HackaTRON S6 - $5,000 Community Contributor Prize

  1. Every time I look at the bottom of the projects, some of them always post ridiculous and the same questions. For example; “What makes you stand out about x”? Even though the guys didn’t even say in their statement that there was anything that made us stand out about this X issue, they keep asking questions like this. You should make those accounts to not able to vote when it is time to vote. Everything is solved.

  2. I’ve been following since season 3. I think hackathons are taken it to higher level this season thanks to @SimbadMarino . Projects are now being scrutinized much more closely, and that’s nice. Also, tron bot was effective in terms of pointing out the shortcomings. Bring it back again please.

  3. I have no idea about this topic, so preferreing to be silent.

  4. I don’t find the rewards very logical. In the past, forum awards also gave motivation and allowed people to advertise their projects. Now even a project that is very popular on the forum can only receive 3k. Because some projects already have their communities and free award goes them in there. These rewards should only apply to new project who can make themselves accepted. Otherwise this forum reward strategy doesn’t sound very good.


Also, when it comes to ai part again, on some accounts, they just throw away 1-sentence comments that are not ai created. There are no details about the project in these sentences. Those accounts must also be identified and their voting rights must be taken away.


ahahah totally agree, I thought I am the only guy who realized it. I don’t understand how some guys can create many accounts and they don’t know how to manage all.

@SimbadMarino when creating accounts, are you checking same IP address or which country they comes in?

For example if 100 guy comes from one specific country in 1week or smt. you can ask them to prove their ID’s or smt. Otherwise it is not fair for projects who works fairly


I want to add one more thing. I won’t name names on the forum, but just because there is a $500 reward for these 10 people, some people just sit there all night and comment on 20 or 30 projects in 2 3 hours. I’m sorry, but the only reason for this is interaction and the ambition to get the prize.

Sometimes it takes 30 minutes - 1 hour to review a project, but unfortunately such things do not seem very convincing.


I just want to answer part 3. Although the integration track is interesting, I observe that the explanations in the competition rules are a bit confusing and few people participate. Maybe in other seasons, it will be shared what an example project could be like, so that developers can continue their projects with peace of mind. Or, for teams that are not sure which category their project fits into, a separate link can be created and they can put their projects into that category according to the decision made here. A good quality project should not stress over such things.


What’s up Tronics?

Wishing you all the best for hackaTRON! :muscle:

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This is a great topic to discuss and when we are discussing it we should also consider a lot of projects here that are not adding any substantial value to the community. The team are only coming up just to win prizes and walk away. From individual POV, there are a lot of projects I can confidently call out that are not going to be around post hackathon period. Most unfortunately, member/s from one of the projects I am so interested on, is in this mess. Then a lot of projects that only when you read their hackathon post, you will be so confident that the project is going to die a natural death after the hackathon season. But coming to the topic of our discussion, I have this to say;

  1. Just as @Prince-Onscolo said, these guys should be thought on how best to use this tool to facilitate an effective engagement order than doing copy and paste in the forum. AI has taken the heart of technology, I think it doesn’t make sense to ban users who embrace it. What we need is to guide them on how best it should be put to practice.

This doesn’t rule out the fact that those chatgpt questions are really so annoying though

  1. About the quality of projects submitted this season, I think it improved a bit though was still below my expectations, especially with the level of projects that came up with a gamefi approach. This is a field many projects has tried and couldn’t deliver much on. So I wonder how these mostly start ups are going to change this narrative. There is no doubts that some are only here to grab the prize and follow the exit door, only to come up with another project during the next season :thinking:

  2. Short answer - Bitcoin L2

  3. By stopping hackathon projects from participating in hackathons with a new project, let them work on expanding their services order than participating with an entirely new project/s. This alone, will limit the number of inactive projects in the ecosystem.


interesting idea Prince.

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We have a system to detect same IPs participants to avoid bots, specially during the community voting phase.

About the AI commenters rest assured admins will focus more on valuable engagement than number of comments. People actually testing products and providing feedback or non-generic questions to projects.


With the last question, I agree with @Youngyuppie
Projects from old participants must be checked to see the value or the impact they made after the previous Hackatron before allowing them to submit an entirely new project.


This is my first Hackathon participation in this forum and I really enjoyed the community supportiveness in helping suggesting ideas to project team and the way communications are passed here. I wish project team will maintain this communication with the community after the hackathon and distribution of prizes. I like the quality of projects in this seasons Hackathon and the innovative ideas behind it. My concern is that the team should continue to build on their vision and not abandoning their projects the way people who have been in the previous seasons complained. And I support that the Tron admin should add memecoin tokens in the track because memecoin is where people are most interested in.

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It is very true about everything that you have said it, the part where some projects have half details is very very bad but I think it is the work of the judge to say what stays and what should go, thank you

how many we are in this hacakaTRON???