HackaTRON S6 - $5,000 Community Contributor Prize

Hey there, Tronics! Are you ready for another round of thrills? :firecracker:

Before the community voting kicks off on 2024-05-22T16:00:00Z, let’s inject some excitement into the scene!

For those who are new to the TRON HackaTRON, here’s a TLDR: You don’t have to be a coding expert to snag some fantastic rewards. Dive into our forum discussions, bring your energy, and participate in the discussions. We’re eagerly awaiting your brilliant ideas and the tough questions you’ll throw at our project teams.

Community Contributor Prize - Total of $5K worth of prizes
This reward is for 10 outstanding helpers from the TRON DAO Forum who offer stellar support and feedback during the hackathon ($500 in TRX each).

Engaging in this post is just the beginning. If you’re eyeing that Community Contributor Prize, here’s what you can do:

  • Explore the inspiring projects already showcased in HackaTRON Season 6 on the forum. Ask insightful questions and satisfy your curiosity.
  • Support your fellow enthusiasts by sharing your knowledge and answering their queries.
  • If you spot any shady spam or scam posts, sound the alarm, and our vigilant admins will spring into action.
  • Offer guides, helpful tips, captivating video tutorials, or any nuggets of wisdom to enrich our community and enhance the hackathon vibe.

Let’s dive into four hackatron-related topics right away!

  1. We noticed people are reporting bots, or human-bots. Some are using chatgpt responses to ask questions. What do you think the mods should do with these types of accounts?

  2. How do you find the quality of projects this season compared to last season? If you were not here last season, how do you find the overall quality of the submissions so far?

  3. What tracks do you suggest the team should add to the integration track? Payments, Bitcoin L2? Memetokens?

  4. What do you think we can try differently for next season’s HackaTRON?


Thank once again team, we are happy to be here and to help.

So far so good, before I go to the questions. I have one thing to say.
It seems there is still a problem with team members getting the access to post their submissions on the platform. Mostly these are those who report late to the forum. Some few hours to deadline, others will be busy asking @admin.hackathon for access. This is not the first time, I think we see these every season.

And they end up posting after deadline. Can’t these process be automated so that after registering on devpost they get access to the forum to publish their submission.


Very true, I am one of the people who always talk against this. Sorry to use this word but sometimes it is annoying… The reply to some answers does not have any relation. What I noticed too was that it was the orientation given to them by those who introduced them. They have this in mind that “they must have something to say or a question to ask on every topic” So they look for questions online to ask here. This comes as a results of no or little knowledge in crypto. So the only how they can contribute is to use any available means. It is not totally wrong because AI is here to help but the person using it must know how to make good use of it. Not copy and paste. It all adds up to the contribution on the forum so let’s pardon them and encourage them to make good use of such tools. I do invite people to the forum especially newbies in crypto, always the advice I give them for their first season is “not be prize focused, learn from others from the start” then your second season you will know what to do on the forum. But here is the case, someone invites his or her friends and family to join and the first thing they think about is to win prizes. When this happens, they will find any means to get involved, whether they understand what they are doing or not… It’s all but because sometimes I have a good laugh reading their posts lol. We hope they can understand and help us build together. Thank you


GM Tronics, Good to see the session 6 rolling to end. The active mode again in fees weeks, it been a wonderful experience again. Thanks to everyone.

Very good the Tron Mod have pay attention to this. Kudos.
Both human or non- human bot trying to cheat the system should be suspended. Same way bad bot are removed after the voting stage, should follow same.

Yes they maybe in here with us, but not willing to learn organically. To my observation too. They don’t even test any of the project to recommend anything, just a copy and paste work. Nope. The mod should suspend such account.
It annoying to be reading following up questions from human bot that doesn’t match at all.

If everyone should turn to human bot and using Ai questions for projects that need human engagement, testing and organic contribution then this forum will in problem.

My observation, we still have project rush into the final hours.
Some project are just like coming into the session with no tangible update, some are scams, some abandoned their former project to come up with new ones.

So far, I think the new project tracks would need Better explanation for next session.


Tho the bot account comments are good laugh as said by @Prince-Onscolo But as @Gordian mentioned these bot comments are mostly annoying. Banning bot accounts is the best option. There also could be a option for forum members to report a account like there is in twitter-X.

I think projects quality is slightly better than previous season. But some projects do not fill the eligibility criteria of the hackaTRON. I know they will be disqualified during pre-selection but it is very irritating as a community member reading the whole project only to find out it has nothing to do with hackaTRON. A strict warning must be given to such participants who do not even read before entering a hackathon.


There is the Flag option similar to the Report option On X l.


Yes there is. We can have option in it only where we can add why we are reporting a post. Like Spam, hate, bot or anything else.


Check dm. Have shared you how to do that.

Yes, law of natural selection.
Some don’t have full project update till today.
Makes one feels, the quitting the project.


Oh yes ! I just checked. Never tried this before. Now I am going to find those bots and report them lol


OK so let me continue. For bot accounts, you have nothing to do than to ban them all.

To second question…
We have some great projects as always but it looks like this season personally some new projects have not impressed me. For OG projects like @JustMoney has proved once again that they mean business.

Overall I am not impressed with how some presented their project


Any session you see JM just know the know they have the deliveries.
Kudos to them and all other doings best.
Tronenergize too, new project too from outstanding names
All the need is that spotlight and they will be absolutely smooth for Tron experiences.


Im new to the forum and it feels like a lot to read :sweat_smile:
I like the Projekts around BttTipBot, Brutus, OnChainVision…
There is a lot of energy around every Projekt in this forum!
There should be a HackaTRON-Explorer around :upside_down_face:


I was not here in the last seasons of the Hackathon but one thing I like the most of everything is some of the project really paying serious attention to their community that are asking questions and using their time to explain for better learning and understanding


Good I’m in this session. This is my first time in this forum. I have spend some time to read here. It not easy just like my sister will say @ines_valerie I’m understanding small small.

1 For that not account I just noticed some questions very bigger than me and I just feel I’m not knowledgeable enough to ask such questions. If the team see those bot questions not right, then those heavy users for this session or reported ones can be block

2 the quality of this session I can’t say. Because this season is the one I’m active . But some project are still having incomplete details. It good I will be here to see what will happen to them.

3 I don’t of any track to be added for now.


I suggest they add #memetokens. Memecoins unite community, increase engagement and others. Recently some memecoins on #tron have proving this and we all enjoy what they are bringing to tron network.


I have noticed bots as well (asking and also answering questions).

I think in the long run there is nothing that can be done on this level - it will be impossible to detect them. What can be done however is to reward verified engagement instead. For example only those that have tested the app (each app then needs to synchronize the users with the DAO somehow), get to contribute - similar to Amazon “verified buyer”. Or those with more interactive (video reviews) would be eligible.

It will be difficult to filter out bots going forward but it will be important to do it. How could we otherwise understand which hackathon entry would really do well in the market.


Perhaps link engagement with special HackaTRON NFTs? :smiley:

Each app gets its own NFT collection. When testing out an app, some actions can mint a soulbound NFT (a badge) for the tester. Or perhaps multiple actions can do it, so the NFT could have an attribute “Bounties Count”.

So each time a app-specific actions are done (determined by the developer), “Bounties Count” will be increased for the user (on his/hers NFT). Users with the most bounties are eligible for certain things (reviews, prizes, questions).


Hi Support @admin.hackathon , @support.hackathon
I hope this message finds you well. My name is Nomi, and I am a participant in Hackathon Season 6, but I am en

countering a problem that is preventing me from posting on trondao fourm.

Please give me accessing the ‘+New Topic’ button in the forum.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter promptly, If there is any additional information or verification required from my end to lift this hold, please let me know, and I will provide it promptly.


Hello @Nomi, good to join in this session hackatron.
But I’m afraid the entry ended some days ago.
You super late tho. Trust again next session and
Try to keep to time and date. All the best to you