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Good morning Tronics!

Today Tronsave is gonna brings you a very brand new feature!

The demand for bulk sending transactions is increasing, but along with that, the amount of transaction fees that users have to pay is also a large number. To solve the problem, Tronsave has launched the SaveSender - A tool to help users send multiple transactions with the lowest transaction fees on the Tron network. With the integration of Tronsave Energy Service, users now can save up to 92% transaction fees when send a bulk sending transaction with SaveSender.

Follow the steps below to send a bulk sending transaction with SaveSender:

Step 1: Prepare data

  1. Heading to ||
  2. Select the token that you would like to send from the list
  3. Insert the address or upload the file CSV in the correct format (Addresses, amount must be separated with a comma.)
  4. Click “Next step”

Step 2: Approving and Confirm

  1. Send Approve transaction (If necessary)
  2. Double-check bulk sending data
  3. Click “Next step”

Step 3: Buy energy and Send the transaction

  1. Double-check bulk sending data: fee, number of tokens, addresses,…
  2. Click “Buy energy” to buy energy in Tronsave
  3. Confirm transaction in the wallet
  4. After the buy is completed, Click “Start” to send transactions
  5. Confirm transactions in the wallet

Congratulations! you have successfully send a bulk transaction and saved 92% transaction fees with SaveSender. Hope you had a great experiece with Tronsave!

Guide video:
Detailed instruction: Medium


Great work🤝

This will save a lot of teams
Please do well to share these updates under your last submission too.

I invite @turuglobal and other projects to try out your new feature and compare it with the old method they are using


Thank you very much.
Please experience and give us feedback.
Currently the tool works with all tokens marked with Tronscan, we will update soon to be able to use it with all tokens (including newly created tokens)


Good morning!

From our last interaction, I get intrigued by your posts and updates.
I see here you just introduced SaveSender to tackle high transaction fees for bulk sending on the Tron network, offers an Energy Service integration, reducing fees by up to 92% for bulk transactions, quite effective for saving :moneybag: and time at the same time.
Overall, this leaves me with one question;

Are there any plans to expand the features offered by Tronsave in the future, or is the focus primarily on enhancing transaction efficiency?


Thank you for your interest in us. Tronsave is an integrated solution that helps developers and users to save transaction fees and be more convenient. SaveSender is a small application we created and inside it has built-in Tronsave. so this is also considered a level of Tronsave. In the future we will launch more integrated support tools like this, making tronsave more useful and effective for trx holders as well as the entire network. Tronsave will still develop sdk features to help other developers easily integrate and create more business use cases.


Thanks for taking time to clarify.


Very nice, great development, please always drop recent updates under your submission as @Prince-Onscolo Said instead of creating different posts and topics


Thank you for your interest, we will have a comprehensive article for these updates. However, with separate features and specific tools, I will create a separate topic for everyone to easily follow and use.


We for sure will try it


That is a cool feature by all standard. Tried accessing the guide video but this is what i keep getting. Is there anyway around it??


Hi @Nana66419 thanks for your feedback, we’ve ungraded UI of the tool so we recorded a new video. You can find it here:

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