Come and join our HackaTRON S4 community topics and win prizes!

Need more participation from TRON DAO developers, community team & members on TronDAO Forum.

Maybe launching a mobile app for TRON forum would be greater for active engagement.

Anyhow, TRON developers should be active in at least one online platform to interact with community builders and members.


Happy Monday @Nana66419

TRON’s current goal is to become the global settlement layer and #BUILDtheFUTURE on blockchain. I recommend having students review our HackaTRON and see what building tracks we offer (Web3, DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Eco-friendly). If students focus of these tracks when building Im sure they can bring great utility to TRON.

If I visit the Africa / Ghana area I will certainly let you know and we can organize a TRON supporter meet up :slight_smile:

I suggest we consider Eventbrite in the future. It allows users to have fun, create promote their products. I prefer it to other platforms because of it’s easy searchability.

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The few Ghanaians who are into crypto are very dedicated so it’ll be a welcoming moment to see you and engage with you


I suggest project team members to engage members on especially ordinary days to have more fun in order to create a rapport between team members and the community. They can sometimes initiate conversation on any topic at the chitchat section to engage the community. By so doing they stand a chance of bridging the gap between the team members and the community


Heya guys! We’ve been blown away by the amazing questions you’ve been asking on the HackaTRON S4 participants’ project posts. Keep up the great work! :clap: Did you know that the system scoring for community prizes will be based on the activeness of your participation on the forum and the number of likes and post engagements you get? So, the more meaningful questions you ask, the higher your chances of scoring big!

Also, the Hackathon team is taking note of all the fantastic suggestions you’ve been making throughout the forum, and they’ll be adding them to the scores too. So, keep those suggestions and questions coming! Your participation is essential to making this Hackathon a success, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

Onto the next set of questions before the voting session begins!

Q. Do you think having a builder track is useful? Builder track allows existing hackathon participants from previous seasons to join a specific track to keep developing their existing projects. Why and why not?

Q. Did you notice any projects missing from the community poll for S4 that you think should be up there? While the Hackathon team has rules to ensure fair participation, we still want to hear from you! Please note that some projects may not have made the list due to these rules. However, those projects that didn’t make the list still have a chance to win one of 3 Determination Prizes of 5,000 USDD if they can prove that are serious about building and push their projects to the mainnet by June 1st.

Q. What are some projects that you are keeping an eye on? Do not self-promote and spam here please :smile:


thank you too for giving us this forum to bring out the ideas we have as community members.

With the first question, it’s very useful to have such a track. Previously we had some complains from New project about competing with well established projects, so I think that’s why #TronDao created this track for such projects.
Now they have their own league to compete with eachother. Also this track encourage projects to keep upgrading their already existing products. We’ve seen @JustMoney introducing #SpotTrading and others too

Q2: I am yet to see this season’s community poll.
So I will come back when posted…

Q3: lol, to be frank this season’s Hackatron has provided some great projects. I am keeping an eye on most of the projects in Eco-friendly track :pray:


HELLO TronLive
Hello everyone
Hello Tronics.

Thanks for the opportunity
Thanks for the information

A 1. For the builder’s Track.
In my opinion, it very important and necessary to have the builder’s Track.
For it show advance building and development from a particular project.

For me, it shows that the best of the building project are in that category.

I also so believe that from the builder’s Track.
Project can collaborate to complement themselves which at large is for the betterment of the Tron blockchain.

A2. About some projects not making up to to the qualifications list.
In my view, I believe the should a post that contains
All the disqualified project ( maybe with their Reason of DISQUALIFICATION).

A3. So happy to have and see some wonderful project for this S4 Hackathon.
Lovely track… my eyes on builder’s Track


Hola, gracias por la información.

  1. Pregunta, el tener la pista de constructores es útil para todos ya que vemos los productos que se han desarrollado anteriormente, deben en cada nuevo hackathon desarrollar una aplicación nueva y útil la cual hace que su proyecto se expanda y establezca un beneficio a los usuarios y a la comunidad.
    En mi opinión, en esta pista la dividiría por temas.
  2. Cuando llegue el momento de la publicación de la encuesta, comentaré si a mi parecer falta algún proyecto.
  3. Este S4 ha aportado proyectos de calidad, estoy revisandolos todos. Estoy expectante en la pista de constructores.

Hi @TronLive :wave:

I was thinking about the fact that the winners prizes are sent in 2 part (a part after the voting/judging period and the rest after the milestones are achieved).
This is great way to help builders to go mainnet without giving the whole prize away which pushes the projects to really deploy on mainnet.
But since the official results will come out on May 15 and the milestones should be achieved for June 1st, I think this 2 weeks period is a little bit short. I don’t think that Trondao Finance Team will have all the first payments executed early enough for projects to deploy on mainnet by June 1st. I don’t even think that all the projects will have the payment form filled by then :joy:
So for next season I would recommend to either pay the whole prize after deployment on mainnet or plan a longer period of time between the announcement of the results and the final milestone date. This way, new projects with smaller funds will have the possibility to get enough to achieve what they want to achieve before the last deadline.

Q1. Honestly I was very skeptical about the builder track before this season started. But finally I like the way it was implemented: Former participants building on top of something that was presented in a previous season and can show that the improvement is significant can join the builder track. Former participants building something totally new can participate in any other track. This track has been exciting for lot of projects but also community members :+1:

I see that the voting topic is open already so I will come back for the Q2&3 later.


I am suggesting we build a track on internet connectivity (I don’t know if it has previously been considered). We are now leaving in a world where without internet connection, we are never going to be excited regardless of where we find ourselves. Someone will be partying, at the sports stadium etc. And will still be wanting to be connected to the internet to do several things.

Apart from surfing through the net internet also helps us to connect our security gadgets to our mobile devices whether we’re in the house or outside. It benefits us in diverse ways

Some countries are fortunate to have easily access to these especially the developed countries but our part of the world (Africa) is lagging behind on internet connectivity. I am therefore suggesting that we include Internet of things ( if that’s the actual name) to our tracks and I think it’ll gain more momentum because we all know the essence of it and will be actively involved in it’s conversation. All the other tracks we’ve discussed so far largely depends on internet.


Best wishes to all the participants :+1: Look forward to progress and fun in this season too :blush::blush:


Great information i will try to add value for Hackathon 4 cheers

Good luck to all the participants!

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@TronLive the builder track need 5 votes :sweat_smile:
3 votes are not enough for a track gathering this much quality. Now I have to wait the last day to see which ones I could help with my vote.


hahahahaha still 5 is not enough
very packed with some great projects


Honestly to be specific builders Track needs more than 3 votes


Lol yeah couldn’t agree more :smiley:

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I thought I was the only one who thought of this.
3vote not enough.
Maybe unlimited vote( lols)

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In my opinion, TRON DAO should consider developing its own decentralized hackathon platform, independent of third-party platforms like Devpost and Dorahacks. By creating their own platform, TRON DAO can have greater control over the hackathon process and ensure seamless integration with the TRON blockchain ecosystem. This would enable TRON DAO to host hackathons more efficiently, tailor the platform to their specific needs, and provide a unique experience for participants. Additionally, a dedicated hackathon platform would enhance TRON DAO’s brand identity and showcase their commitment to fostering innovation within the TRON community.

What do you think guys ??

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Thank you @TronLive For this great opportunity

In my own point of view builders Track is very useful, vital and very important for the growth of Tron ecosystem
To elaborate my facts in details, a project like @TuruGlobal Has been committed to building, supporting and also attracting new investors to Tron ecosystem which is really a welcome development :zap: they are really consistently building on TuruVerse a project that is ready to connect and bring new investors on Tron, with what I have seen so far they are doing a great job and needs to continue building :office:
The same case with @JustMoney the best user friendly DEX on Tron, they always constantly building and improving all day to bring and spread a better trading atmosphere to the Tron community and crypto community at large, they are about to introduce justmony spot trading, isn’t that a great experience if we see that up and running at justmoney exchange? Yes it will be great but it requires funds to make this dream a reality.
So I still stands in my words that builders Track is so much important for the continues building and growth of Tron ecosystem

Honestly there has been lots of good potential projects with good team as well, I really hope they win and deliver with there respective good utilities that will also attract investors to Tron.

The aim and goal is to make Tron great, lively and friendly ecosystem :fire:

Wishing all projects all the best on there respective tracks this season 4 Hackathon