SaveWallet by TronSave team - The first crypto wallet with fee savings on TRON network

Project Name: SaveWallet
Project Track: Web3
Team Name: TronSave team
Team Member(s): [5 (@Goldcat, @Alan183, @duongdlh, @August)
DevPost Project Link:

Project Goal: Save up to 93% of network fees for every user on TronNetwork

Project Value: Onboarding more users on Tron by saving their transaction fees, making Web3 accessible to everyone

Project Info:
Save_Wallet_Pitch.pdf (1.7 MB)

Project Website:
Project Test Instructions: Please follow the instruction videos in the project details below to experience our products and tools (to be updated)

Project Details:
The analysis of Tronscan indicates that there are 10,000,000 TRX burned on average every day. Despite the fact that users can save up to 93% of these network fees by using the Energy system, they are unaware of this. Based on Tronsave Energy system, SaveWallet users can save fees in every single transaction without even notice. Several advances have been made:

  1. Security: Decentralized wallets ensure data security through the local storage of private keys, employing multi-layer algorithmic encryption, and providing exclusive access to your account and assets. Node stability and reliability: free switching among nodes and auto reconnection supported
  2. Saving transaction fees: Save Wallet stands out with its cost-saving feature, reducing transaction fees by up to 92%, providing users with a more efficient and convenient financial experience. Users can directly rent resources within the wallet using the feature connected to the Tronsave market, allowing them to proactively save on transaction fees.
  3. Convenient: Fully supports all functions of the TRON network, and automatically detects failed transactions. We support TRX, TRC-10, and TRC-20, along with distinctive staking mechanisms enabling you to obtain or delegate resources.
    You have the flexibility to trade your crypto at any time and from any location using Save Wallet.
  4. Adaptive Energy Calculator: SaveWallet system brings an Adaptive Calculator, when users initiate a transaction on the Wallet, the system automatically calculates the required Energy amount for this and then rents Energy at the Optimal rates
  5. Portfolio management: Personalized portfolio management experience, making it easy to access Defi and Dapps on Tron.

Project Milestones:

Phrase 1 (Done)

  • Market research
  • Concept development

Phrase 2 (Done)

  • Utilize feedback from research
  • Create a detailed product design including user interface, features, and functionality
  • Testing and quality assurance

Phrase 3 (Doing)

  • Deploy on the App Store and Play Store (Done)
  • Develop a marketing strategy, while also establishing channels
  • Launching

Phrase 4 (Pending)

  • Release new features: Portfolio management, personal finance
  • Airdrop for initial users

Significant Updates Timeline:
Since our last submission, Savewallet team has been working diligently to deliver and expand our features. We are pleased to announce several significant updates on Savewallet that further enhance user experience and meet more user demand on Tron Network.

March 2024
:white_check_mark: Upgrade the interface: Upgrade the new interface and UX.
:white_check_mark: Introduce a new feature for coupon usage: (special function) This function gives the customer a free coupon for ten transfer operations.
:white_check_mark: Transition from passcode to PIN code: Change from passcode to PIN code.

April 2024
:white_check_mark: Add dark mode: Add dark mode to the app.
:white_check_mark: Introduce custom feature: This feature allows users to customize and set up functions to their own need.
:white_check_mark: Include the option to purchase energy: This helps user add energy rental function on the Tronsave market.
:white_check_mark: Implement Quick resource feature: This allows providers to rapidly provide permission for automated sales directly from the app.
:white_check_mark: Add the Approve function, which allows you to manage wallet address approvals and cancel them.
:white_check_mark: Enable multi-tab for discover: this will allow you to open many tabs in the browser at the same time.
:white_check_mark: Implement Quick Staking feature: Quick staking function.
:white_check_mark: Add Multi-Language: Add Chinese language.

May 2024
:white_check_mark: Add deep link: Allow users to access the app or a specific feature directly through a link.
:white_check_mark: Upgrade UI Assets: Update the user interface to be more friendly and attractive.
:white_check_mark: Transfer: Warn users not to transfer tokens to spam or scam addresses.
:white_check_mark: Browser: Block scam websites and detect fishing websites.


Welcome to the Session 6 Hackathon. Good to have you first project entry.


The first project submission for this season’s hackathon and it’s coming from one of the judge’s category winners in the last hackathon :clap::clap::clap: This is so impressive, as it demonstrate your commitment in building on the ecosystem. I am walking now and I will definitely give your project submission a thorough read and send in my questions when I’m back


Good job guys, Good UI design, for me not bad.


  1. Savewallet not in the list of connect wallet at Dapp

  2. I believe should be Backup Later not Backup Late

I believe still in development stage.


Downloaded app.
Very simple. Opens through the app store.

Created brand new wallet. Had 0 issues creating a new wallet. Extremely easy and simple.

Have only had a quick play with the explorer. Not sure if plans for future, clicking the home button takes you back to your wallet. Would be good if you had the home as a pre set of community projects (maybe past winners projects?) Or a basic homepage option?

Besides that. Seems to work well (have not transacted yet)


Oh you are already here :smiley:

Welcome back team, wishing you all the best


I have downloaded the app and was so simple, good work. I know it is a work in progress.

Have some small suggestions for you.

  1. is about seedphrase, I recommend you add 24 words seedphrase to it. Give your consumers options to choose from 12 and 24words.

  2. It’s good you are building something for the tron community, tronlink is the most popular followed by klever when it comes to tron network. But these are not offering what you intend to offer so that’s a plus. The little problem I have is, with our booming number of tron network users, majority are Cex users and does not need energy or separate wallet for their transactions. Some one like me prefer to have all my crypto in one wallet to avoid misplace of seedphrases. Are you willing to add other Blockchains to Save wallet or it will be for tron only.

In all you have a great product.
Will get time and try it by sending some tokens to the wallet I have created
Keep working


Welcome to Grand hackathon season 6,… good to see you are working on a good product,… i want to know if you are planning to support multichain dapps or tron based only?


I’m back and just like I said earlier, I have taken time to try out your product, SaveWallet, and I commend you for coming up with such a project. We are in the era that only Tronlink is the option Tron users have to go with, while seeking a Tron base wallet that can give them the ease of doing transactions (in case of calculating the resources needed to perform a transaction).

With the growing number of new wallet creation, there is a need for expansion in the number of alternatives to choose from, and what you just built in SaveWallet is not less than what is demanded. Kudos to your team for a job well done :clap:

Having thoroughly tested the SaveWallet, here is what my feedback is:

  1. Poor language: I observed there’s a lot of poor language in the instructions while setting a SaveWallet account. Just as this is still a work in progress, I will be glad to see an improvement in these identified errors.

  1. In the Browser section, I noticed there’s only one tab running there. A lot of users will like to have various tab opened for various site. I will recommend that you create an option to open multiple tabs as the users may want.

  1. I don’t see the importance of repeating the wallet address as shown in the image below. Imo, it makes the interface look so stuffy. Everyone know that information in the bar is always the same shown in written format to alternate the choice. So, I think it will be more proper if you should erase the wallet address written under the bar.

  1. While trying to perform a transaction in SaveWallet, I noticed that unpopular choice of word to describe the wallet a token transfer is being initiated from is used. Instead of using “Payer” which to me sound awkward, it will be more preferable to use Sender to indicate the wallet a transfer is about to be initiated from.

  1. I thought this is a wallet of it’s own, with its name, why always using Tronlink in the instructions when you can simply replace that with the name of the wallet. To me, this seems like a copycat of the Tronlink. We need something that is unique on its own and if SaveWallet uses the same features as Tronlink, to the extent of using Tronlink in its instructions-to-action, then it is less to what we want in the community.

Apart from these observations, the wallet have a nice UI and transactions are very fast.


Hello good to have this wallet in this session. My first time interacting with you. I have downloaded your wallet and did some testing too.

Please what is the referral all about? And how can users benefit from it
Please how will your wallet compete to gain users that are using the already known tron wallet? Thank you


The referral program is a sort of marketing strategy use in bringing more users into the wallet. Once you generate your referral code and share it with your friends, any of them that download the wallet and carry out transaction with the SaveWallet earns you a reward


Please do you know the reward to be earn? Will it be in discount fees or other prices? Will there be open referral system where we can see the leaderboard? Thank you


The reward will be in crypto, then it’s on them to decide on which token it will be, whether USDT, TRX, USDD, USDC or any other type. And since it’s an event that have a long-term span, I don’t think there will be a leaderboard for it. Leaderboard is normally used in competition to determine the winner but in this case, you are not promised anything. The number of people you bring in determine the volume of your reward


Ok I got this, but still waiting for the team members to reply us officially

Your point 5, I believe is actually something done by JustMoney on their site when selecting what wallet you are using. Originally you just click connect wallet and it didn’t ask which one, but they have added a second option. This could be something JustMoney could change I guess if enough users adopt the this wallet?


Welcome to Hackathon season 6. How can I find the video you said we can find in your project details or we should be expecting it in the coming days?

When I downloaded the wallet from playstore, I find out that there is no option for staking mechanisms as you promised. Is this an option we should expect in future updates?

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Yes, we look forward to participating in this hackathon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for your kind words of support, we hope you will experience SaveWallet and provide feedback to help us improve it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you Gordian for your interest in our product

  1. This display is managed by Dapps, and we will work with Dapps to add it. When connecting wallet, if you may pick Tronlink, you will experience as normal.
  2. Thank you for your comments; we will take note of it and update in the future.
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Thank you for your feedback and great suggestions. We have taken notice and will look into your ideas in the near future.