uDawgBot 🐾 TRON smart contract updates on Telegram

Project Name: uDawgBot :paw_prints:

Project Track: web3

Team Name: uDawgDAO

Team Member(s): 2; @astitv , @AiMAce

Project Website: udawg.org

Project DevPost Link

Project Goal:

uDawgBot is designed to deliver read methods, updates and notifications about TRC20 smart contract events directly to Telegram group chats. It allows users to access to read methods of any TRC20 smart contract. Additionally, by incorporating bot games, uDawgBot opens up additional monetization opportunities for users, making their experience more interactive and rewarding. Whether you’re a community member, seasoned trader, developer, or curious investor, uDawgBot provides you access to stay informed about every TRC20 smart contract on the TRON ecosystem.

Project Value:

Integrating uDawgBot with the TRON blockchain provides numerous benefits to community members, developers, project admins and traders alike. Receiving updates enables users to make more informed decisions about their investments, enhancing their overall TRON experience.

  • Direct Access to Read Methods: Users can call read methods of the UpDawg smart contract directly through uDawgBot, making it easier than ever to stay informed about contract data.
  • Integration of Read Methods for Any TRC20 Smart Contract and Logging: Enjoy seamless access to read methods for any TRC20 smart contract, along with comprehensive logging features.
  • Upcoming Bot Games: The introduction of uDawgBot Games will further enhance user engagement and interaction. These games will not only provide entertainment but also create additional monetization opportunities for users, making their experience with uDawgBot more rewarding and enjoyable.

Project Info:
UpDawg Deck.pdf (7.8 MB)

Project Test Instructions:

uDawgBot is live on Telegram. To test it, follow these steps:

  • Join the UpDawg Community on Telegram Telegram: Contact @uDawgToken ;or invite uDAwgBot to your group; or send a direct message to @udawgbot and use with /start to interact with uDawgBot.
  • For project founders or group admins to log TRC20 smart contracts events(Transfer & Approval) in a group contact uDawgDAO Team.
  • Users can request additional events for any TRC20 smart contract by contacting the uDawgDAO Team.

Project Details:

Transparency and Immutability: Through integration with the TRON blockchain, uDawgBot leverages blockchain’s transparency and immutability. This ensures that all transaction data and updates provided by uDawgBot are reliable, and verifiable by anyone in the community. Users can trust the integrity of the data provided by uDawgBot, enhancing their confidence in making decisions based on this information.

Ease of Access: uDawgBot simplifies access to important information related to TRC20 smart contracts. Users can easily call read methods of any TRC20 smart contract directly through uDawgBot, eliminating the need for manual querying or navigating through complex interfaces. This ease of access makes it convenient for both novice and experienced users to retrieve contract data and monitor smart contract activities.

Upcoming Updates Teaser: We’re gearing up for even more features to enhance your UpDawg journey! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming next:

  • User Wallet Integration: By introducing uDawgBot user wallet system, we aim to expand the potential pool of UDAWG holders by providing a user-friendly interface for managing their assets. A wallet within uDawgBot will streamline TRX and UDAWG transactions, making it easier for users to manage their assets.
  • Bot Games as Revenue Stream: Bot games will play a crucial role as a revenue stream for the UpDawg ecosystem. By incorporating engaging bot games, we not only enhance user engagement but also create additional monetization opportunities. We believe this feature will add a new dimension of entertainment and interaction, attracting more users to the platform and increasing overall community engagement.

Smart Contract links: NA

Project Milestones:

During the HackaTRON period, users can expect the following milestones:

  • Created uDawgBot telegram interface and backend server functionalities.:white_check_mark:
  • Integrated TRX read methods into uDawgBot.:white_check_mark:
  • Incorporated UpDawg smart contract logging.:white_check_mark:
  • Launched uDawgBot for public access.:white_check_mark:
  • Integrated UpDawg smart contract read methods.:white_check_mark:
  • Incorporated uDawgBot with TRC20 smart contracts read methods.:white_check_mark:

:next_track_button: Upcoming:

  • Introducing uDawgBot user wallet for seamless transactions.
  • Adding engaging bot games to enhance user interaction.

Stay tuned for further updates! :paw_prints:

UpDawg TRON Hackathon Season 4 submission


Welcome to season 6 hacktron. All the best


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6 wishing you all the best buddy.


Hi @astitv , welcome. how is your other project UpDawg going on?


Thank u so much for inquiring about UpDawg :pray:
Our project is progressing smoothly. You can paw some UDAWG on SunSwap v2 or from UpDawg: dApp :paw_prints:


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6,
I think this is like bonkbot but the difference is that yours don’t place trades right?


Does this try to replicate the services of lookonchain on twitter to Tron contracts on Telegram?


@Nweke-nature1.com Thanks for so much for the warm welcome :pray:
I’m not familiar with BonkBot. But, uDawgBot doesn’t execute trades. However, we’re planning to introduce a user wallet feature soon for seamless transactions. :paw_prints:

@Youngyuppie Thank you so much I really appreciate your question! uDawgBot focuses on providing read methods, updates, and notifications about TRC20 smart contract events directly on Telegram, whereas by checking lookonchain on twitter, It seems like it offers smart money whale alerts on Twitter. :paw_prints:


Welcome to Hackathon Season 6, I’m glad you got an entry this season as this is one of the projects I’ve been studying and keeping a close watch on. Not my first time reading your project offering but for further evaluation, from my comprehension, I see uDawgBot aims to provide real-time updates and notifications about TRC20 smart contract events directly to Telegram group chats. It also incorporates bot games for additional user engagement and monetization.

Can you provide more details on the monetization model for the bot games? How will revenue be generated and distributed?


Welcome to the Hackathon, are you planning to expand beyond Tron TRC20, thank you


Thank you so much @manfred_jr :pray:
I’m really happy that you’ve been studying our project :hearts:

We will be implementing daily, weekly, and monthly uDawgBot Game tournaments where users can compete for rewards in UDAWG tokens.
For example, a tournament of dice roll. Which will have a entry fee of 1 TRX of which 0.9 TRX will go to prizepool and 0.1 TRX will go to the uDawgBot platform fees. Users will get 10 rolls each and will be rewarded points for each roll in tournament. Prizes will be distributed according to the leaderboard rankings of the tournament. :paw_prints:


Thank you for your welcome :pray:

At the moment, our focus is on TRON TRC20 contracts, but we’re always open to exploring opportunities to expand beyond TRC20 in the future. :paw_prints:

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Yes, the purpose of lookonchain is to report smart money moves. So, I will like to know the specific things udawg will be reporting about smart contract events. Is it number of activities recorded or any other thing?

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The current version of uDawgBot is developed to provides users the ability to read any TRC20 smart contract methods, like totalSupply of a contract. It’s also designed to deliver TRC20 smart contract transaction updates, for example: transfer and approval.


Welcome to Tron hackathon season 6.

Are there any plans to expand the functionality of uDawgBot beyond TRC20 smart contracts in the future?


Thank you very much @Andreaxino :pray:
Currently, our focus is on TRC20 smart contracts, but we’re always exploring opportunities for expansion and growth. :paw_prints:

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Okay, now I get it clear. Thanks for the clarification


Tronics, i invite u all to join us in our Community Contributors event which is inspired by HackaTRON Ccommunity Contributors prize.

Winners of UpDawg Community Contributors will be announced on 1st every month.

I request you all to take part :pray:
@manfred_jr @Youngyuppie @Andreaxino @Okorie @ines_valerie @BahaKoc1x @Relate101 @Prince-Onscolo @Nana66419 @Nana66419 @antonio and every other Tronics.


That sounds like a great addition to uDawgBot’s features! Implementing regular tournaments with rewards in UDAWG tokens will surely enhance user engagement and incentivize participation.

How will the leaderboard rankings be calculated? Will it be based solely on points earned, or will other factors be taken into account?