UpDawg Community Contributor Fund

:paw_prints: What’s up Tronics? :paw_prints:
Exciting news is bounding your way from the uDawgDAO Team!

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the UpDawg Community Contributor Fund, a paw-some initiative to recognize and reward the outstanding efforts of our amazing Dawgos (UpDawg community members).
As part of this initiative, 5% of the total dawgDEX exchange TAX collected by uDawgDAO Team will be allocated to the UpDawg Community Contributor Fund.

What’s the UpDawg Community Contributor Fund all about?
It’s a wag-tastic opportunity for all you paw-some TRON enthusiasts who go above and beyond in supporting and contributing to the UpDawg ecosystem. Whether you’re barking out helpful advice, organizing engaging events, sharing insightful content, or lending a helping paw to fellow community members, your contributions won’t go unnoticed!

How does it work?
Every 30 days, the uDawgDAO Team will sniff out the top 5 UpDawg community contributors who have left their paw prints all over our ecosystem. These stellar individuals will receive a well-deserved reward from the UpDawg Community Contributor Fund as a token of our appreciation for their dedication and commitment.

Why should you get involved?
Because you’re not just a member of the TRON Community – you’re a vital part of the UpDawg family! Your contributions help us grow, thrive, and wag our tails together with joy.

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a brand-new Dawgo pup, we encourage you to get involved, unleash your creativity, and make your mark on the UpDawg community.

Stay tuned for more woof-tastic updates and announcements from the uDawgDAO Team. We can’t wait to see your tails wagging with excitement as we embark on this paws-itively thrilling adventure together!

Keep barking, keep howling, and let’s make the UpDawg community the best it can be!

With wagging tails and boundless enthusiasm,
The uDawgDAO Team :paw_prints:


UpDawg HackaTRON Season 4


Nice initiative, May we know the prices


Thank you so much for question @Prince-Onscolo
As part of this initiative, 5% of the total dawgDEX exchange TAX collected by uDawgDAO Team will be allocated to the UpDawg Community Contributor Fund.


I like this initiative to reward to the Tron community. I guess the rewards will be paid out on your UDAWG token?


Yes, you are correct rewards will be paid out in UDAWG only.


Oh ok thanks for the response


You’re welcome :pray: Please let us know if you have any feedbacks or suggestions


Okay! Thanks for confirming this


Nice initiative, am thinking the rewards should be on a monthly basis for startment maybe as time goes it should be to 2 months and so on , just a suggestion though


Keep up the good work, and I look forward to seeing the impact of this initiative on the UpDawg community.


Great incentive for community members! Kudos @astitv @AiMAce

Ps. is there anyway to automate the selection process/make it more democratic of sorts?


Rightly said, waiting to see the impact in real time!


Thank you so much for your suggestion :pray:
A few other Tronics have suggested us the same. So, we have decided to update the evaluation for the rewards to 30 days only! I’m glad you like our initiative.

Please let me know if you have any other thoughts for UpDawg. :paw_prints:


Thank you soo much :pray: I am really happy that our TRON DAO FORUM Members are getting involved :paw_prints:

Thank you so much for this question :pray: I’m glad to inform you that we dawgs are already working on this, to make UpDawg Community Contributor Fund even more interactive for our community members. :paw_prints:


Thank you for listening to the community, yeah I like,… once an idea popped in I won’t hesitate to spill it,…all the best


UpDawg to the moon!:crescent_moon::paw_prints::paw_prints:

Already own some $UpDawg?

No big piles of coins allocated to the team, but a fair chance to get in early! Don’t be late👈

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