SaveSwap - Swap tokens on with Tronsave's saving-fees features

Following the successful launching of SaveSender now Tronsave is pleased to introduce our very new tool, SaveSwap.

Swapping tokens is probably the most common action on every blockchain and Tron Network is no exception. For that reason, Tron users have to spend a lot of money to pay transaction fees for daily token swap transactions. To optimize user experience and save costs for users, Tronsave has developed and launched the SaveSwap tool to help users on Tron save up to 95% on fees when performing token swap orders. Tronsave directly uses the API of Sunswap, the dex exchange with the largest liquidity on Tron, to bring the best-secured experience to users.

Highlight features of SaveSwap on

  • Integrate SunSwap API and use SunSwap liquidity. The user is essentially interacting with Sunswap’s smart contract.
  • Save up to 95% on transaction fees by using Tronsave’s Energy Service.
  • 100% open source, and can be modified or upgraded by anyone.

SaveSwap instructions

Step 1: Heading to our website TRONSAVE | BUY SELL TRON ENERGY SERVICE and Connect Wallet

Step 2: Select tokens and enter the amount of tokens

Double-check the details and click start


Step 3: Buy Energy for Approve and Swap

If you already have enough Energy or Approved the token, this step will be automatically skipped.

Congratulations you havesuccessfully swaped with saving transaction fees feature on Tronsave!

If you have any questions related to SaveSwap, feel free to ask us here. Checkout our HackaTron S5 post to have an overview look at our products and tools. Thanks for reading!


I will try this out anytime I want to swap trc20 tokens. So only tokens listed on sunswap will show right?


Good day, appreciate the tool to be fair it looks quite handy the tool can be spread very fast. Saving fees can be the dealbreaker comparing to other swap token tools.

Good luck :call_me_hand:


Yes bro right now it only support all pair in


Alright, thank you

All the best


Thats very nice to see, but what is confusing me is that, i saw the initial transaction fee as 2,044.35 NFT but what i didnt see is, was this actually reduced by 95% after the transaction was completed or even initiated?

How do we get to know this cos i am not seeing it in the pictorial description provided.

I still believe your project is one of a kind. Thank you


Hi bro, i saving transaction fee by buy energy and avoid burn trx. We cant reduce sunswap fee.

Oh here you go again with the innovation, I’ve been a fan for a minute. I’d like to know;
Could you clarify how the 95% reduction in transaction fees is applied in the SaveSwap feature on Tronsave? Is it a reduction applied after the transaction is completed or initiated? And, does the reduction apply to specific transaction types or all transactions within SaveSwap?

Happy weekend guys, alcohol tasting kicked off really early down here.

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Thanks mate!
SaveSwap help user easy to swap and dont worry about energy. User enjoy swap when tools help user prepare energy need to swap, buy them and save all transaction fee(network fee).
We want to improve ux of tron network.
Let try it!!!

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