least we should see some of their community members supporting these projects but what we always see is the old faces we know on this forum. Are they inviting their communities at all? Are they waiting till voting to invite them?

Some are not new projects so these old projects do not have a community about 50 people?
It seems the people I see here are from @turuglobal @TronNinjas #Tronbies and @JustMoney communities.

By the way kudos to the community members who are active here and doing their best to support #Trondao and projects building on #Tron
Cheers to us all


Tengo que añadir que yo pertenezco a la comunidad de @accesovip123 Cukies World y precisamente estoy 365 días activo en el foro. Gracias por tus felicitaciones.

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Thank you bro so we have @accesovip123 Cukies world community here.
You are doing well bro
Keep it up

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Gracias, todos estamos dando mucho en este foro

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Thank you for your input to improve the HackaTRONs. It is possible we could help promote these projects outside of the TRON Forum as they are most likely busy building! :slight_smile:

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The last one was organized at Harvard University, it was a superb event, the pictures from the event spoke volume. If there is another one to be held then try out Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as it is also one of the greatest schools that can give TronDao the best of atmosphere it seeks to achieve.

I am always saying for a hackathon to be interesting and challenging, the tron team should first identify their own problem, make it known to participants and watch them try to find solution in their own possible way.

Last season someone did an ATM machine that won first prize, what other DIY machines can be done by participants that are crypto and blockchain related. The last time it was an ATM machine, next time it could be a vending machine that accepts tron or any other cryptocurrency. Something realistic. We have been dealing with too much abstract things for a long time.

Another suggestion if permitted;
Just as America has alot of prospects in the field of computer programming, i think the team should also come down to Africa and organize some here, most people dont even know something like this exist in the world, just make your presence be known here and i tell you, the kind of things these guys will come up with, you will realise you have all these while been sleeping on a gem. I trust my guys here and i know when they are told to deliver they always set the bar very high.

That is very true, projects owners alone can’t be blame, the problem is in three folds

  1. On the part of administrators not been able to grant project owners access to post their project on time, it has well been explained that Dorahacks holds the keys now, but i think a little coordination from the part of the administrators can help fast track everything.

  2. On the part of project owners; most of them are quite tight will coding and trying all their best to meet their deadlines, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to ignore the community altogether, they should atleast find time to come around maybe once or twice in a day to answer questions.

  3. On the part of community members; it is great to have our own personal opinions and ideas to share, but it seems we are very much buried in our own threads than paying attention to these projects.

I remember @AlexFedotovqq pleading with members here to please check his project out and give suggestions, recommendations and ask questions but it seems his plea nearly fell on deaf ears. We are not here as a community to push our own agenda but to help push the developers to build something better for us all.

It is only when we read their post, try their dapps, watch their videos that we will be able to raise questions where necessary and make recommendations where applicable. We all need to play our part. The project owners alone can’t talk when they are not getting the needed response.

I hope we try as much as possible to give these projects the needed attention they all deserve.

Thank you


I suggest it should be held at Stanford university. But because we’re aiming to reach everyone, I suggest in future you consider other continents. For instance if it’s held in Africa atleast I will feel proud and feel being part of the community, thank you.


Hello again @Nana66419 !

We are looking to work with more USA Ivy league schools in the future!

We currently have a Web3 and DeFi track on our HackaTRON. It would be great to see more TRON wallet applications or real world projects created in our events.

We have done a NiTRON events in the past which were hosted globally. I will advocate and see if we can expand TRON events to other countries :slight_smile:

I also agree that in order to have project engagement we also need Community engagement. We will be working to expand the Forum population and reach. This will help generate more traffic to these projects.

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If that be the case then i would like to recommend, Princeton University. I know prospects from that school can deliver great project for tron.

Also i always like projects that seeks to solve real life issues and even if it is not solving, it is bringing another idea that is way outside the box.

I made mention of a vending machine that accepts cryptocurrency. With such type of machine in the mix of the traditional machines can lead to crypto adoption. Sooner than later, the traditional once that accepts coins might transition to crypto accepted vending machines.

So what real life problem does tron seeks to solve, make it known and allow these students to brainstorm and bring out ideas that can be worked on to solve the issue onboard.

Furthermore it will be very lovely to see new faces and more brains in the forum. The forum is filled with the usuals, we cant do it alone and most at times we tend to miss some crucial parts of some of the various projects development. As more like minded people come onboard, we can cover more areas to help these projects bring out the best in them to the tron community and the crypto space as a whole.

The next time you are in Africa, Ghana to be precise, kindly let me know, i will see what i can do to make the awareness big to bring in new devs that are ready to solve problems. Thank you


Need more participation from TRON DAO developers, community team & members on TronDAO Forum.

Maybe launching a mobile app for TRON forum would be greater for active engagement.

Anyhow, TRON developers should be active in at least one online platform to interact with community builders and members.


Happy Monday @Nana66419

TRON’s current goal is to become the global settlement layer and #BUILDtheFUTURE on blockchain. I recommend having students review our HackaTRON and see what building tracks we offer (Web3, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Eco-friendly). If students focus of these tracks when building Im sure they can bring great utility to TRON.

If I visit the Africa / Ghana area I will certainly let you know and we can organize a TRON supporter meet up :slight_smile:

I suggest we consider Eventbrite in the future. It allows users to have fun, create promote their products. I prefer it to other platforms because of it’s easy searchability.

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The few Ghanaians who are into crypto are very dedicated so it’ll be a welcoming moment to see you and engage with you