Exciting News from UpDawg Team!

:tada: Exciting News from UpDawg Team! :tada:

We are thrilled to announce the latest release in the UpDawg ecosystem of uDawgBot, packed with exciting features and enhancements to elevate your experience on Telegram! Here’s a detailed breakdown of what’s new:


  1. Direct Access to Read Methods: Users can now call read methods of the UpDawg smart contract directly through uDawgBot, making it easier than ever to stay informed about contract data.

  2. Upcoming Updates Teaser: We’re gearing up for even more features to enhance your UpDawg journey! Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming next:

  • Integration of Read Methods for Any TRC20 Smart Contract and Logging: Enjoy seamless access to read methods for any TRC20 smart contract, along with comprehensive logging features.

  • Introduction of uDawgBot User Wallet: Say goodbye to complexities! We’ll be introducing a user-friendly wallet within uDawgBot for effortless TRX, UDAWG deposit, and withdrawal.

  • Exciting Bot Games: Get ready for some fun! We’ll be launching engaging bot games to add a new dimension to your uDawgBot experience.

Stay Tuned for Updates:

Keep an eye out for these upcoming enhancements, and make the most out of your UpDawg journey! We’re committed to continuously improving TRON ecosystem to provide you with the best possible experience.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, so feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions. Together, let’s build a vibrant community around UpDawg!

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Telegram: Telegram: Contact @uDawgToken
X: x.com/udawgdao
Website: udawg.org


The UpDawg ecosystem roadmap mentions exciting new features like user wallets and bot games.
While these sound engaging, can you elaborate on how these features align with the core functionality of the UpDawg smart contract and its role within the TRON ecosystem.


Dear @Okorie,

Thank you for your insightful inquiry regarding the alignment of upcoming features like user wallets and bot games with the unique characteristics of UpDawg within the TRON ecosystem.

Let me elaborate on how these features contribute to the growth and sustainability of the UpDawg ecosystem:

  1. User Wallet Integration:
    :globe_with_meridians: The integration of user wallets within uDawgBot is a strategic move to enhance accessibility and ease of access for UDAWG holders.
    :chart_with_upwards_trend: As the first Dog Meme Coin on the Tron Blockchain Network, UDAWG is designed to increase in price with each buy or sell on DawgDex, the built-in decentralized exchange within the UpDawg smart contract.
    :shopping: By introducing a centralized user wallet system, we aim to expand the potential pool of UDAWG holders by providing a user-friendly interface for managing their assets.
  2. Bot Games as Revenue Stream:
    :video_game: Bot games play a crucial role as a revenue stream for the UpDawg ecosystem.
    :moneybag: As the demand for UDAWG increases, so does its price on DawgDex, resulting in higher transaction volumes and increased revenue generation.
    :rocket: By incorporating engaging bot games, we not only enhance user engagement but also create additional monetization opportunities.

In summary, the integration of user wallets and bot games underscores our commitment to expanding the accessibility and utility of UDAWG within the TRON ecosystem. By providing users with intuitive tools to manage their assets and introducing innovative revenue streams, we aim to drive adoption and unlock the full potential of memeified decentralized finance on the TRON blockchain.

We appreciate your support and enthusiasm for UpDawg, and we look forward to sharing more exciting updates with you as we continue to evolve and innovate in the decentralized finance space!

:paw_prints: Join us in shaping the future of memeified decentralized finance with UpDawg on the TRON blockchain! :paw_prints:

Warm regards,

uDawgDAO Team.


Thanks for your explanation I sincerely appreciate.#this is Trondao hackathon platform is top in Africa.